Do any femanons absolutely hate women? If so why and when did you realize?

Do any femanons absolutely hate women? If so why and when did you realize?

Ill start:
>stacys bullied me at school for wearing pokemon shirts
>stacys always take the available guys I meet in public
>Can't compare to stacys because I don't have friends and that's a major red flag
>All they talk about are boys and dieting

Every time I'm near one I just want to bash their skull in

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But youd be just like them if you werent ugly, why should we feel bad for you?

This just proves guys are even worse

>This just proves guys are even worse
Im a transgirl not a guy

>wearing pokemon shirts
>tfw no fembot to play pokemons with

I don't hate all women, just most of them in a passive sort of way. I don't spend time obsessing about how I dislike them, I just avoid them, though I avoid men even more. I'd probably hate you too, OP. You sound pretty pathetic. The only women I like have their own passions and don't focus so much on these petty things.

>always take the available guys I meet

Well maybe it's time for you to start thinking a bit about dieting and the shallow things you think you're too for. I imagine some homely pokemon shirt-wearing chubster complaining that men don't prefer her. Boys and dieting are important topics, finding a good man means a lot for your future. Your one of the boys act won't work when you're 30.

>claims to hate women
>only hates Stacies
Is this definitive proof that femanons aren't women?

do you have a nice boypussy?

So just a girl then

Just go for the guys Stacy isn't interested in. You just have to date men similar in social standing to you.

Sort of.
I dont leave my house much apart from work and to get groceries.

I left my previous job due to the absolute shitstorm of having an all female crew.
The amount of gossiping, backstabbing, mind numbing bitching about everyone made me bitter and hate all of those women. It was insidious, it poisoned everyone who worked there. It didnt matter if they were 18 or 42, they all did it and continued to try to pull me into it.

My current coworkers are beginning to show signs of the same sort of behaviour to the point where I've asked them not to speak badly of others to me. Its strange how they seem to think by telling me a piece of gossip it would make me dislike the one they're talking about.
It just makes me dislike the one telling me.
I dont care what Brit does on the weekend or that she made a snide remark that could or couldnt have been about you.
Why are you telling me this. You're interrupting my work.

But I'm not bitter that others get men or talk about men like you seem to be.
Everyone was bullied in highschool.
Maybe you're aiming too high in the men you're seeking out.

do femanons know when a girl is being fake-nice to them?

user, don't hate your sisters, hate the men that try to incite jealousy!
You're a guy with a sissy fetish, sorry.

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>Im a transgirl not a guy
So you are content with being the downfall of western civilization?
Congratulations! I will celebrate when you neck it at 30 years old

thats assuming western civilization will last another 10 years with weaklings link this exist

My wife worked at starbucks with world class heavyweight bitches and my wife came home crying every fucking day. every single day i walked passed that starbucks i overheard them talking shit about someone else. i even overheard them talking shit about my wife once. fuck women dude. they are so god damn fucking insecure. always comparing themselves. Women are insecure perfectionists. They strive for perfection and shit on themselves and others if they mess up the smallest thing.

theres this super cute girl i want to talk to
>wears a gravity falls hat in class
>no makeup, no painted nails or anything
>big glasses
>short hair

what do you girls think of her?

>short hair

Why is it trash? I think it's cute. She doesn't have any piercings or other crazy shit. What's wrong?

I think its trash because i personally believe its unattractive.
Just go for it. You don't have anything to lose by talking to her. Go for it fren

I was gonna talk to her today but she wasn't in class. Makes me sad cause now I'm assuming she skipped to go be with some other guy.

you can be my stacy

A good amount of women I've talked to find the the embarrassment during the first conversation "endearing" , As long as you man up for the second convo youll be A OK fella

Can you tell us some of the gossip?

Yup. Women are horrid

by "man up" i mean incorporate your worth; your hobbies, what youre good at into the convo
if you are dedicated to something; women will enjoy it and entertain your presence

I don't hate women, but the majority of the unpleasant, petty, irritating and flat out mean people I've met are women.

It was all irrelevant shit that had nothing to do with work performance (for the most part).
Alot was women picking on others looks, which just made me sad.

Women are so shallow that they only see Chads as men and Stacys as women. Betas and "fembots" are invisible to them, even if they happen to one themselves.

its too late she didnt show up in class today on valentines day, which means she was out with some other dude so its fucking over

Best advice I can offer for the anons or femanons in this thread is


Don't assume that until she tells you otherwise. There are a million and 1 reasons she could have been absent.
At the very least you can strike up a convo and asked what she did for valentines day

Women are soul-sucking leeches whose sole method of human connection are materialistic values and status.

More news at 11.

Materialism has nothing to do with it. The most important and attractive attribute a person can have is being passionate for their hobby.

Gossip is a very important part of the human experience. It is deeply ingrained in our nature and helped us evolve socially and linguistically.

>Women are insecure perfectionists. They strive for perfection and shit on themselves and others if they mess up the smallest thing.
No, the thing that's the core of the issue is precisely that women don't strive for anything. When they see another woman strive or better yet when they think they see another woman strive for something it makes them insecure and as a result, they do everything they can to put down the other woman, assuming that shes below or at equal social standing that her. Women are cowards at heart and don't dare to really go after the queen bees.

