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why did you not take your mother on a nice dinner on valentine's night, user?

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Because she died in 2005.

She doesn't want to go anywhere and is housebound.


thats why you need to take her out tho

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I'd rather fuck my mom than take her out on some sort of weird date

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i said we should get takeout instead and she agreed and said she'd rather that anyway

I think my mom had something else going on...,

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I did and we ate 7 plates of crawfish. It was a good day.

eating dinner with mom is not weird, you tard.
and you can fuck her nice after dinner.

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There's a key element here I think you are not thinking about. It's Valentines day. No it isn't weird to go out to eat with your mother, but specifically today- I'd say so. Post more incest porn so I can cry myself to sleep after I nut.

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I wanted to tell her how much I love her but I didn't even get to see her today.

because I was drunk and asleep

then who took your mother out?

Her boyfriend wanted to

>single mom, boyfriends
oh no no no

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shes so pretty who dis milf?

my mommy just wanted lots of protein

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Because I was passed out the whole day from staying up late working on uni stuff. She did text me Happy Valentine's the first thing in the morning, though. She's cute.

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i dont remember but if you literally search "titcow" or "cowtits" she appears lmao

tatiana kotova
how many others got the text from her tho?

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useless ungrateful son scums

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Only Chadson gets to take mommy out to dinner.

well you can be chad son too, onions boi

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a bumper for motherly love

>Older female therapist dragged out my mommy issues
Am I fucked?

where are all the sons?

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that sounds interesting. tell us what happened m8

Ill try to summarise a little
>Grew up youngest brother of two sisters + mother, absent father
>No male influence in my life at all beyond grandfather
>Didn't have a male teacher till I was 12
>Years of severe depression and anxiety from family issues
>5 sessions in, we start discussing who I talk to
>Discuss distrust in men entirely
>Only people I feel comfortable around are older women
>Talk about relationships
>Zero, only partial experience were odd moments here and there
>Move onto mother
>Long standing issues over the years with her
>Not really hatred, just...separation

Not sure what she made of desu lad

you seem easy to figure out

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There's a lot more going on but thats the basics of today. I can just tell she knows I find her attractive

she is Vica Kerekes

Is my auntie close enough for these memes? Don't have a mum fetish but an aunt one.

Actual mom here if anyone needs any maternal advice. Lucky me I get to spend the day sick at home.

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well if you would love to ride her raw, then sure.

Do you releive your son sexually?

No, and she prefers daughter.


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>after different kinds of roasties, now there is a mom larper too
just fuck off and leave the thread to bros

I don't really care if you think I'm Larping. I'm just here to be a kind voice for those who need it~

Well I need a kind wank so if you would be so kind as to show those titties with a timestamp I would be much relieved.

That's not why I'm here sweetie. Besides I'm pretty sure my wife wouldn't like that.

Seconded originally this time

>will never take mom on a lewd vacation trip for valentine stuff

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