I hate being 34

I hate being 34

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well don't worry, before too long you'll be 35.

I hate being 28

you'll be 35 soon enough don't worry

>I hate being 28
Same here

I hate being 33, but I never want to be 34.

rule34 haha

I'm dreading being 34. 13 years away. 13 short years.

This place is holding you back. You should probably leave. Sooner or late you''ll be 40 and looking back with even more regret.

I'm 25 and I'm already noticing how much harder it is getting out of bed

Wait till you are 25.
Life is misery.

i like being 33 because finally nobody gives a shit what i do or expects anything out of me

nobody except the people who care you

a big part of growing up is letting people down

And same. Fuck, sometimes I even forget my age, yesterday for a moment I thought I was still 25. The last decade (and the last few years in particular) are very blurry for me.
I honestly can't wait to become a wizard, at least that's some kind of achievement...

I love older men fuck my boy hole

Becoming a wizard means embracing loneliness and admitting that you're not fit for human consumption, pal, you have time to avoid this fate.

I hate being 32, I wish I could bring myself to suicide.

>embracing loneliness and admitting that you're not fit for human consumption
I already did years ago. "Spiritually" I've been a wizard since I was 19 or 20, nothing is going to change in two years, and I'm fine with that.
True acceptance always lessens the pain, it gives you a sense of freedom in regards to something you have no control over.
The extent of my psychological damage, my inability to fit in this world, the underdevelopment of my personality, the emptiness that surrounds me while I'm in my glass prison... None of that is ever going to change, also because I get the feeling that deep down my own defense mechanisms are pushing myself to isolation, instead of letting me go in the external world and form meaningful connections with other pepople.
There's a saboteur in my unconscious, I have known for quite a while, but I'll be damned if I can do a thing to remove it.
If I have to keep living (and I'm not necessarily saying that I do or want to), then I have to make the most of what I can get, and don't focus on the things that are out of reach, otherwise I'd lose even that shred of sanity that I still somehow have.

Little brother the world is cruel and ugly for everybody. Abandoning humanity is for the truly sick and sad. You have friends, don't you? Turn around, go back down, back the way you came.

That's not true. Life is pretty good for the average person, and pretty fucking great for the above average.

>You have friends, don't you?

i hate being 15

hello my fellow 28 bros

I hate being even 27, but I feel nothing but empathy and pity for you friend, I suppose most of us will be there someday as horrible as that thought is.

Climate control units and lakefront property won't forfend what is going to happen someday.

Who else /suicide before 30/ here? I can't stand the thought of being old.

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