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Nothing ever changes edition


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first post
my discord is Momo#5383 and I want a yandere bf that lives in washington state

first for i can't remember what

first for it really do be like that op

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hi im gay, how are you guys

Hi Gay, I'm Jack

>Hourglass figure
>Lots of body hair
I hate how much hair I have because otherwise I would make a decent shota if I lost weight

When will I get my New Zealand or Australian bf?

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>Tfw no ohio bf to get epic frags with on EA's Apex Legends!!!

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have you thought about laser hair removal?

Friendless bfless neets report in.

Yeah but isn't it expensive? I'm lower middle class so I don't have much money to spend overall

>tfw no girl (male) with a cute voice to play apex with me

ouch sounds bad, but you could always start out small, start with upper lip, lower lip, chin, shoulders, butt/bikini line, those things dont cost too much, its mostly the arms and legs that are half a million in cost

Trannies are bad at video games.

is this the lain trap bussy thread?

>another episode of shitty memes loving prison fags

Not in my experience. Plus they're very relaxing.

bussy, boy pussy, boy clit and all things like that are so fucking gross

Why can't you just call it manass?

>tfw I turn 26 this year
>am still a fumbling mess living on inheritance from my incel uncle who died alone
>to make it worse I'm Australian
Jesus Christ.

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because the user who made the thread called it bussy. I normally just refer to it as ass and share your annoyance for it being called anything else.

Well speaking of asses I have dont have one... apparently. But yeah I guess I could do that, but I want to do it in a way where my siblings dont know because that's kinda embarrassing

>can't stop looking at the interracial threads on /gif/

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are you the user from NSW or someone else?

>tfw dykefag
>tfw haven't spent valentine's day with a girl since I was in middle school

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Alright stop posting disgusting post like this with KH reaction images, you make people assume its us other KH fags

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but i'm every khfag. i just move back and forth really fast so it looks like two people

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So you're saying im replying to myself right now? I don't think im that mentally ill

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check behind the shower curtain

>they're all out having Valentine's Day sex

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valentines cuddling > valentines sex

you fool, they're doing both

>implying im not playing games alone at 6am
I wish i was drunk tho

Hi Jack, I'm also Gay.

Can you still be a prison fag even if you exclusively bottom?

>tfw no homophobic bf that bottoms only for me

I wish there was someone in the Los Angeles area that wanted a tall, black, and submissive guy to suck their dick. I feel like there's no market for me. Everyone expects me to top until they find out I have a small dick. I just want someone to but a collar on me and make me blow them under their desk for hours while they play vidya.

I'm right here. Low-key, my fantasy is having a gay guy thrust his thick cock between my lips, and repeatedly ask me if I like his cock, while a vibrator goes wild on my prostate/penis. Eventually I'll just break and become submissive to him, taking his loads whenever he asks, because the pleasure of submitting to him outweighs the embarrassment of being used by him.

I'm not anywhere near Los Angeles, but I do wish you the best in finding a bf that makes you feel the way you desire.

any cuddling > sex

I don't want a bf. I just want a fwb to destroy me until I get a gf.

Oh, I meant that I hope that you find a male fwb to destroy you until you can get a gf then.

short tops are gay

Short tops are cute!

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>tfw no one ever said that to me

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>tfw there are anons who want to fuck you but no real people

What do I get in return user?

You get me as a bf and my undying love and affection.

>will never ever learn how to draw like Nomura

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So are long ones.

It's all about body build not height, if they're built like a barrel they'll always look like that even if they lose weight.

>tfw bottom built like a barrel
What did i do to deserve this reeeeeee

Is it bad if I think my teacher is cute?

tfw no shy top to tease into bullying my bottom butt

yes. unless you mean professor, you underaged b& waiting to happen

Is there actually a difference??

Pls give crybaby bf pls

can't you just play with a gay guy?

people in college usually say professor while people in school say teacher. and people in school tend to be under 18

tfw no bf that practices jiujitsu

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Id play with a gay guy if it didnt keep crashing on me

>low detail anime face on detailed body
no sir i don't like it

No jiu jitsu practitioner looks like that.

Rolling with people doesn't really stimulate muscle growth and you'd be wasting your time if you lift weights since others would get ahead of you.

