Tfw no gf who role plays as a cute boy

>tfw no gf who role plays as a cute boy
You just can't pound an anus as fast or as hard as you can pound a vagina...

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Why is her ass bleeding? Shouldn't that be brown liquid?

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Gotta link to this?

>those calves
I need confirmation that this is not a male before I save the pic

wtf is going on there?

It is a boy.

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God fucking damnit. It's always a boy, isn't it.

Boys make better girls than girls when they put their heart and mind to it

Yeah but that's gay, man.

I'm past the point of caring, if it gets you hard just dominate and fuck it

Girls make better boys that look like girls.

I've swallowed one too many of the particarly coloured pills to have that mindset, but you do you man.

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Particularly* of course

I used to feel the same way until I met a trans that was built like a girl and had better curves than most women

blue pills?
good goyim

>Different thigh size
>Stockings end in a different position
Twitter account is female:
Gays btfo once again.

I don't even see trans as people anymore, I unironically feel disgusted when I see one. But again, you do you.

See above.

Is he injecting or removing? Is that supposed to be menstruation blood?

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Looks like it's just water with food dye

pretty realistic doll

why is it injected into (her) butt though?

what's the source? faggot op

>20 fucking posts
Source is already in the thread you fucking failure below a brainlet

fuck reading the thread u negro

It's right there you fucking mutt.
You might as well kill yourself now.

im 80/20 german and native american
not really mutt, that's the best mix for white

>german and native american
>not really mutt
>best mix for white

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How is it not better thah black spic arab indian or asian?

Might be better, but it sure as fuck is not "the best mix". No mix is good.

>not really a mutt
You're a mutt who can't punctuate or capitalise.

>dogs are better mixed
>much less medical problems and better lifespans
yeah they are
example German Sheppards are better mixed with other Shepards like say a Dutch Sheppard

oh and female hapas are pretty great.
muh grammar on muh cartoon shitposting forum

>Restrained enema
Holy fuck, I didn't know I was into this

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Man, that's one fine looking booty and I ain't even a butt guy.