Are you gonna vote for him, user?

Are you gonna vote for him, user?

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Yes I want free neetbux dammit

Yeah he's not typical scamming demcuck anti-white evil thot lover

this guy is a politician? He looks like he produces freemium phone games.

Why can't I vote to leave the presidency vacant for four years?

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Only yang can save me. Yes I will vote for based yang.

Is he really going to give us NEETbux, bros? If so this guy is damn near deity tier to us.

>be me
>offer to pay voters if elected
>offer to legalize weed
>if u vote for me u literally can do nothing all day and play video games high
>still wont get into office
>play race card if i lose

No fuck that dumbass commie

Trump 2020

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He looks Based & Redpiled. I hope americans have good judgement for once.

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who dis chink?

I won't vote for anyone who won't redistribute the means of reproduction

Nope. I don't trust any communist, especially an Asian one. That's the worst kind of communist. Personally,i'de have any and all communist deplatformed and whatnot. They don't deserve to speak.

>First nonwhite president
>First non-politician president
>First Asian president

Apart from recognizing the problem he's like any other 2019 democrat. He believes exactly what they believe. UBI won't save truck drivers in the ai takeover, its a joke. But I hate this country and want money so fuck it.

He can't play the race card because Asians are considered honorary whites by everyone but most whites. And he is a guy so that doesn't work ethier. Maybe if he were actually a she maybe but nah I don't see him pulling that from his deck.

he promise money so yeah.

Is that man of Chinese descent perchance? Ahem...

The tiananmen massacre Democracy Multi-party system Falun gong Li Hongzhi Liberalization Winnie the pooh Freedom Independence Republic of taiwan The xinjiang uyghur autonomous region Republic of China Dalai Lama Free Tibet Liu Xiaobo

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>Who was baracka obummer

Unironically registering Democrat in CA to vote for him. Voting is pointless here mostly so yolo

The second black president of course

>voting for a literal Manchurian candidate
stupid neets

Why is he spiking up now? What normie thing did he pop up in that made him the talk now?

Honestly he seems decent, at least he has foresight to know that automation is going to be doing alot of damage to the population and his stance on single payer medical insurance is pretty good in my opinion. Just because he wants to give UBI of less than $1000 a month lets assume, doesn't make him a communist by any stretch
Joe Rogan Podcast

Yeah. He's the only canidate so far that has some sort of vision towards the future of the country that isn't utopian nonesense or "durr we're gonna bring back the good ol' days" mentality.

Do you guys think americans would actually vote for an asian?

Ive been seeing this posted a lot. He better star looking as attractive as possible, do what Kennedy did.

Yeah that's because some discord zoomers have been spamming him. I remember being 14 and thinking le raids were the most "epic" thing ever, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. It's just extremely cringeworthy in retrospect and these zoomers will probably cringe at the memories in a couple of years.

Heck yeah Asian dude will save us from the shitty black white dichotomy endless bullshit we have going

>free gibs
My inner nigger is activated

Benevolent NEET benefactor? Yes please.

Yeah we need ubi

At least make it less obvious that you're samefagging, holy shit. Are you just one person, or is this the new shareblue agenda?


>Joe Rogan Podcast

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You really should've checked the poster count before making a claim like this.

Holy shit, you're fucking retarded. I'm actually amazed that someone as stupid as you can even access the internet.


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I want to believe him but even if he actually wants to follow through his promises, the opposition will just cockblock his plans.

He seems to be the only politician taking the threat of AI seriously and has a legit plan to avoid mass unemployment and poverty.

You think you're so fucking smart don't you? But if you had an IQ higher than 70 you would have changed the posts up a little so it's not this fucking obvious. I don't know if you're doing this alone and are deluded enough to think you can make a difference with this garbage, or you're part of a discord/paid shill site, but holy shit mate, you're awful at what you're doing.

Are you fucking Yang? Just say so already and stop this.

>I want to believe him but even if he actually wants to follow through his promises, the opposition will just cockblock his plans.

He's long gaming. Just like Bernie did last time. Yang doesn't expect to win, knows he couldn't pass this if he did and probably don't want to be a politcian. But he does genuinely want UBI because he believes it to be a solution to the coming automation of jobs economic meltdown. So he wants to get the idea out there, get it in people's minds and lesson the knee jerk resistance to it. Yeah I know we've discussed UBI on here for years, but for normies they've never heard of this shit. And they might never hear of Yang. But they will come to know UBI.

if you browse this board and call yourself a robot you are spiritually bound to give this godsent chink your vote

>in favor of gun control
>weak on defense
No thanks.

I'm voting for Richard Spencer because we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

>Not voting for John McAffee.

>Voting for a murderer, ideologue, materialist

Das raisins
But kinda true

Americans wouldn't vote him, also he won't even make it into the final phases of president candidacy anyways.

He doesn't have enough personality, doesn't have enough platitudes, doesn't appear enough as a savior against a bogeyman, and he is also an Asian.

Based and redpilled.
Richard Spencer 2020.

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we voted for a nigger who ended up talking shit about whites for years, then voted him in again.

Yes, but I feel like there's no point. Dumbass trump supporters will think he's some chinese spy and try and get him kicked off.

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No he's retarded. Also has the same vibe as Obama. "Look at me I'm a minority who's here to change the world, but really I'm a cuck who will be bossed around if I make it to office".

How is he anti-huwhite?