Fembots, whats your ideal male aesthetic?

Fembots, whats your ideal male aesthetic?

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That guy looks like Josh Peck

Is he some guy who posted his face on hear a while back? I feel like I remember making that comment on this exact photo

his face on here*

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Like this but chubbier and with a neckbeard.

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As tall as possible, thin-average, pale, anti-social.

that's the rake you fucking roastie

Hes my husbando dont be rude

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long hair, plain but well-tailored clothes, slim, tall, leather shoes, good facial structure

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Unironically this look

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Why does he have to be tall, explain roast beef

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based roo

>tfw only 5'10
W-well I'm pale from not going outside in months if that counts

In conclusion women want chad. Good thread OP

>Jeffrey Dahmer
user what are you on about, please explain.
That man is like the ultimate robot

Because I have a ddlg kink and I like the contrast from my 5' self.
My opinion on aesthetic shouldnt affect your sense of self. 5'10 is tall enough for most women who dont have specific fetishes.
The heart wants what the heart wants. Most men want a big rack and/or a big ass

Are you blind? Young dahmer was 8/10 easy. If he wasnt a deranged homo he would have slayed poon

>the heart wants what the heart wants
>trying to romanticize your shallow lust

I swear women are all the same lmao

My 6'5 daddy gets me hard, whadya want from me user
Pretty much, ya

That's because women are all the same only men are capable of imagination and out of the box thinking. Learn to draw and create your own perfect woman with your own mind. Good luck brother

if youre not 6'5 and white its over.

Sounds kinda like me. ~188cm, 19.9BMI, close to haven't been exposed to sunlight these past couple of years. Have only gone out socially twice these past two years (family related).