im making it if it doesnt exist desu

>what did u do today
>how are u
>whats ur favourite game
>age, race, ?/10
>why r u here
>what do u wanna do with ur life

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bump desu

someone join


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Bumpy Bump will post soon

i dont know who s-chan is but they aren't me ;;

I accidentally said i walked my dog twice :(


*I said I dont have the personality to cope with responsibility, I was meaning that in a job environment.

Vocaroo threads are a flimsy excuse for trannies and roasties to broadcast their gender to potential orbiters without getting called out on it.

Building games? like what? also dark circles are attractive or maybe that's just me

Minecraft/portal knights. I've played Sim just to play around with making houses and gardens.

never been into sim games, i mostly play arpgs really like dmc and platinum games and some platformers, fighting games and rpgs

Nice user! Whats your favourite? I lack the motivation to play alot of the time which is frustrating. By the time I boot a game I'm no longer interested.

well im this anonso zone of the enders would be my favorite but its got a lot of problems that apparently 2 fixes like obtuse game design and length. But bayonettas pretty cool too. I cant find the motivation to beat kingdom hearts 2, what your fav sim?

Using voice to get attention...

I dont really have a favourite if I'm honest.
I havent played any of those, I played kh on xbox(?) years and years ago. From what I remember I enjoyed it. Are the others worth trying?

i've beating one route of birth by sleep in 2015 and was underwhelmed by it. I recently beat kh1 after restarting it over and over again over the years and skipping a lot of the cut scenes at the start and enjoyed it. re:chain of memories is annoying but I've heard kh2 is good but the start is annoying but seems promising. people say it's got deep combat and you can check out bloodybizkitz on yt for that sort of stuff but really dmc, bayonetta and other platinum games are where you want to go for deep combat.

sorry i wrote a lot

I'm not very good at games, which is why I enjoy the basic zombie shooters. I'll look into it though, thank you user!


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Heavy apoligies for the shit quality.
Forgot to say why the hell I'm here, good question don't know honestly. Best guess would be to fill a vacuum of social interaction.