Also fuck it I'll say it: he won't be able to protect you from nigeroids, any martial art that relies on ground game is awful for self defense.

Imai is a pretty young guy

I live in Ohio desu

That sounds pretty good... but where do you live user?

Go fuck some dudes gf and leave this thread

im a short top uwufghjoip9i99p08

I guess I'm not prison gay anymore because I'm finally coming around to seeing unshaven pubes as sexy.

i want a bif that look liek this

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^^ g'boy!

My first boyfriend ever just broke up with me, after a month and a half

I'm sad as hell

and I'm still virgin

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tell us about it, maybe greentext?

You come home from work and find this in your room
> im here to talk to you about national bolshevism user
Whats your reaction?

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I'm a bottom you dumbfuck. Getting fucked by some dudes gf with a strap on, and then getting fucked by her bf is more likely to happen.

slap it and get a real boy

Talk politics with my nazbol brother obviously.

>national bolshevism
First ask after jewish heredity, then throw out.

based and comardepilled

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>get attached to a boy within a week
I deserve the pain

I'll tell the whole story of our relationship, it's not that long

>go to drama class
>see that cute tall guy
>He is way too affectionate

>He talks to me by instagram because his cast needs a flyer for their play
>We start talking
>He's way to affectionate with me
>I like it, it's the first time that happens

>the day of the premiere of our plays he texts me to meet some hours earlier
>o... okay
>we meet
>start kissing
>my first kiss ever
>we start dating

>he has to go to a trip with his class
>he kisses with another guy
>he feels guilty as fuck

>3 days ago
>he tells me about that
>I tell him it's okay, I'm not mad
>He still feels guilty

>he tells me that guilt is torturing him
>he had already gone through something like that two years ago and went to therapy for almost those two years
>he says that we should break up, for his mental sanity
>I tell him it's okay, I want him to be fine

I'm not good at doing greentext, sorry

Nobody cares, go pick some cotton nigger boy

Who hurt you? There's no need to be racist.

what an ass honestly, how are you fairing with it?

>tfw no racist bf to hate niggers and kikes with

There's no need to be a bifag nigger either.

he's not an ass, he was drunk :(

I'm fairing it listening to sad music and watching some youtube videos, it happened just some hours ago so I don't know for how long I'll feel sad

I'm worried because sometimes I think I'm too "emotionally submissive", I would come back with him if he wants and I'm not in love with anyone else.

This is the problem with half of you. You complain about
>tfw no bf
When none of you really have the right to be picky with your choices in the first place. I'm black, and in particular, I have a fetish for being dominated by white guys, and surrendering complete control to them. Will I end up with a white guy? Probably not.
Being unironically racist to potential partners and reducing your options is retard. Maybe y'all don't actually want bfs and just want to be alone.

Literally nobody wants a bottom bisexual black guy

I can't find nonwhites sexually attractive except for the occasional arab or asian.
Besides, being a faggot is bad enough, I don't want to be a race mixer on top of that.

Nonwhites are eww

drunk, ass, same thing.

thats good, hope you get it sorted

I gave a blowjob to a 6'2 fit white guy, and his dick was 8 or 9 inches (twice my size). Was that just an exception?

Race mixing doesn't matter if you're not gonna have kids.

thanks, sincerely.

I live in Melbourne, where are you?

Mixed race couples are the result of a fetish, not love. They usually don't work out. Also I'm going to have kids, even if I need to use surrogacy or some fucked up artificial womb shit.

How was your valentines day anons?

You have been talking for valentines for like four days now. It's one day. Fuck off already.

The same as any other day. Lonely and boring.

>Mixed race couples are the result of a fetish
Sometimes yes, but not all the time. You can tell if it's "just a fetish" for someone if you look at their past partners. White guy that only dates black guys? Probably a fetish. White guy that's dated white/black/hispanic? Good to go. There's not guarantee you're going to find love with someone just because you're both white. There's nothing stopping them from finding another white guys.

>I'm going to have kids
So then what does it matter if whoever you marry isn't white? It doesn't matter if you use your sperm.

Not terrible, but lonely like every other day.

I've heard that drinking water when you are hungry helps. Don't do that in excess, it may be dangerous.