No. I hate ultranormalfags, and they come in both sexes. I was bullied by popular girls, even had one kiss a guy I liked in front of me to irk me, but then I remember she places all of her self worth in how many people like her instagram posts or how many guys flirt with her. I remember she doesn't have a passion that brings her satisfaction, and that she's going through the motions, and thus she may very well have her own mental issues like myself. Empathy is a tool, use it.

> The most important and attractive attribute a person can have

To a roastie who only cares about the status and 'value' a man provides her, sure. To some men with an actual brain, the most important attributes are moral and philosophical.

Passion will drive any girl to enjoy your presence, drop the incel "act" and start improving and focusing on your hobbies.
I say act because all of us are gunna make it and find a qt

>Passion will drive any girl to enjoy your presence

Not if you're ugly, and not if your passion is for the 'wrong' thing, I.E something that doesn't provide her with any status to brag about. Video games, board games, fantasy books, star-gazing - no social value.

And besides, any 'qt' who doesn't give a fuck about my principles and who I am as a person, only about MUH PASSION, isn't really a qt.

>Not if you're ugly
100% if you are passionate and care about what you enjoy, women will find it interesting. From the ugliest hogbeast to the finest qt your continent has to offer. Express what you enjoy and you will find someone to share the experience with

so basically a bot just female, nice, instead of being jealous of chad its just stacy, how boring, why don't fuck off and don't waste board space you uninteresting shit.

Why should I care what Becky likes to do in the comforts of her own home. Unless it directly affects me I have no interest in hearing pointless gossip.

> Molested by aunt trope
> Other women are nice and encouraging
> Awkward and nervous around them none the less
> Want to make friends but have no idea how
> Will always be leery of them (us?) because all women are bi (unless they have strong religious values) and because we are manipulative animalistic creatures by nature
I don't hate women. I'm just scared of you.

I've grown up around narcissistic females who are delusional in thinking that they are far superior to those around them. In reality they are dumb whores who think they're progressive by pushing their retarded feminist agenda and think they can do no wrong because they have a pussy. I have never wanted to be even remotely similar to women like that and separated myself from a young age.

Dumbass astrology-loving, feminist-pushing, delusional females should be euthanised at best.

so you are just a guy then

Hey, mate. Trust me, throwing hate at the other gender doesn't help anyone.

hey everyone look! I found a TERF

ive dated girls that just want to punch other girls in the face for being dumb or too feminine or whatever

but my current girlfriend wants to suck my dick while i make out with other girls, or just watch me penetrate them

i guess i've got it pretty good. hot girls turn her on as much as they turn me on, and she makes it easy to fuck hotter girls than i would otherwise

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TERFs aren't so bad. The RF part can be annoying, but the TE part is based.

I'll tolerate TERFs anyday if it means not having to tolerate transfags that are actively ruining this board with their gay shit.

When did she tell you she was a cuckquean?

we both knew she was bisexual. we'd talk about hot girls, trade porn, and she would suck my dick while i watch it. but she didn't realize she was a cuck until we started having threesomes. i can tell how much the girl turns her on by the way she sucks my dick while i make out with the other girl before fucking her

the real issue here now is that i am completely spoiled by this level of sexual fulfillment. i don't know how i would how i would go about exclusively dating a different girl. she could be mega hot and do all the things, but i would be unfulfilled if she wasn't into this type of shit. it's like i've started doing a drug or something

Cuckquean gf is best gf
No ifs ands or buts about it

Nope, I like them actually. It's men who I can be a bit afraid of. But at the same time I've always been pretty tomboy-ish since I grew up without a mom, so sometimes relating to other girls, especially the very feminine types, can be hard for me.

How do you find girls willing to do that?

I used to hate women and think anyone who wasn't a virgin was a whore but then I realized I was just jealous of their experiences.

I'm halfway through my twenties and still don't have any friends. No point stressing yourself out over nothing.

What sort of man do you want to take your virginity?

why are femanons so boring to talk to? You "fembots" only want to talk about ur exes and how ur "depressed and lonely". Some of u have to have some interesting life experiences or hobbies/interests to talk about.

Better luck next time, my dear user.

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this is absolutely not bait. I've added a couple of u "fembots" one even said they had horrible anxiety and no friends and couldn't talk to ppl but turned out she was a college stacey in a frat going to school to be a teacher. I guarantee you're just another failed stacey with nothing interesting to talk about. try and prove me wrong

I guarantee you're just another failed chad with nothing interesting to talk about. i already know you're a miserable boring faggot though

>no u are
u sure got me stacey :^)
I unironically wish there was one semi witty interesting fembot out there, i fucking W I S H

I sure did, hope it didn't hurt you as much as it seems.

wow so witty, sure gottem. bazooper

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It's okay user, I know I did.


originally ofc

>Stacy's take all the available top 5% of guys.
Why not try dating your looksmatch? Oh forgot, you'd rather kill yourself.

evidently its a huge fantasy for a lot of girls to be fucked by a guy right in front of his girlfriend. there's the added benefit that there will be no strings attached to the sex, as a relationship is already established. some girls look for couples to threesome as a way to experiment with their gay side. its a lot easier to find girls to do this than it is to find girls to date 1 on 1

i hate stacies for being stupid fucks and giving robots fuel to continue hating my whole gender. that's pretty much it.

