Your daily reminder gentlemen

Break the cycle gentlemen. Focus on science. Focus on wealth creation.

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You've taken a blue pill disguised as a red pill.

>A Rick and Morty quote is taken as life advice
Incels constantly prove they're retarded

>Focus on science. Focus on wealth creation.


>someone that is clearly choosing not to pursue romantic relationships
believe what you want to believe but you would be better off using your mind for useful things instead of obsesively looking up marriage unfaithfulness statistics

>Dude nihilism lmao
You need to be 18 or older to post here

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Ugh. You know, I don't come on this board very often. But when I do it's always depressing because the level of autists who wanna get laid and don't still know the simplest most basic ways to do so is astronomical. Focus on science because that's how you make 6 figures -> wealth creation = get laid. That is if you wanna take the pumpndump route.

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This isn't exactly right. Love is about bonds not sex. Other animals don't need love to compel themselves to breed.

The last stage of knowledge is insanity. I'd rather be emotionally fulfilled

>focus on science
Why? Who literally cares?
>focus on wealth
I have all the money Ill ever need. Im perfectly happy

>Focus on wealth creation
doesn't rick from the show posit the exact opposite? Im almost certain that 90% of the show is anti-bureaucratic ramblings designed for dan harmon to process his frustrations with studio execs.

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Funny that I see this when Rick And Morty is on the TV right now. It's that fucking episode where Morty fucks a sex robot and gets an alien baby from it. Again. This episode comes on way too much.

Thought they banned that one.

I wish they would. I'm sick of seeing it come on so much.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?
>Matthew 16:26

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>implying science is more important than living your last 80 years on this planet

R&M is written by a fat old man who at the time was going thru a divorce.

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>still dedicate your every waking effort to doing something that benefits others
explain yourself richardfriends

I doubt these retards even know what that word means, nowadays if you make any post that doesn't crawl up a roasties ass you're an Incel

>inb4 hurrr u incel!

hurr u incel!


>focus on wealth creation
>have no one to share it with
>retire early and go on vacations every week to the tropics to fill void
>realize void is still there when you have to pay for sex because you're old, or rape
>people only want you for your money
>probably get fucked over several times because you're an idiot easy target with money with a boner for jungle girls
>only reason anyone is nice to you is because money, they all still talk about what a loser you are
>never feel the warm intense ongoing chemical reaction society has deemed as love
>no wife who loves you to spend money on in a wholesome deeply satisfying way
>no children so no one to pass it on to
>no legacy
>killed your bloodline

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>money gets confiscated by bank and donated to Tyrones gibs me funds and Laqueesha's free birth control

You did it OP

at this point it's insanity

>Focus on science
>Focus on (((wealth creation))).
Did you ever hear the story about the fisherman and the businessman?

One day a fisherman was laid on a beautiful beach with his rod propped up in the sand and his fishing line drifting out into the sparkling blue surf. He was enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and the prospect of catching a fish.

Around this time, a business was strolling the beach to relieve the stress from his workday, when he saw the fisherman and was perplexed as to why the fisherman was lazing around the beach on a workday instead of working hard to earn money for his family. "You won't catch many fish that way" said the businessman. "You should be out at sea catching as many fish as you can so that you can earn as much money as possible!"

The fisherman looked up to the man, smiled and asked him "And what would be the yield for my efforts?" The businessman replied "With the money you could earn, you could buy a bigger boat and catch more fish."

"And then what?" asked the fisherman, still smiling. The businessman started to get irritated from the fisherman's replies, and told him "If you catch more fish, you can make even more money and eventually have the money to start your own business!"

"And then what would be my reward for all this hard work and effort?" asked the fisherman. The businessman started to feel his cheeks burn red from the frustration caused by the fisherman's apparant near-sightedness and lack of ambition. "Well don't you see? If you had your own business and put in the work hours, you could eventually have your own fishing empire in another 10 - 20 years!" The businessman continued animatedly "You could retire without a care in the world, sitting on this very beach and watching the sunset!"

The fisherman, still smiling, looked up to the now flustered businessman and replied "And what do you think I'm doing right now?"

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You've raised an interesting question, can an incel stop being an incel simply by deciding to stop pursuing sex/stop desiring sex?

>Focus on wealth creation.
sorry I'm not a sheckle obsessed jew and yes all you money whores are kikes

thats called volcel

I'm too lazy to read but the quads agree with the NEET frog.

science != wealth creation

Tesla died alone in a hotel room.

Everything is a chemical reaction sophomoric

great advice if you want to live a hollow, loveless life

No, it's just cel
Celibate. No need to add a meaningless prefix, celibacy implies voluntary action.

>esoteric NEETism
oh my fellow NEET. Haven't you learned that this only infuriates the wagie?

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r&m seems like it was made by fat, depressed slobs. literal soys

what genius wrote this

Pic of the creators.
The show is much more hitchhikers guide to the galaxy than big bang theory.
As stupid as parts of the show are, it is still a good and funny show.

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>Pic of the creators.
>As though that disproves anons point

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Oh, they are 100% onions, not disagreeing

>celibacy implies voluntary action
This is the final red pill, isn't it?

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>it is still a good and funny show.
If you're 12, maybe.

By this logic, every fucking emotion is chemicals.
Hatred? High blend of Cortisol.
Sadness? I dunno, sad hormones.
Happiness? Obviously an OD on Dopamine.
Depression? An I'm balance of these like how women on periods lactate or when fat people suddenly comatose after a Twinkie.

I can explain all this shit just like that. This explanation on love is as memeish as pain being weakness leaving the body.

every single thought and emotion you experience is the result of a chemical reaction, you fucking goon. how does that make it any less real? rick and morty cuckbags please fuck off back to redddit

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False, faggot. You can buy a book and claim that it has your thoughts. Did a chemical reaction ever occur? No, just the dopamine hit from sploodging cash from buying it. Are they your thoughts? Fuck yes they are, you paid $4.95 for them.
And delete that stupid image from your hard drive, faggot.

this kills the wagekek