Fembots, tell us a little about yourselves

>age, height, race, looks
>how did you end up here?
>what is your relationship with your family like?
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?

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I'm just replying to every thread I can find I want attention
>21, 5'0, white, round face, somewhat squishy, red hair
>I've always been a loser and Jow Forums is enough to quench my thirst for socialization
>good but I feel like they put up with me more than they say
>eventually getting a good enough job to move out and maybe get married

>age, height, race, looks
26, 5'2, white, pretty ugly but not deformed. People post my face in trap threads sometimes.
>how did you end up here?
I found Jow Forums in my early teens. Started on /b/. r9k seemed more structured, somewhere to get some imitation of social interaction.

>what is your relationship with your family like?
I don't hate them but we arent close. I grew up with a violent autistic brother and that put a lot of pressure on my parents, i was emotionally neglected and abused. they were under a lot of pressure and stress and took a lot out on me, but I dont hold any bitterness for it. But its awkward overall, they resent me now for being such a failure when their treatment directly contributed to it i guess.

>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
I would like to be mentally healthy, a job i don't hate, no financial worries. and the biggest dream a house in the country with a family and a kind husband.
wont happen though im a mess.

>>age, height, race, looks
19, 5'4, white, maybe 6.5-7/10
>>how did you end up here?
I gravitate towards negative places and mentally ill people who I can relate to.
>>what is your relationship with your family like?
Awful, I hate both my parents for different and very valid reasons.
>>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
You can call me a leech all you want but I think my only way out of the rut I'm currently in is falling in love with someone and moving in with them, I'm too much of a wreck to earn my own money for the moment.

>age, height, race, looks
18, 5'1, white, not ugly desu
>how did you end up here?
shitposting really leads me around these places
i first used Jow Forums in like my early teens tho
>what is your relationship with your family like?
its okay but we aren't very close
they're aggressive and dislike me for being a failure
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
idk to be happy and have a job

>somewhat squishy
Why can't you just say how much you weigh? Using adjectives like this means nothing, girls call themselves "curvy" even when they are 300 pounds. If you want attention as a girl you know looking good is the only way you can get it. So how much do you weigh?

I got you bb girl. You can be my 4th wife

>>age, height, race, looks
20, 5'7", white, sophie turner lookalike (but with brown eyes)
>>how did you end up here?
I came for the memes and stayed for the relatable conversation.
>>what is your relationship with your family like?
my mom is a neurotic psycho, but I get along really well with my dad since he's also a quiet nerd.
>>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
I'd like to work in asset management and adopt a lot of cats.

You are 26, you are practically menopausal already. You might want to give up on the dream of having a family, unless you mean furbabies.

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112 lbs no bully pls

nah mean im good for another few years yet. I have birthing hips and im in prime physical health. now would be the time to have children ideally, but I have time. Why are you being hateful anyway, I was realistic and even claimed it may not be possible

I would take being a 10th wife if it meant I could get away from my parents and have a little bit of love, that's all I would need

thats not too bad for 5'1

I have hairy arms and loose skin on my stomach.
>how did you end up here
I just wondered into Jow Forums six years ago. Never left. I've only been on r9k for about a year.
>what is your relationship with your family like?
My mom is great. My dad is kind-of an asshole. I don't talk to my brothers or other relatives.
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
I want to get a decent paying job, find a sweet hubbie, then buy a little piece of land. There we will have fields of crops and raise meat rabbits. Maybe a coop with a few hens. We'll definitely have a dog, and she will be our 3rd family member. Me and my hubbie will grow old and die together in our little farm house.

Are you looking for a bf? You can live with me if you have a pleasant disposition

Get with the board culture already, you airhead.
If you are going to be having a mental breakdown over bantz, it might be high time to migrate to lolcow.

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>There we will have fields of crops and raise meat rabbits
Oh Lenny

>I have hairy arms
Do you have hairy forearms? That's my fetish desu

please start a beet farm with me

im not having a mental breakdown, this is just chat and I think you are wrong. I consider bantz to be something more intelligent and actually amusing desu

You have my attention. What are your interests?

