Why do women say daddy during sex?

Why do women say daddy during sex?

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lack of a father figure growing up everyone knows this.

I dunno but I wish they'd stop. I want to be called onii-chan.

That's not entirely true. My old girlfriend used to say it whenever we had sex and she was pretty close to her dad. The fact that I worked with her dad made it pretty weird.

they're degenerates. why can't white men beat the hedonism out of their daughters?
In todays world they seem like they WANT to fuck their fathers via their bfs

I don't; it's fucking gross. People say it because it's trendy right now and they think it makes them sexier.

In traditional cultures, the daughter only leaves her father's care when she enters her husband's care. The husband replaces her father and becomes master over her in the same way.

Thus, in a primordial instinct, she calls you "daddy" because that's what you are now.

because they're fucking all the same. one person says it and it's edgy, might as well co-opt it and pretend i came up with it on my own

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This shouldn't be soo funny to me lol

Your gf submitted for my perusal too.

ask Freud, probably an oedipal complex thing.. I know girls who hate their fathers love replacing that fatherly nurture with a dominating man .

Its normie as hell, but it makes me hard as dimonds.
Even better if theres age gap.

Because she knows I don't like it and will inflict pain on her in a way she enjoys.

Electra complex.

Oedipus is when dudes wanna bang their moms.

is it cool to tell a chick to shut the fuck up while fucking? would not be able to keep going if i had to listen to this shit the entire time. im cool with nice moans but fuck most words turn me off

Because they always wanted to be able to fuck their fathers. In today's society it considered taboo to fuck family members, so instead today's women get that sexual gratification from their boyfriends by calling them "daddy."

if they say daddy slap them around a bit. this isnt normal and they need to realize this. they want an authority figure in their life? be that by showing them you dont call the man who's fucking them their father. dont play into their fantasy. and if you want to be called daddy you're gay sorry you're just gay

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This is where having a girl suck your fingers while you bang comes from. I've literally never done it for any reason than to get her to shut the fuck up.

If she's not into that, try choking.
If she's not into that, just put a hand over her mouth.

Except she likes being slapped around and calls you "daddy" as a way of asking you to do that.

>getting women to shut up
based and red pilled

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I call him daddy 'cause I know he's gunna abandon me

She proudly wanted to have sex with her dad then.

because I love Daddies

>My old girlfriend
why do you normalfags come here?