At what age are you fucked if you hadn't had a girlfriend by then?

At what age are you fucked if you hadn't had a girlfriend by then?

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Probablyt 11 or 12.

you've got it backwards friend, the longer alone, the better

I'm looking for serious answers

This isn't something to jest about

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What do you mean? I'm 20 soon and I don't feel any better I just want gf

i guess youre screwed then

the longer you go the more the chances are

But when did it go wrong? At what exact age was my last chance?

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probably 35, give or take a few yers

if you didnt have a gf in kindergarten you're basically setting yourself up to be an incel for life

The more chances at what? Never having a girlfriend?


past like 23~ its super over. youth love gone

you arent, stop tying your existence to women

So I have around 15 years.

>you arent
I'm not what?

I can't stop it user, it's the only thing that I want.

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I lost my virginity at 225 years old, AMA.

I'm dead serious user please don't mock me

I'm being serious. If you're not outgoing by middle school you will stay a permavirgin till death.

I mean I have had friends and such but never a girlfriend.

That's cause girls think you're ugly as fuck.

you're SMV only goes up with age, for women it decreases

Yeah, you're gonna fkn die a virgin.

It's not even about sex, I just want a gf

i'm not planning to date until im already well into my 20s and have a good, stable life. no need to complicate it with the other sex

Keep coming up with these pathetic excuses... maybe you'll fool yourself enough that you might actually believe what you're saying because it's utter bullshit

I would say by the time you graduate high school. College if youre home schooled

Spoken like a true virgin. You will never know what success looks like, so of course you're doubtful.

OP here.
I think that's cool but I can't restrict myself like that, It's literally the only thing I want right now.

You need new priorities. If you can't support yourself without someone else you're always going to be a failure.

i'd say 19. you are probably pretty retarded if in that many years you couldn't find someone.

despite some of these trolls, it really depends on your situation and maturity levels but as a general rule it has to be early 20's. If you haven't even had a non-serious relationship by then, then you're probably not going to have much luck in future either

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are you a turtle
how was that again:

>My vegetable love should grow
>Vaster than empires and more slow;
>An hundred years should go to praise
>Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze;
>Two hundred to adore each breast,
>But thirty thousand to the rest...

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