He makes less than $2000 a month

>he makes less than $2000 a month

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are you a female that wants to leech off of rich men? that is what I assume you to be.

>he makes less than $4750 per month

I'm a woman that wants a man. I shouldn't be making more money than you. Making less than $2000 shows that you're uneducated. That kind of money is fine when you're still in college, but once you're in your mid 20's you should already have some sort of degree or be working skilled labor. I make $20 an hour at a PR job. Go to a trade school or something if you hate being forced to take calculus to earn a degree.

>make $1,400 a month in neetbux
>bf makes $1,700 a month doing retail
>life is comfy and we are happy
You need to expand your dating pool; you are missing out on good people. Besides, men who earn less are more grateful for you in general because they know they will have a hard time finding anyone better.

hypergamy genuinely makes me lose my ability to have feelings for women it just makes you seem so callous.

I make ~2k a month, but I spend ~300 in total on fees and utilities so I don't mind.

Let me guess, you still live with your parents?

I'm not trying to be picky. I'm in my mid 20's that means that the guy I date might be a life long partner. If we have kids I want to be prepared. He shouldn't be a 29 year old still trying to figure out what he wants to do with life.

Even though this thread is just a bait:
You don't want a man.
You want money.

>why are you so insecure a women makes more than you? Grow up
>sorry but I don't date guys that make less than me

>i want to be inferior to men
why exactly do woman have equal rights again?

Nope, own an apartment in a housing coop. Also, those 2k are bennies so I don't even have to submit to some slave driver for them.

It sounds like you could provide most of the necessities yourself but I get your point. I don't plan on having kids so it's not really an issue for me.

I don't want his money. I don't want him buying me things or spoiling me. I want a man that can provide for himself. I want our combined income to be able to raise a child.

>I want a man that can provide for himself
What if that $2000 is enough for that?
> I want our combined income to be able to raise a child.
Why should the man's part of that equation be more than yours?

The answer is.
You just want the money.

I suspect a lot of her desire stems from the fact that she wants someone who is mature and behaves like a well adjusted adult. Unfortunately making more money is usually a good indication that someone has their shit together.

You're focusing on the wrong issue altogether.
Yes, money is important, and the more the merrier. But surely some part of you must realize that any man who makes decent money and is willing to *actually* settle down with a fembot is doing so because there's something terribly, terribly wrong with him, right? Because if there wasn't, you can bet your delusional little butt he would have already attracfted and settled down with a mate who's not damaged goods.
Forget about $2000/month anonette. You should be more concerned with simply finding someone who isn't going to snap one day and remind you of all the reasons nobody has ever loved you.
>they know they will have a hard time finding anyone better
that's the kind of pragmatism that earns you a pat on the head around here. good girl.

You're right. I'm 5'10", take good care of my hair and skin, have large breasts and put a lot of effort into my appearance, yet I only had one boyfriend because my personality could use some work. I've had plenty of friends, but very few that would want to hang out with me outside of school/work.

That's too bad.
Perfect height, too..

enjoy living alone for the rest of your life

>tfw make $12616 a month gross

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but i have a degree from the highest ranked uni in my state, and nobody will give me a job.

you get a job from connections, a degree doesn't guarantee shit

was making 2500/mo at my old job, was gonna make more before i quit. im also physically attractive and had my own car and shit. no gf for some reason

>yet I only had one boyfriend because my personality could use some work
if you only had one boyfriend, it's because your face is unattractive: not because of your "personality" KEK

it's basically impossible to have a "bad personality" as a girl unless you simply act like a massive bitch all of the time

>a degree doesn't guarantee shit
'epecially these days, because almost everyone has a degree.

>make $4000/month
>no degree not even skilled trade unless you think leaving people's property undetected is a skill
Best part is in still a giant fucking manchild and you can't stop me.