R9k game

the rules are simple
go to this site: thispersondoesnotexist.com/
(AI generated fake faces)
Refresh the page until you get a girl
The first girl you get is your gf, have fun

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what if big fag

first result

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This might be criminal for me?...

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why does this ai always generate slightly offputting sets of teeth

well fuck
how did this happen?

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D-did I win? (originally)

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This site is going to be very helpful in the continuation of my trolling of noobs

Literally just rolled a Stacy.

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l'd say so
I saw that one too, wonder if it saves old generations

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This site is very scary

It's like it can't tell if her earrings are earrings or water droplets. Weird.

the ai will melt our brains

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mute my balls chinkmootbitch

deadass looks like pic related

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I am become death.
(very originally, actually.)

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>tfw no lovecraftian horror gf

after 10 minutes of searching I found my waifu

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here she is. my's new gf. I shall call her Rias

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Maybe someday. A man can dream

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A 6/10
bwahahahahaha. Allow me to show you some of the ones I found after looking for a huwail
behold this 8.5

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Here is an 8.9 that looks like Victoria Justice

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Behold the 7 that crushes your 500 life points

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And to finish you off this other 7 as I have plenty to spare

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you hav to kid me anonio, that troglodyte gets hard slap from me
fix her daddy issues and she's a keeper
Jow Forumsnosleep

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Nigga that's a 6.

Ah, now I see. Carry on my good retard. But on another website, if you would so please.

Hottest in thread desu

First roll not too bad imho

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I can tell this is a fake pic.

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heres a reaI qt

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Uhhhhhh, I'm scared guys

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I'm not a pedo, but is better than dying without ever having a girlfriend

I think I can cash out now lads

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Heh heh ill take it I guess

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Khazakh mail order bride married to you until she gets a greencard/10.

Seeing how she fought a bear it's likely she'll also take you, but on.

This is a real person, I have seen her before somewhere
Get out of here with your lies yugi

I thought she was hot but her features went in the direction of average
what would you consider an 8 in this thread and I namefag when I shitpost to anger oldfags

look at her hair and chin. I had to refresh viciously for minutes to find it. some of the girls look more realistic I guess

did i high roll?

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I'll give you that

You namefag because you are a fag that wants to let people know he's a fag. That's all. Don't make it out to be anything else.

As for the hot holograms I can't be bothered to rate, but are at first glance the best. The blonde stacy is my favorite. As much as I hate roasts, I can't help it.

>her features went in the direction of average
maybe if you are in the direction of the big gay

What the fuck dude? I'm not like that I swear.

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I see. carry on then observo poster

"You namefag because you are a fag that wants to let people know he's a fag. That's all. Don't make it out to be anything else."
>literally namefags in the exact same post
This isn't funny anymore, leave now

I have returned to show that my original gets were legit and not fradulant!
Feast your eyes on this beauty. She shall Raiche'lle'

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Behold this nubian queen! I shall call her Naliza

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Here is a 6.5-7 that is good for Atem

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and another 6 to boast on this board of peasants and poors

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>The blonde stacy is my favorite
t. closet homosexual


boastin some roasts?

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So this yugi guy is a tranny trap poster as well? No surprise there. Keep phoneposting for your (You)s sad cunt. And just cause, there is nothing masculine about that girl. If you imply her protruding cheek bones, those are program errors. As for the rest of her face, she looks the hottest and most feminine. Tomboy, small tit, no ass, androgynous looking women lover opinions not valid, frendo.

>settles for program errors
keep your deformed stacies fag

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Oh, my bad, perfectionist brainlet. I thought this was just an exercise of imagination with a novel incomplete software, not the actual order for actual sexbots. So retarded.

I'm okay with this.
hopefully she's super hairy

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the AI fucked up her makeup.

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post baes faggot, none of our tranny shit either

My harem is filled with all beauties

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I stand amongst ye peasants in contempt

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These ones, like pawns. All of them are /my girls/
Indeed I have a place for all my beauts

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i'm not sure if she's just sweaty and has hair stuck to her face or if she cuts her cheeks like the joker

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thats a big qt, second passable, third a child

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Got an ugly one boyos. I do better irl. Excluding nigger tinder.

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There's too many good looking women in the world to bother. Here's a random one. And before you call her ugly or generic just to shit on my perceived bad taste, hit X on your browser and go sleep.

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very nice, I'll have to do more research on that one
>There's too many good looking women in the world to bother
trannylover confirmed

Well, at least she's probably a virgin.

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got a bunch of kids and old men first

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Looks like I won the game boys

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You have model tier one. though some features are a bit too greak imho
I was iffy on ones that look like preteens. I dodged one that looked like 12-14
Its hard sometimes because they could look older in someways and younger in others

first result here too
idk this is just an average qt

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You are supposed to sustain your argument. I called you an idiot because you expect perfection out of pretty much a game. You call me trannylover because I like good looking women? I'm unhappy with a lot in my life, but at least I'm happy I'm not as stupid as you.

damn. but I mean she sort of looks manly

>you expect perfection out of pretty much a game
life is a game, perfection comes with patience.
see >> , >>>because I like good looking women?
Ana's jaw is perfecto, rangen's jaw was tranny shit you stupid mofo

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i found your hapa daughter anons

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>tfw in the asian waifu club

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It is the final gets lads

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Because as you can fucking see from the huge fucking errors this program can cause, you take the simulation with a grain of salt you stupid fucking shit. You smooth out the unshapely jaw in your mind. The rest of her was based. Now stop making up sensless quotes and end yourself, mouth breather.

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She shall be by the side of Atem as the closest harem girl
She shall be called Arossa

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point out errors in my examples. funfact, if you do you're confirmed trannyfaggot

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>roll until you get a qt
>use pic on pornstarbyface.com
happy valentines day anons

This is it folks. It was a good run. But there's too much old men and children to have to sort through
not to mention old hags. I wonder if people dying in their 30s was so bad
Atems dippin! :)

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You a real one user! :')

Oh shit! This is a great thread. I got a child last roll, so I'm gonna roll again...

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you are the shit user, happy valentine desu

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what (biological) gender is this thing?

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Whatever you want. They don't really exist

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The short hair one is ugly. The second one is very low budget Gal Gadot. Both ugly. And I love trannies, as long as they look good, fag.

ahhh shit I got that card too non

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>The short hair one is ugly
You've gone mad for dick user

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No. And I knew it was bait. Mentioning probably the ugliest girls here. The short hair one with nail sized dandruf and a prepubescent stach (since we take errors as they are) probably has a dick as ugly as her. Congrats, you just played yourself, homosexual.

i got a better version of chloe moretz i think

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>prepubescent stach
You're fucking mental user, and that cameraglare fucking dandruff? You're a joke boio

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at we can enjoy xer nice smile :)

second roll

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A dime piece maaahn. One of those Beyonce Meagan Good types
only problem is short hair

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>tfw get underage
god damn it

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