I got a job at a warehouse and my boss recommended that we invest in a good pair of running shoes...

I got a job at a warehouse and my boss recommended that we invest in a good pair of running shoes. I always wear cheap shoes from PayLess . I'm looking for shoes to get and they all cost over $80 and that seems pretty high. What kind of athletic footwear do you have?

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Just spend the money you goober, shoes are one thing you shouldn't skimp on, especially when you're going to be on your feet all day.

Lol, do they make you run around the warehouse? No time to waste wagie, you gotta be efficient with every second of your time.

just look on groupon or something

go on ebay, auctions only, pre-owned.
lots of people wear a nice pair 2 or 3 times then try to auction them only to wind up taking a 70% loss.

I can personally recommend Adidas NMD R1. They're really comfortable. Assuming you're in the United States they can often be found on sale at Foot Locker and such for between $80 and $110

>running shoes
Shouldn't you be wearing steel-toe-cap shoes/boots?

I thought so too, but shoes with toe covering is apparently not a requirement.

I got a nice pair of memory foam running shoes from Kmart that costs like 30 bucks. Been using for a year or so

oh yeah, if I get shoes I'm going to have to get those gel inserts or else feet will be sore. Those are expensive too.

I work in a warehouse myself, 10 hour shifts 4 days a week. If youre doing a ton of walking, youll burn out shoes, but memory foam isnt bad as long as its a thicker kind.
If you work as much as I do, eventually youll want a second pair to swap out every other day, but its not totally necessary.
I personally use some solid shoes because I need insoles for flat feet.
I've tried nike, reebok, adidas, sketchers, puma, and brooks.
Sketchers work decently well, puma wore out after a month of heavy use, adidas and reebok both sucked. Currently using brooks because good insoles so far. Nike was iffy.

I'm honestly surprised they don't make you wear boots, that's what I always had to wear when I worked in one.

Always been getting size 7.5 shoes without know I'm a size 9.

are these okay?


They might be. I would definitely recommend going to a place that sells to make sure they fit your feet.
Im personally using these - amazon.com/Brooks-Mens-Revel-Black-Grey/dp/B077K97WG6/
Its hard to say what would work for you, but its something maybe.

Nice. Do you use insoles with those? I order shoes online since can't drive.

They have some already. Theyre thin but oddly solid and work well.
Whatever you get, good luck.

Thanks. They arrive Tuesday.

Check the thrift store if you want cheap and aren't picky on style. Lots of shoes there are barely worn at all or like new. I'm guessing you just got a job walking around folding t-shirts into bags and boxes to fulfill orders. That concrete flooring is no joke dude make sure you are have something comfortable. Whichever shoes you get I suggest you put dr scholl's insoles in them.

The thread is over, you idiot. He bought Brooks.

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Had some generic $130 shies from whatever running brand. meh. Got ultra boosts and theyre awesome. do recommend.

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Most people who buy high end running shoes know they only last a year. good way to get shit shies.

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Never cheap out on anything that is in contact with the ground. A bed, Tyres on your car and shoes should never be scrimped on.


You could make a case for not cheaping out on anything. Why?

Vibrams are actually comfy as fuck.