"I promise I won't abandon you"

>"I promise I won't abandon you"
>abandons me

What do guys mean by this?

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the same thing girls do when they say that kind of shit, sadly

A meaningless promise that they never intended on keeping

They meant they'd never abandon your thoughts. Even long after they've left you to your misery they haunt your thoughts. Next time someone says that to you tell them you know, because you'll be sure to abandon them first.

Nobody cares roastie, pls kys

it means that you have extremely poor mate selection

I'm a boy.
You're probably right, I always seem to be the person who cares the most. I do anything to make my partner happy and end up getting dumped anyway.

It means that men are incapable of seeing things through in the long term. They get swept away with emotion and make promises that they believe they will keep, even though they never do.

Bold of you to assume that op is female. Retard.

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>It means that men are incapable of seeing things through in the long term.
Oi! Dai Hidoi!

Some of us genuinely make such promises and follow through with them eternally.

Some of us are just completely unwanted is all.

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people use words to patch actions that they will never maintain

>never been in a relationship
>thinks you will commit forever
You're exactly the type that promises this shit then cheats or gets bored.

>You're exactly the type that promises this shit then cheats or gets bored.
That's what I was thinking, too. It's always people who are in love with the idea of being in love that make promises they can't keep.

A girl I was with.. Someone who I deemed to be my life partner, not because of her gender but because of her soul.. A few months ago she left me and got with someone who has always hated me. She repeatedly throughout the years told me she wanted to spend her life with me. People are garbage, use them until the fun stops then toss them to the curb. That is how you find true happiness.

Okay so what happened frend?

Not much to tell. Got lead on by a guy who told me everything I wanted to hear, dumped me when he got bored.

My ex gf changed her number to get away from me. She told me she couldn't pay her bill and I believed it for a month. Then I found out she starting seeing another guy the day she stopped talking to me.

Haha dumb sissy faggot got abandoned

Quads prove.
Also this

this OP
men are animals who think with their senses first and foremost, they let their primal brains guide them to the next best lay.
even if he somehow becomes temporarily infatuated with you and says this stuff to you, he will leave as soon as he sees the next shiney object that gets his dick hard. which is fine, i understand that its just how men are programmed biologically, they can't help it, you should just understand that they aren't capable of much intelligent/long term thought and treat them as such. with all the sex and shit being pushed constantly in modern culture its really no wonder that marriage and relationships/families are at a historic low. its a harsh reality, but its the world we live in. treat men basically like babboons because they literally are. NEVER take anything they say seriously. Laugh at them when they say this kind of stuff

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I've been lead on my so many piece of shit dudes I'm considering just pursuing women from now on, are they really any better or is it just a grass is greener sort of deal?

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what a guy means when he does this is he's a stupid cunt who can't stick to his own promises. same thing with chicks who do this. it's not beyond hope, just find the right one.

>the right one

Fuck off and die, kike. Use, abuse, take and live. At everyone's expense.

modern men can't love, they can only express infatuation and weak will at anything that makes their dick move.

most females are just as shitty as men imo and i really go back and forth as to which is worse.
i've only ever been with one girl (ever) it was ok but i've never felt *real*chemistry with one. even on tinder lesbian females are awful to talk to and give one word responses. into stupid hobbies, etc. really fucking vapid bitches.

I could probably have a really good lesbian relationship forever with my best friend, she's autism spectrum but she lives far away now, and even if I feel no attraction to her. It would be super platonic. I'm kind of ok with something like that. Sorry for ranting...

this is your best advice OP. start homewrecking like i do. very gratifying

I don't think I'd really get anything out of that sort of thing. Honestly I don't really enjoy sex, it's always been something I did to make the other person happy. I just want someone else to feel the same way about me that I feel about them.
I imagine straight women are even worse than lesbians right? That is assuming there even are any who wouldn't nope out after hearing I've been with men.

meh i guess it depends.. i don't want to make too general of a statement. i really dislike most other females. and men. people in general suck. you shouldn't listen to me i'm pretty misanthropic and just went through a breakup (online with a male).

You are correct though and the older lesbians are the less likely they are to date or fuck around with someone who is just bi or "kinda gay" like you and me. idk how old you are but I had a 30 something one tell me once she was tired of helping young girls through their lesbian phase and just want to settle down. Idk lesbian dating has always felt kind of forced for me and it sucks :/ the attraction doesn't come naturally

Just happened to me, too. I really need to stop trying.

