So, how many robots actually nightwalk? I live in an almost entirely white, somewhat rural area...

So, how many robots actually nightwalk? I live in an almost entirely white, somewhat rural area. So it's nice to be able to walk around at night without worrying about running into blacks. Come to think of it, I hardly ever see another soul past 8 PM.

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I want to walk around my neighborhood on call with the guy I love and stop somewhere nice and look at the stars and stop caring about everything else and tell him how much I want to stay with him and never let go

i do it. sometimes i get very nervous because of general paranoia, but realistically nothing bad could ever happen in this area. there's a park a quarter mile from my house, and i like to walk around there. the streets of my neighborhood aren't as comfy since a bunch of street lamps got installed a few years ago, but it's still pleasant

i would night walk but it's about -36 outside right now.

comfy when it's snowing and slightly less cold.

Where the fuck do you live?

I don't nightwalk for two reasons. First, I don't want to get raped. Second, the only time I've tried walking in the dark I was stopped by the police. I don't need that stress in my life.

>Second, the only time I've tried walking in the dark I was stopped by the police
Be honest. Are you black?

>First, I don't want to get raped
Or robbed. Too many immigrants in my country, sadly.

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No, I'm a white woman.

>Or robbed.
This, too. I make sure to leave my wallet at home. Also consider those dubs checked.

I only feel comfortable leaving my house at night when people are asleep and can't witness my existence. So yeah I nightwalk sometimes.

Where do you live? London?
I'm a central slav and I walked from my work for 2 years without any major incident.
If someone's walking straight for you, it's best to call someone and loudly tell them where you are.
Only had to do this once.
Also being a guy helps, my female coworkers had guys follow them.
On the other hand I love the rush of adrenaline you get when you get startled by someone.
That uncertainty of safety is thrilling.

if I walk alone in Brasil I'm dead nigga

I night walk everyday for 2 hours, i get out at 11 pm and come back at 1am

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There's an overpass about 40 minutes from my house that constantly has semis passing underneath it. I go there about once a week and sit on the railing for an hour or two thinking about jumping down in front of one.

I'll probably never have the courage to do it but I think that if I do it enough times I'll eventually fall on accident.

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That's so cute and wholesome


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Don't do it buddy it's ok whatever is going on just remember suicide is a permanent solution to a possibility temporary problem.

R.I.P. Avatarfag. I hope your suffering is over.

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what is this supposed to mean and why would you post it

I use to nightwalk in my city, I got bored of it eventually. Not to mention so many college kids are out and about on the weekend, they get on my nerves

Easy way to get murdered lmao

I used to nightwalk in 2017. Even made a thread about it once. Lived in a nice community part of Las Vegas that was near a huge empty desert, so I used to use that huge desert as my personal solitary hangout spot. But since then, I've moved a lot and none of the places I've been living in are good places to nightwalk at all.

I only go on nightwalks so I can fantasize about someone abducting me while I'm out.

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I do but only like 30 minutes at night just to walk my dog. Every other day i walk at least 1 hour around town just to clear my mind and burn some cals. Working great so far.

Used to do until my neighborhood went down shit and I grew too tired from school/work.

I've been wanting to go on night walks for a while now but I can't because my mommy won't let me. She'll think I'll attempt suicide again.

I used to walk every night for months when I was realized I was too fat. Lost the weight but once police asked questioned me for a minute or so. Besides that no communication.

i nightwalk for at least an hour after 10 PM every day

Happy to hear that. You voted for them. Enjoy.


Original ha ha ha

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I don't usually post but I've got hours upon hours of night walks. It's the most incredible experience for a robot. You can walk at 10pm and see cars go by trying to get home. You can go at 12am and see the stragglers and teens at the gas stations. You can walk at 3am and not find a soul around. 5-6am is beautiful, walking to see the dawn slowly break is amazing. I often walk with no sounds and just enjoy the scenery (rural town). Other times I pop in all kinds of music for specific moods. And sometimes I just pray to God, thoughts and sadness seeping through me and pouring my heart out to the nothing. I believe on The Creator, these nights are some of the best.

If you can keep safe at night this is one of the most amazing experience a robot can have

I don't night walk I'm mexican and live in a bad neighborhood so it's either I get shot by some vatos who thought I was someone else get robbed and shot by a pack of niggers or get shot by the cops because some old white lady called them

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Sounds like you have to back desu
please originally do it

I might try and do a night walk with my bf. My city has a lot of poopskins though so idk.

I like to /nightwalk/ in industrial areas.

i do all the time it's very comforting

Nightwalking is totally comfy
Where I live is a pretty quiet suburban area. I've only ever had one little incident where a bunch of underage little faggots who were hanging around the park near my place shouted abuse at me when I couldn't tell them the time because I didn't have my phone on me
Walking my dog on a warm but mild summers night is very relaxing

I fucking love it I'll walk up to this gas station a couple miles from my house and buy some godawful hobo beer and sit and drink it by the side of the road and watch the cars go by

Night walk? Night longboarding through the town.

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get a gun and ccw

I don't night walk where I live. No sidewalks and the road I live on is notorious for drunk drivers, but I do drive around town late at night. Find it very relaxing and it lets me clear my head. Sometimes I'll stop by the waffle House and grab a bite to eat and talk to the waitress there that's been working there for years.

t. lower class amerilard

It's a little hard in the new england area winter bro.

What's the primary reason everyone goes out? I like to go out on my own and just think and admire the world around me. I just look up or close my eyes and I feel like I'm one with nature, and it feels like my body doesn't mean anything, and really nothing means anything. Almost like everything I regret or care about doesn't matter. The world really is beautiful.

I live in a hispanic area, gangs crawl out at night. I'm a 108 pound white grill, not the greatest fucking idea, but I sometimes do it on occasion anyway when I really just need to get away from it all.

Pick one. Robots don't get to engage in doomer culture

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Nah, I dont do that autistic shit....
Everything is closed and the freaks come out to play.

And fyi, just because you live in an all white neighborhood doesnt mean you still cant be murdered or robbed.
And you can always be harrassed by the cops wondering why some retard is walking around at 3 am all by himself when everyone else is asleep.
Be honest, are you retarded?
Jesus man get over yourself.

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I wouldn't really nightwalk in the urban/suburbs. Rural or isloated quite college town is probably safest.

i'm 6 foot 8 and look like i cook meth for a living so the only things black people do are offer me weed and beg for cigarettes.

>college town
top nightwalk spot. if anyone sees you they won't bat an eye, everyone keeps odd hours in college towns.