Let's have a qt3.14 thread. Let's ease up on the orbiting please

Let's have a qt3.14 thread. Let's ease up on the orbiting please.

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pictures of cute girls are nice to look at but i'm not sure why

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If you needed any more proof this board is filled with volcels who want girls out of their league.

Everybody wants girls out of their league.

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She'd be far more attractive without that dumb heart, that dumb makeup, and that dumb dog collar

>Let's have a qt3.14 thread. Let's ease up on the orbiting please.

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I am afraid I disagree

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It's okay, let's just not spam the thread

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Here's a major qt3.14 for you

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People can say whatever they want but I find her incredibly adorable.
Good one

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there nothing you can do about it user Im gonna spam this thread full of cute girls

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Does she have any pictures without excessive makeup?

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yes user she does

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Certified kyoot

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Australia's got some real qt's

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bumping this ded thread

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fuck and she lives in my city too, i've even recognized some of the backgrounds, she looks better without make tho and i don't like cosplay

Dayummmmmm she thicc

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I don't care what anyone says, chicks with bangs are hot AF

It do be this way some times.

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he's gone fully insano

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he's got them qts
good man

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I had a dream with this qt 3.15 but it wasn't a plesant one desu.

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ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no wonder it wan't pleasant

That's a no for me dawg

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Maybe she looks better in this other one.

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James mason?

hell yeah, now we're talking dude.

>those arms
gonna be fat in a couple years, still not cute but do what you want, im into hapas personally

The 2 grills, especially the one on his right.

Bonbi is underaged you pedosexual

Amazing how much more attractive a girl can be without putting in as much effort to be more attractive
>blue hair
>drawing shit on her face
>tongue out
>too much makeup
Come on

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He's probably a libertarian so he doesn't care.

She's a fucking qt, although in her more recent pics (not pic related) she's starting to look kinda fake and burnt out.

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I only have three pictures on my phone

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Big agree brother.
Why must some women behave like that?
The girl without any makeup is way better looking than the other thot.

Well that's a shame. What's her name? or crap social media username whatever.

Anyone got sauce on this qt?

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One slightly promiscuous Aggie

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Anybody else hate the Jow Forums taste in women? There's a specific typa girl posters on this site and especially this board like and it's the type that looks like she tries way too hard to be a 15-year-old 3D anime girl.

whats a bonbi?
anzuu is cute whether shes caked up or not

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literally lmao
It's the worst if you ask me.

Rate her, she's been playing all touchy grabbing my hand and just taking any chance to clinge on to my arms. Meet the gurl 1 week ago, should I give her a go? I'm not particularily interested but still a thirsty virgin.

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This is what she looks like lately. I don't know what happened to her.

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irl anime girls are pretty cute.
Not bad user. Are you chad-looking?

Nooooo wtf whyyy
She's fucked now.

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Maybe she'll start doing her make up better again.

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Heres a picture of aya shalkar. I used to think she was the pinnacle of beauty but now I just think she looks a little boring

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Cant tell, litterally been called a pretty boy and explicitly not handsome dude.
>Light brown skin
>Hips noticeably wider than waist when shirtless
Dont know how to describe facial features.
(we are both 19, some fucks in soc said I look 12)

I am not going to post my beautiful russian waifu because she is too good looking for you cunts.

They ain't. They scream "low libido/borderline asexual Tumblr thot". That's just me though.

No other way than to post pic, user. No bully, promise.

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I think this is aesthetically her facial feutures cant really get much better than this. She literally looks like anime in 3D

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That's anzu not some tiktok slag

BIG same feel, just post some lower tier qts like I do.
That way the cunts here will never find YOUR qt3.14 waifu.

I really fucking hope so.
Why the FUCK do women go so overboard with makeup?

oliet bangs with aged time

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It's their ace up their sleeve I guess.

Post some of your personal qts user.

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This one's a classic, obviously.

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lucky bread

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Good thinking! Will do. I would like to brag that one time my waifu liked one of my photos.

Now to post lesser qts

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Fucking yes. Now that's literally a 3d anime gril.

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more of grille

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this shits 80% egirls
still qt

last one of grille
I also posted some before like

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She's qt. Saucerino?

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damn dude that's lesser qt as in ugly lol
Please brag about that story, I'm intrigued brotherr.

Is anybody going to post one?

>tfw no commie gf that you meet through Tinder

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A big fan of sandwiches I am

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Kinda yeah.
That gril is very cute, I bet they're a nice person. idk why but the fact that she has a hamster makes me think that.
I've never seen a pic of a roastie or a stupid female with a cute animal like a hamster or cat, at least ones where they look like they genuinely love the pet.

Sadly I don't remember, she has a twitter account, that's all I can recall. Maybe try reverse image search?
That girl is strangely cute, how weird.

Pissed cuz homework is tedious.
In case you are wondering, she added me on facebook and has been the one with the iniciative

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Her name is clairo dood. She's famous.
May I have sauce on the twitter at least?

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I think she is pretty. This girl might be more to the tastes of the thread though.
>Please brag about that story, I'm intrigued brotherr
Not much to tell, and it's mildly embarrassing but
>she's a russian twitch streamer, not very popular or well known at all
>i follow her in instagram
>like some of her photos
>she likes one of mine
>feel extremely happy for rest of day

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Oh cool thanks, I had no idea.
I would give you her handle but I don't remember it :(((

>tfw no cotton picker gf

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You look 15ish. But I now that feel user. I'm 23 and been told I look 17. Maybe bulk up a little?
Also, are you from south-east Asia?

It's not really embarrassing haha.
It's a really good feel, sometimes it's recognition like that which keeps you going.

I can tell she's attractive, sure, but a lot of girls are far better looking when they don't slam their faces in a birthday cake, draw dumb shit on their faces, and dye their hair purple first

It really do be as you say, brother.

Emily Bador, model of Nico from dmc v.

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Nico is cuter tho

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just no, simply no

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Nah, im a mexifag, sorry to disappoint you if you have any racial bias.

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was too low in content (0.00% content).
No way fag

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WOW, that shitty body totally fucks ups the nice face she has going for her.

Te ves muy bien cabron, normal que te ande tirando los perros la muchachilla esa.

Pinche vatos. Que hacen este puto lugar?

Nefasto comentario hermano, ndeaaaaaah k ga t de rucula pariente

Meh, i don't give a fuck, i live in Mexico so most girls here have a shitty body, don't be gay user, just look at she in this photo, legit 9/10.

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Aqui nomas, desperdiciando mi vida, Y tu? Por cierto, Que quiso decir este meco ?

Mierda los chicanos realmente son retrasados me lleva la verga

Que era ese post, user?

Esa esta Buena vato.
Sepa buey. Mi espanol ya see me esta olvidando tambien. Ey hay arthoes aya en Mexico?

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Simon, pero no estan tan chidas y realmente casi todas se ven iguales.

La neta no se, onions hikikomori, esto cuenta como art hoe?

Forgot pic
Nos way robot

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Intente escribir s o y (i'm) pero el filtro me chingo