Where do you find them? Tinder? Fetlife? Do you specify from the start the situation?

>didn't even deny it

You say it like it's a bad thing! I take it your a ~kawaii~ uwu twanz catgirl?

>im a transgirl not a guy
You're either male of female. Dress however the fuck you want, but stop pushing your shit into others.

>and giving robots fuel to continue hating my whole gender.
Please don't pretend like you care about what robots think.

nta, but for girls that are "raised" on Jow Forums and start coming here very young, their minds, self esteem and world view gets super fucked up. They believe things like they are inherently dumb and lame, and shouldn't try anything because they'll never be good, and that past 19 they will be too ugly and old to be loved.

tinder. 1 account with pictures of us being cute together, and a clear statement in the bio noting that we are a couple. gender set to male.

I think three ways are gross, but I have to compliment you for not going the typical "baiting lesbians by only posting the girl" route.

yea that doesn't really work. i don't want to fuck lesbians i want to fuck bisexual girls. i want to turn them on make them cum

>Everyone was bullied in highschool.
What? No.

Women are fine. Men are also fine. Shitty people are not fine. I tend to make better, longer-lasting friendships with men, but my strongest relationships are with women. More of my acquaintances are women too. Making sweeping generalizations about billions of people is ridiculous.

Yes, most basic bitches are visibly catty and manipulative. They're easy to spot and easier to avoid, since they don't want to associate with you either.

catfishing someone by such an extreme makes absolutely no fucking sense

what kind of fucking moron would try that? what the hell happens? this can't be a real thing

oh hey btw im actually a hairy manchild and not the hot chick i said i was! when do we sex? what where are you going, chad's house? fuck why can't I get laid it must be Jews

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>past 19 they will be too ugly and old to be loved
this is clearly not true, evident by how many mommy threads there are a week

also lmao@that failed stacy who reported my post. Sorry you're just as vapid and unoriginal as your avg ig thot

All girls are the same. They are all cruel shallow bitches. Prove me wrong

>if you are dedicated to something; women will enjoy it and entertain your presence
Don't be retarded lol.

i don't know how i would prove it to you personally but your statement is fucking ridiculous

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>i don't know how i would prove it
Stfu then stupid

Have you personally gotten to know every woman on the planet? Is it possible that your sample is biased? Maybe, you have had very poor experiences in your life. Due to your living environment, how you project yourself, a lack of socialization, or a negative worldview, see everyone through the lens of cruelty and negativity?

I consider myself to be (comparatively) kind to others and I'm a woman. Do you think I'd entertain a very flawed argument with any modicum of honesty if I was cruel or shallow? Or do you think that I have a genuine interest?

>I consider myself to be (comparatively) kind to others and I'm a woman.
Nice, a/s/l/marriage status?

27/F/US married
protip: because it's vastly easier for women to get partners than men, most women with desirable traits will be taken at my age. go for the younger chicks or groom a caterpillar into a butterfly

>browses r9k
what did u mean by this?

>Have you personally gotten to know every woman on the planet
Don't need to, women haven't contributed anything to society besides their vaginas since the start of mankind.
>Do you think I'd entertain a very flawed argument with any modicum of honesty if I was cruel or shallo
How is it flawed and yes you would you can't just admit you're wrong you to call me a virgin

its funny you say that because at 35 im dating more amazing women than at any other time in my life

I've been here since I was a single lunatic and actually fit in with the userbase. Still browse once in a blue moon to see how everyone's doing.

There is a concept called "hasty generalizations." It is when you make a conclusion with a sample that is too small, not representative of the larger sum, or both. For you to say "all girls are the same. They are all cruel shallow bitches," that implies that you have evidence that literally all women on the planet are cruel, shallow bitches. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have only met a handful of women in your life, and read about women that confirm your viewpoints, you likely have a sample that is not representative. That means your argument is flawed. If you can provide sound evidence that not just the majority but ALL women are cruel, shallow bitches, your argument would be sound.

I wouldn't just insult you, that's a waste of my fucking time.

I certainly could be wrong, I know a lot of women mellow out in their late 20's-early 30's. Happy for you user.

Then you can see my point, all women who are available will be a "biased sample" by default, so...

At my age, I really can't do much, especially since I don't really want anyone younger than 30, because I would have zero in common with them on any level.

this is too absurd to warrant any kind of serious response. if you have such a hard time getting along with people, you may want to consider that something might be wrong with you personally.

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>you can provide sound evidence that not just the majority but ALL women are cruel, shallow bitches, your argument would be sound.
Where to start? We all know girls are shallow and cruel you're the one who needs the evidence proving they are really nice and have good intentions.