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Don't fell for the "all men/women are like that" meme, buddy. It is about people, not about gender.

Just keep trying. Take care.

It means you are not letting them in the same way they are accepting of you.

If anything starts with "I promise" then it's hollow and worthless. It implies you word isn't enough, that you are so untrustworthy that you must add a pact to your words to hold weight.
This also goes for people insisting on promises from others, if you do not trust them by what they say why pressure more onto it?
If their yes is not enough then their is nothing their worth holding.

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Who the fuck is talking about sex. Take what makes YOU HAPPY. When it's no longer there,dip the fuck out. Never put yourself in a compromising situation, unless you enjoy the misery.

But the only thing that makes me happy is someone else loving me. I don't want sex or money or things, I just want to be loved and make someone else happy.

incorrect. if it comes out of a man's mouth, its a lie.

that would explain all the "femanons" here

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It only lasts until it doesn't. I learned this the very hard way, repeatedly. You're doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The only people who stay together do so out of necessity, or fear.

I have been trapped in a terrible relationship with an abusive and insane woman for eight years and I wish I was dead

I'd rather be with someone abusive forever than be abandoned.
That's probably true, everyone just gets bored and leaves me.

>>never been in a relationship
I'm still in all the relationships I've had. All nine of them, or more if you consider non-sexual relationships. I remain entirely committed, although I don't think anyone would "take me back".

I have never cheated or abandoned anyone with one exception: I ended a relationship with someone who seemed to suffer from BPD when she made unfounded accusations against me and reported these imaginary events to the police. I told her until she sought out psychotherapy and admitted her mental illness I could no longer trust her.

She has never even said she was sorry.

In addition I maintain "friendships" (although distantly) with several past partners. Some of us mutually separated and agreed that we were simply not a good match... but we still maintain contact and support each other.

False friends will abandon you as soon as they see trouble... just when true friends will suddenly appear by your side and forgive all past conflicts.

I understand what you mean but when someone is abusive and unlike with no personality it outweighs any pro
If she was fun and cute but hit me I would probably be more attracted to her

Oh I guess that's true, I could handle a little abuse but if there was never any warmth it wouldn't be worth it.

>If she was fun and cute but hit me I would probably be more attracted to her



Like imagine someone you dont want to even talk to, but you have to be around them all the time and every time you do it just ends with uncomfortable silence

I want someone to be in a codependent relationship with.

What kind of codependent relationship?

One where we wouldn't care much about the outside world and instead focus on our own little bubble.

Would you date a hikikomori boy with (quiet) bpd?

I would, but I have abandonment issues from childhood. That's my greatest fear so I'd want some reassurance.

What kind of reassurance?

Heh, I really don't know to be honest. Just a promise that you wouldn't leave me without giving me reason or giving me a chance to try and persuade you.

Can't promise that we'll click, I have a hard time connecting with most people, but if you post your discord we can chat.

I don't know but it's getting annoying ;c

It could mean they're telling you whatever they think you want to hear because they're tryna smash and know honest discussion of intentions might mess that up.

It could mean that, given current available information, they have no intention of abandoning you and are speaking honestly (but new information may become available that changes the situation).

If you're particularly needy/insecure, they may just be telling you what you want to hear, just because they don't want to deal with the meltdown that would result if they expressed a truthful ambivalence or equivocation.

Every time you have this conversation with a partner where this sort of promise is required, you're causing damage to the relationship and pushing it that much closer to the day they say it and realize it's no longer true.

I want to to, but I don't have a good experience with Discord and I hear it's pretty common.

I hardly use it, is there something you'd rather use?

Kek wills it once again.

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I won't abandon you femanon, you just have to post your discord, if you post your discord you will have a lifetime fren, BUT YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY!!!! I have to sleep in 10 minutes, but will stay up a lil longer to talk if you are real

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I'm not a femanon, do you still want to talk?

wanna be friends user? im very stubborn and have had abandonment issues too, no way im leaving you c:

Sure why the hell not I've got nothing better to do lad


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if he didn't mean it then you're going for guys that use you, most women do this. if he meant it then you probably did something that changed his mind

after i say this usually what happens is they dump or cheat on me but they think i'm supposed to stay around as a friend, fwb, or fuckboi while she's in love with someone else. in this case i'm pretty sure that i'm the one that got abandoned and i just don't want to continue any sort of relationship afterwards