I'm always looking for a bf.
I would say I have a pleasant disposition, but I can't judge for myself

You sound like me, but i'm also a 19 year old in a rut so I don't think I could be a knight in shining armor lol

Can you shoot me an email then? I'd like to chat this valentines evening and get to know you. Alternatively if you have a discord I can leave that too.

[email protected]

Okay since you are evidently an actual autist, I might as well tell you:

With an average menarche of 12-years-old, the average woman wiill have expended up to 90% of her viable oocytes by the time they are 28-years-old. The remaining oocytes are subject to methylation, faulty transcription and mutation - due to the fact that they do not undergo meiosis, but rather they are in suspended apoptosis.
In addition, the endometrium linning gets thinner with each passing menstrual cycle, effectively increasing the chances of spontaneous abortion the older the woman gets.
Finally, chances of miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, congenital defects and developmental defects of the fetus sit at approx. 7% by the time the woman is 30-years-old and increase by 0.14% with each menstrual cycle.

Can you leabe discord if it isn't too much hassle? Would be a lil bit more convenient for me but if not we can chat thru email

Sure Alta#7017

>age, height, race, looks
23, 5'0", white, 5/10
>how did you end up here?
Shit posting from high school lol
>what is your relationship with your family like?
Amazing, I have a great crazy family
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
I want to be a housewife but also own a coffee/marijuana shop

Sent fren request

doesnt matter, doesnt mean I couldnt have kids and frankly if the womb tests I had brought up anything abnormal then I would quite happily abort. The supreme irony of you calling me an autist though.. how about you source that?

>18, 5'1, white, not ugly desu
>20, 5'7", white,
>>age, height, race, looks
>23, 5'0", white, 5/10

Sweet fucking Lord, what have I stepped into? I'm Asian and I'm 5'10". Have I been wrong about myself this whole time?

>I will selfishly wait until the very last second to have kids and if they turn out to be downies I'll just have them vanuumed out of my vagina, no biggie

CBA to look for the source, it stuck to me because it was on a midterm exam in endocrinology or advanced biology course. It's been years, can't remember.

the decline in fertility isnt a cliffedge, its a gradual decline and what you are saying is pure speculation. You're acting like im making a selfish choice, as if I should just go out onto the street and get pregnant by the first man I see? wew. The chances of a disabled baby are rare but whats the issue if I didnt want to have it anyway. Thats my right.

all these years and that fucking blog stuck in your head perfectly? I call bullshit.

short girls are everywhere desu

That's how my memory works.
Ask me anything about neurobiology, endocrinology and all that jazz - I will be able to answer. Ask me what I had for dinner yesterday - I draw a blank.

Regardless, I just let you know that if you want kids you should look into getting stuffed soon.

>age, height, race, looks
22, 5'5, white, maybe 7-8?
>how did you end up here?
growing up on the internet and not having many rl friends
>what is your relationship with your family like?
pretty good, stable normal childhood, my parents are pretty amazing
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
I'm learning some different coding languages rn so if that leads me to a decent career one day that would be amazing. I want to have a child one day and I like the idea of being a stay at home mom / housewife but I'm also very self reliant so if I could still have some kind of income that would be ideal.

and you're calling me the autist. ok cool.

Lurker here. I was on your side until now. I don't think this logic of "It's my right" is good at all. For one, you're the one that chose to get pregnant in the first place.You should be smart enough to avoid that. I also think it's pretty fucked up to abort a child just because it's not the child you want. Sure if the child is going to come out horribly fucked and suffer then abortion is fair. Also I don't like to say it's "your right". The government is who is in control here. In nature you would never have a choice of abortion unless you killed yourself and the child. It's not a basic human "right" to abort.

