Happy v day virgins!

Happy v day virgins!

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Haha, get it? PewDiePie said it. That makes it hilarious.


She probably cheats on him. I can just tell

His time will come.
I hope he gets bone cancer.

based and memepilled

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I how they get in a car accident and she dies and he becomes quadriplegic

He doesn't have legs. He can't be a quadriplegic

why is this allowed

i would literally rather be a lonely anxious depressed fuck than pewdiepie

He's paid the price.

Then I hope his head and his penis break

OMG its the zoomers idol!

Based and true

How tall is he? Google says 5'11.

He's 5'8" he was measured in a recent video.

you mean Marzia cheat Felix? he always with her :)

This. He is basically a NEET, he can watch her like a hawk all day. Felix is the last man on earth that has to worry about getting cucked.

>tfw 5'9
Feels good man.

he's a literal 30 year old boomer

He is 177cm which is roughly 5 foot 10.


I'm subbing to t-series now.

He's still hung

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Also, 177cm is 5'8

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I hope this is bait. 5.8 ft means 5 and eight tenths of a foot not five foot and eight inches. There are 2.54 cm per inch. Divide 177 by 2.54

is this really pewdiepie

Ameritard spotted

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Yes, he left his cam on after live streaming and started watching porn (you could hear the porn he was watching, it was BLACKED.com)

user's right when Marzia made videos you could here him making videos in the background he literally doesn't leave his house and if he leaves he's probably leaving with her she literally doesn't have a window to cheat
>pic semi-related

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I'm a manlet too. When do I become rich and handsome?

That is some serious girth

its a deepfake. amazing technology.

Nah. He's 5'10". Not that it matters.

Add charismatic to that.

nice avatar idoit lol

it does in america

He's over the average male height in america though.


I fucking hate this faggot. eceleb worship is the most cancerous thing this decade and no real Jow Forums regular would be giving a flying fuck about poodieshit

Meaning he's handsome, not an ugly lanklet.