Has r9k ever cold approached?

Has r9k ever cold approached?

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Yes and it worked.

Yeah. I still remember the screams.

Be more specific

that ginger is a major fig

Yes and it has always failed

One time and one time only. It was very successful. Didn't even want to do it and I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to. Was at a bar with my uncle and male cousins and was really uncomfortable and I think I wanted to show off to them that I can be just as much of playboy as they are. Started flirting with the female bartender and fixated on her so as not to be paying attention to the people around me. She kept going back and forth between ignoring me and coming back and blushing and eventually I asked for her number. She didn't and was being coy and I didn't know to deal with that so I grabbed her notepad that was right on the bar and took a piece of paper and wrote my own number on it and told her to call me if she wanted to go dicking around town that night (not in those words). Like 4 hours after we leave I get a call from a weird number and it's the fucking bartender saying "well you wanted my number so this is it." and I asked if she wanted to chat for a bit but instead we just made plans to go to this other bar with a fake casino and we would chat there. That night, we hung out, got blasted, she showed me around and said she was free again the next night to show me more of the town.

All this was very bizarre and I did not want to be doing it. It was like stuck in the current of a river and I just had to go with it. The lesson is to not go getting yourself into situations you're not comfortable with.

He has banged more girls than any fag alive probably. I think being around girls so much has made him more feminine. He always was to an extent but it definitely is worse now

What what what lol lol

Reminder that cold approach is creepy and wrong


I doubt this stuff actually works

worked for me but not as well as meeting girls at bars and concerts

yeah it doesnt work. most people come upon relationships organically, how many successful relationships are pickup artists in? no one wants to talk to you while they're going from work to home, or friends or the bar. because from the first second you want something and people dont want to be asked. you will at best be humored, maybe given a real phone number, but its all so you will leave faster.

If you arent completely autistic, incel or ugly. try to get more friends that are girls. Hanging out with your autistic man child friends from highs chool, who constantly talk about how women are whores and say nigger all the time is not going to help. get a hobby, go to do something and be genuine. fuck it go to college if you really are desperate. Just don't do it to get laid.

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Bump haha lol

Nah it totally works. This guy games in my hometown have actually seen him approaching irl. I just dont have the balls

yeah if it worked he would have stopped approaching.

Forgot link


You dont get it. He doesnt want a gf he could keep her if he did. He just wants to bang as many girls as possible

i mean whatever then. I dont care. be good looking thats all i can say. most of these are probably fake.

Common misconception is that robots will talk about any of their shit from here irl.


This guy is in my hometown and I have literally seen him succeed. He is a 6/10 max he is a little tall though like 5 foot eleven

Kek just realized trex is based off of mystery

holy shit I am listening to that balding ginger right now. he is good at giving positive energy. hard to believe he suffer from depression. probably just bullshitting to connect with his listeners.

fucker has to have every STD in the world and some deadly superbug.

This is horrible, just the production value the shallow shit they say, the length, whats the audience for this?

Most of my approaches were cold. That's how I got expelled from university.

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>try to get more friends that are girls
Never date your friends. Platonic-to-romantic relationships are usually the worst -- and have the most disastrous consequences. The only type of relationships that surpass them in awfulness are abusive relationships or dating a coworker. You want to date someone who's an acquaintance; neither friend nor stranger.

well its not a black and white thing you have to make romantic intentions clear from the get-go. Plus having more friends that are girls will make you look like a virgin and not an incel creep.

It isnt about the production value. It is the fact that ty shows you can walk up to a random girl and get her interested in you even if you arent chad. That is why it is watched. It shows a common misconception of our society. The audience is clearly men that struggle with women.

any person who goes to bars or clubs or whatever public entertainment space would have cold approached at some point, either flirtation or befriending you dipshit.

Post the best one, frog!

>askibg women
>expecting them to be honest
You naive child.

Yeah it was a mess