Valentine's day is over

Lots of sex was had, you didn't get any, but life goes on. Did you have any good faps on Valentine's day? What did you do?

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>Did you have any good faps on Valentine's day?
I woke up like five minutes ago. I'm still too tired to fap.

>Lots of sex was had, you didn't get any
Eh, just like any other day

I was in class all day for my masters program. Had chic-fil-a for lunch it was comfy. But it was too late to get anything other than wendys for dinner.

At least I took comfort in knowing that my salary will be like 200k when I'm done and I can get a Porsche at some point and fuck prostitutes in Amsterdam at some point.

Imagine all the diseases that spread today

Imagine the smell

Absolutely disgusting

it's 2019 and I'm still fapping to WoW smut, apparently. I had taco bell for dinner and otherwise spent the rest of the day in that shitty "too tired to do anything, not really tired enough/don't want to sleep" state.

>wake up tired
>9pm have work tonight
>tfw night shift
>drive in is shitty so many people on the road
>notice couples walking everywhere
>on the streets, sidewalks, bars, thrift stores, etc.
>tfw it was Valentine's Day and I realize all my effort of trying to find actual love was all just a bunch of wasted time, effort, and money.
I'm right now just sitting at work on my lunch it's 2:40 am and I'm really depressed it hurts so much to see couples hold hands and laughing with each other it reminds me to much of how much of a failure I am and no matter how much money I make or how much work I do I'll always be the same lonely bitter virgin I was last year.

I lost my job and I've fapped so much this month that my dick no longer works, Ive been contemplating suicide since 3 weeks in of not working.

I don't know how people can live as NEETs because working is the only thing that keeps my mind off of killing myself.

working MAKES you want to kill yourself.

Valentines day isnt that big of a thing over here. I spent the day working and then grading student portfolios. I was tired all day because thursdays are the longest for me and because my gf came over on wednesday. Didnt get much sleep with all the marathon fucking and cuddling. We werent supposed to see yesterday, but she felt like skipping school today and came over again. I'm still tired.

Well I finally had to come to terms with the fact that I am indeed physically dependent on alcohol, oh well, I got enough money for it for a couple more weeks at least and I don't plan to be around past that

>Well I finally had to come to terms with the fact that I am indeed physically dependent on alcohol, oh well, I got enough money for it for a couple more weeks at least and I don't plan to be around past that


Afraid you've got the wrong guy

Think of all the normies who got HIV today. :o

Nothing. Had a day off from work so spent the whole day inside my room.
Same as any other day when i have no work

>ate taco bell
>too tired and bleh to do anything

What a crazy coincidence

>two fried fast food meals a day
If you even live long enough for that

>he thinks straight people get HIV
Lmao dumbass incel

No actual sex but my wife gave me a blowjob while I played with her asshole. When I was cumming I pushed her head down on my cock and came deep in the back of her throat. Felt really good.

More suicide fuel.

Just imagine how many people killed themselves today.

Fuckin NPC

I asked a girl out earlier this week and she won't even look at me anymore, so I wasn't even in the mood to fap.

NPC? Mans putting in work out there in society even though he could just take the easy way out and off himself. I don't get how NEETs that spend their lives hanging around their parents house munching tendies consider themselves any degree of pivotal character in real life.

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A fuckton of straight people have HIV, probably because retards like you think it's gay exclusive so they don't take precaution against getting it

>he doesnt understand probability even a little bit

Lmfao most straight people with HIV are needle users you fucking imbecile

>implying neets consider themselves pivotal characters in real life
How can you be so stupid and project this much?

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Because user, reposting meme arguments and the same 10 pics and graphs from other Jow Forumstard incels proves theyre FREE INDEPENDENT THINKERS who DONT CONFORM TO WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS!!!

It went very well.

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>went to work
>tax return made it to my bank account
>used it to finish paying off my student loan
>used the rest and bought a share of tesla
>talked to a girl on Jow Forums for a little bit during the day
>got pulled into a meeting
>went home
>got ready for the gym, and she messaged me saying she got an eye exam and she's all dilated
>went to the gym, hit my goal milestone of burning 500 calories on the elliptical in 30 minutes
>ran into a guy whose boss i used to be at the gym, talked about how the company was doing since he left, and other things
>went home
>smoked a bunch of weed
>girl never came back on
>watched a few anime episodes
>went to sleep

didn't even jack off. was a good day though

I didn't say that the majority of new HIV cases weren't from gay sex, but there are over 8000 new infections a year from heterosexual contact, which is not a small number at all. To say that straight people can't get HIV is flat out wrong.