Got a date with a girl on saturday

>got a date with a girl on saturday
>she keeps sending me titty pics on snapchat
>only one problem
>she's my friend's ex girlfriend
>they only broke up a couple weeks ago
i feel like such a fucking asshole but she's so sexy to me and is actually smart and willing to have a conversation, unlike a lot of the other girls i've talked to. should i go through with it anons? i already asked my friend if it was cool and he got really pissed so if he figures out i'm doing this, our friendship is done

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How could you do that to your friend? She's probably doing it to get revenge on him.

she was dropping hints that she liked me while they were still together. plus she agrees that it's best to keep it lowkey.

What do you care about more, getting your dick wet or your friendship.

Also, I would be a bad person to not relay the age-old 'bros before hoes' ....

i know, i know, but she's got really nice titties and i really like her as a person, i felt chemistry with her while they were still dating. it feels so wrong yet so right to me and it pisses me the fuck off that i think this way.

Wow neither of you are very faithful to this guy.

Just hit it then man, I would because it's only sex.

Meh if OPs freind is dumb enough to get played by people then he should be.

are you a virgin? how good was your friendship with this guy?

pretty good friendship.

i think i'm gonna try to keep this lowkey and have the best of both worlds to be honest anons. wish me luck

don't do this you'll fuck him up and she'll leave you.
then you won't have a friend or a gf

He's going to feel so betrayed. How could you do this to your friend.

i don't know user. i feel guilty about it but i really think he's overreacting. from what she tells me he cheated on her and they were only together for a few months.

>from what she tells me

So he's a bad boyfriend, he is still your friend. I guess if he's not worth anything to you then go for it. Good luck.

Friends are worth more than girls, don't do it