I could teach you swift if you want annonette and help you build apps

>age, height, race, looks
my dimensions are non-euclidean
that which eats all else
i am not perceivable
>how did you end up here?
i exist outside petty boundary
>what is your relationship with your family like?
the immovable mover has tendrils in all sentience
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
my aching inanition bounded by thine physical edicts... when the maw of the void opens all heads shall bear witness to my rear from the depths

God, could you please remember to turn off the lights tonight?

holy shit what the fuck
please chill out

Another lurker here. In nature a child with down syndrome would starve to death.

>age, height, race, looks
22, 5', white, low (with makeup it's average). I have very prominent dark eyecircles making me look sick.
>how did you end up here?
Someone mentioned this board on /b/ I believe? Ive been frequenting b since I was 11/12.
This board is less random and picture dumpy.
>what is your relationship with your family like?
Fine. In the process of saving money to move out again.
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
Meet boy, marry boy, birth boys children.
I would like to have a high paying job however I lack the type of personality and the confidence to do anything other then bottom barrel basic jobs.
I'm too soft spoken to be in any sort of management role.

That's fine to me.

Look I don't have to explain myself, but I have experienced first hand what a disabled child does to your life. I watch my parents growing older and more feeble as they try and cope with my mentally disabled violent brother. attacking them, smashing up the house, pissing all over the carpets out of spite. ANd the sheerm ental torture. my dad is 60 and still works a streneous job but has to do it on very little sleep as the fucking tard keeps him up all through the night with his incessant tard repetition and rages. the brother, I grew up being frequently attacked by. I recall having to go into school and blame a black eye on falling of my trampoline and hitting the bars.
I don't care if its selfish, I have huge amounts of respect and pity for my parents but I have earned the right to live the rest of my life not dealing with something I know i do not want and will not be prepared for. and unless you had my experience I don't think you have any right to tell me what is right or wrong.

Women weren't shitting out children in their 30s when we lived in nature, chucklefuck.
Downies were a lot less common and there were no false pretenses.
Now women pretend it "totally not a living being" and it's "totally not killing a living being" to rationalize the practice. Because getting dicked without protection is just irresistible and women should ever suffer any consequences for their actions. They are excused agency, afterall.


You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. I hope you become a great SAHM.

not arrogant just scared

If you really believe I don't have the right to tell you what's right or wrong, then no one has the right to tell anyone what is right or wrong because none of us have had the exact same experiences. I don't actually have that big of a problem with you aborting a down syndrome child, but the way you were talking made it seem like you were incredibly entitled, more than you should be, and I also think that the husband should have a say in the death of the child. Sure you have to be the one to suffer the birth, but if the man does not have a say in whether his child should die or not, then why even let him have a say in anything? And I'm not even saying his vote should necessarily over rule yours.

im not rationalising it. I wouldn't carelessly have abortions out of my own stupidity, but I have many years of thought over this and on the off chance it was disabled (seriously) I would know its for the best for me.

Thou art spared, yet still repent. Believe in the light within thineself, and curve to no wicked smile or laughter.

>Because I want attention

Too honest to be real, you fake

I am a dumb ass and meant to reply to your post but didn't.

I just think you're being mental honestly, it was brought up there's a risk of disabled children in older pregnancies. And I would eliminate the risk. If I sound entiteled I think its because I am. I've earned that right, and know I wouldn not want to suffer what my parents have, and what I did for most of my life already. I would not wish for healthy children to live int he shadow like I did. And Iwould not like to worry about what happens to my child once I am gone and cannot care for them. End up in some abusive home? I gave my reasoning, you clearly could never begin to understand what my life has been like. I don't think a lot of pro lifers could.

No one is arguing against abortion when it comes to ASD, congenital diseases and developmental ailments.
My initial point was that it's selfish for a woman to postpone motherhood until it's too risky because she knows that she can always just abort. It trivializes human life, it paints women as sociopathic monsters and it does wonders for our fertility rates (which are way below replacement levels)

im not postponing it? I am not in any sort of position to offer a life to a child at this present time and I happen to think thats extremely important. You're reaching like fuck here honestly

>If I sound entitled then I am
Well then I have no sympathy for you.
And yet again you say, oh I've had different experiences no one could possibly tell me what I should or shouldn't do. You still didn't refute me that if you think that then you should think literally no one has the ability to suggest anything to anyone.

i'd offer your life to a child if you know what i'm saying

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Am I?
How come europeans, north americans and east asians all boast below replacement level fertility rates (1.3-1.6 children per woman), while africans and indians boast well above replacement level fertility rates (4.0-7.2 children per woman)?
Are you implying that african women in the nation of Congo are more well-off than you?

