>not a virgin(unless she is a widow)
>older than 27
>uses contraceptive drugs/device
>uses recreational drugs(especially alcohol)
>raised by single mother
>shorter than 5'5"/165cm(unless she is Oriental)
>went to government school
>went to university
>likes hiphop/rap "music"
>has dark skin
>has tattoos
>wears immodest clothing
>has piercings/body modifications(ears are permissible)
>has dyed hair(may be permissible if she uses natural means to dye)
>has short hair(shorter than 8in/20cm)
>has dreadlocks
>wears makeup
>has painted fingernails/toenails
>wears high heels
>eats fast food
>eats junk food
>eats out more than a couple times a year maximum(preferable if she avoids the practice entirely)
>drinks soda
>is a militant gaytheist
>curses excessively
>speaks in ebonics/slang/bastardized English
>shaves/waxes/laser hair removal
>watches television
>doesn't like Japanese media

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user, are you quite sure you like real people?

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I like real people. I hate normalfags.

Good list. Perfect even.

Good luck with finding the perfect woman user, I garuntee almost every woman is like this now, especially in burgerland.

Great list except doesnt like japanese media. Thats berry retarded. I guess if by that you mean anime then it makes sense as a personal choice. I contribute uses colored contacts

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Girls that only like anime are bottom of the barrel normalfag roastie trash.

So what exactly was meant by Japanese media? Music? Literature? I retract my statement. Wanting your partner to have the same interests as you is not retarded.

>So what exactly was meant by Japanese media?
Anime, manga, video games, literature, music, television, film, etc

>went to university
OP you are fucking autistic

The negative effects of attending university aside, it shows very poor intelligence and life planning by the female in question and her family.

>Literally just surface level Japanese culture
>Thinks he's so much better than the so called "bottom of the barrel normalfag roastie trash"

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Go away, EOP roastie.

>im more cultured about japan than you!
The wanna be japs are at it again. Its always entertaining

OP unironically wants to bang his mom as teenager

user unironically is projecting his Oedipus complex while being a teenager.

Do you seriously believe that everyone who doesn't agree with you is a roastie?
I'm not claiming to be cultured in Japan at all. I'm claiming that OP is a retarded hypocrite.

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>OP is a retarded hypocrite.
How am I a hypocrite? I said she must be interested in Japanese media. I added that this interest in Japanese media must extend beyond anime. Why are you so angry, roastie? Because you only like anime like the dumb vapid cunt you are?

I don't understand why you seem to think I'm a female, or even why a female would get mad because some random guy on Jow Forums said he wouldn't date girls who watch anime.

I say you're a hypocrite because books, movies, music, and cartoons that happen to be made in a certain country only scratches the surface of what the culture of said country is like.

You also seem very self-centered to a point of being unhealthily narcissistic, and only by dropping this behavior can you get a GF, or any kind of social acceptance.

>doesn't like me
>doesn't love me

OP trying to find excuses for being alone on valentines day