>how did you end up here?
I've been lurking r9k since I was 16, mostly because I've always been a social retard and just can't make friends irl. Browsing this place certainly didn't help, but I'm here forever now.

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I'm not asking for sympathy its a clear cut case of what would be best for me for once. I have given my life up too much

>believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

I genuinely do believe I am deserving of living the rest of my life happy, maybe it would be different if my childhood were different. Entitled doesnt necessarily have to mean the terrible thing you think it means. You can be entitled with good reason.

I didnt refute because I think its entirely beside the point. I get to choose what is right in my situation and that doesn't relate to any other random hypothetical situation?

No, you are reaching about my situation. I am not doing anything you suggest. I am merely waiting for the right time. I could not support a child financially right now, I could nott bring them up anf not suffer a lot more financial hardship. and I am definitely not in the right place mentally. Waiting for security these days is becoming a common thing, and i think its eminently sensible. Everything you have said is sheer speculation. There is no way to know if it even applies to me on any level, it doesnt even have to.

>*smacks lips*
>where da white wimmin at
apparently ITT

>t. blackbot

>age, height, race, looks
23, 5'4", mulatto, obese 4/10
>how did you end up here?
Was clicking through all the boards some years ago and stumbled across r9k
>what is your relationship with your family like?
Haven't spoken to my mother in years, but I'm very close with my brother and father
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
Be a good mom and wife, have a decent job to eke out a comfy middle class living

be my friend BITCH

inb4 underaged still

Being so amendment that you have the right to have an abortion is what bothers me, it sets off alarm bells. I don't think life is clear cut, and I think you should consider any advice and decide if it's wrong or not. If you just say, we'll I'm right and that's final then you have cut off the possibility of ever learning. Even if you are right and you argue with someone then in the end you'll learn more reasons that show you are correct. It's a great exchange of knowledge to actually consider what someone else is saying.

this is getting a little tiresome. this is a choice I have made for myself after years of experience. Its an extremely unlikely scenario in any case, but its one I have suffered enough to consider strongly. And I will not willingly set myself up for more suffering. I don't understand why that is immoral

Okay, any fembot that would like me to breed her with my greek seed, hit me up.

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I don't think you are immoral necessarily there's a lot that would go into consideration there for me to make a full opinion. If you are getting tired of responding you have no obligation to and I wont hold it against you.

Actually 19. If you're just shitposting, fug off
Otherwise I wouldn't mind a contact

have my throwaway nerd

[email protected]

Thank you user, I appreciate your kind words. Hopefully one day I can make my husband happy

Where are you from? if you are close I can take you on a date

A redhead!!!!... Mind posting a timestamp? If not you are a larper

>With an average menarche of 12-years-old, the average woman wiill have expended up to 90% of her viable oocytes by the time they are 28-years-old.
>Fertility statistics by age: egg count over time. A woman is born with all the eggs she'll ever have, which at birth, is typically around 1 million. By puberty, she usually has half that

Wow, better go pre-puburty in that case! Only one egg matures per month so you don't need a million. You clearly don't understand how the human body works at all.

are you being facetious?
This has to be bait.

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rural australia lmao

No. Only one egg matures per month. So 12 per year. You start with a million. They get lost over time for other reasons, but 12% of one million is still what, 120,000, and 12 mature per year. It's just basic biology.

Also, males sperm mutates over time. Fathers are actually more related to children they bore at younger ages. Almost every mutation is a bad one, that's just how it works. If you're curious I can go into some of the risks.

>age, height, race, looks
26, 5'11, American, I'm fat
>how did you end up here?
I don't know.
>what is your relationship with your family like?
not so good
>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
I want to travel but I have too much anxiety around using forms of transportation to do any traveling.

And your point makes no sense. Because half are already lost before puberty is even reached. You're a troll.

I extremely doubt that but if true post some kind of pic you've taken of the landscape that looks cool

>About 2 million primary oocytes are found in the ovaries of a newborn femal Many regress during childhood so that at puberty about 30-40 thousand remain. Only about 200-400 of these ever reach full maturity after puberty and are expelled at ovulation during the female's reproductive life

>Human ovaries contain follicles as basic functional units. The total number of follicles is determined early in life, and follicle depletion leads to reproductive senescence. Human follicles begin development during the fourth month of fetal life, and each human ovary contains _400,000 follicles at birth.

>In the developing female fetus, oogonia become primary oocytes that begin the first division of meiosis. However, this division is not completed and the primary oocytes remain "frozen" in the prophase stage of the first meiotic division.

>At birth, oogonia are no longer present. Each primary oocyte is surrounded by a single layer of squamous epithelial cells called follicular cells. The primary oocyte together with its follicular cells is called a primordial follicle. There are about two million primordial follicles with their primary oocytes in the ovaries at birth suspended in the first division of meiosis.

>As the female grows, primary oocytes begin to die and disappear with their follicular cells. This process continues until puberty when there are only about 400,000 primordial follicles left in the ovaries. The primary oocytes continue the process of oogenesis after puberty begins.

>>age, height, race, looks
>>how did you end up here?
Bad luck in life.
>>what is your relationship with your family like?
They're dysfunctional.
>>what aspirations do you have in life, realistic or otherwise?
Jow Forums being sold to the Russians.

>The total number of primary oocytes at birth is estimated to vary from 700,000 to2 million. During childhood most oocytes become atretic; only approximately400,000 are present by the beginning of puberty, and fewer than 500 will be ovulated

>Primary oocytes reach their maximum development at ~20[6] weeks of gestational age, when approximately seven million primary oocytes have been created; however, at birth, this number has already been reduced to approximately 1-2 million.Recently, however, two publications have challenged the belief that a finite number of oocytes are set around the time of birth.

>In the human embryo, the thousand or so oogonia divide rapidly from the second to the seventh month of gestation to form roughly 7 million germ cells.

>Women are born with approximately two million eggs in their ovaries, but about eleven thousand of them die every month prior to puberty.

What's your point then? Why do you want kids anyway, you'd only traumatise them. Plus woman are whores, why would you want your children associating with someone like that. You'll watch your daughters grow up to enter the porn industry.


You have 250 viable ovulations in your lifetime. Retard.

You really hurt my feelings. My mother had be in her 40s, and now I have the 'tism.

Well, demonstrably, your mother failed in her most basic prime directive.

I know but I'm still her special girl.

The mountains(?) are nice after the rain.

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Wow I didnt expect it to look so lush, but Im guessing this lasts only a short time after the rains. Do you raise cattle or any kind of livestock there? Do you have a little australian shepherd like in mad max 2?

I really wish there wasn't so much deforestation to create farm land.

I have a sheep dog named Sally.

no fatties allowed exercise helps with anxiety btw

I have a sheepdog as well, what breed is yours? Does Sally have any animals to herd or does she just run around in circles when shes excited like most sheepdogs do when they dont have anything to herd?

I do not, this is down the road from me. I live with my parents on a small acreage surrounded by farmland. Mainly cane and cattle are grown in my area.
It is what it is.

Alright which one of you fembots wants to get plowed by this Mulatto BBC. We still got 2 hours left of Valentines Day. You already know Chads fucking Stacy and if youre browsing r9k lmao do i even need to say anything? The night doesnt begin until you get done in.

Pic related of course

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I tried to train her to heard but she just runs around like a spaz whenever I let her out of her cage, so she just stays in there for now and I'm looking to rehome her and buy one that's pre-trained/not a complete retard

Please someone gib Ohio gf.

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