You wake up tomorrow to find your dick and balls have suddenly doubled in size overnight...

You wake up tomorrow to find your dick and balls have suddenly doubled in size overnight. How happy or fucked over are you?
Same question for femanons but it's your boobs instead.

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I'd have a 10 inch penis so I'm happy. but then I have massive balls, so a little sad

I feel pretty happy.
Now I can compete! And win!

Literally still the same person but with now my dick is porn star big and my balls are uncomfortably large. Comically large considering I'm not a big guy.

>14 inch peepee on 5'6" negro pygmyman that looks 14 or 15 when he's actually 18
I would be disgusted. It would be impossible to hide boners in public. I don't rally get boners too much anymore, especially in public, but still.

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*really. Maybe it would be nice if my IQ were to double.
>inb4 two times zero is zero
Heck off, bullies.

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she can hardly take it as it is. It's annoying enough to wait every other day for sex, that would bump us to a week for recovery

I literally could no longer sit down. My balls are already huge and dangly.

>17 inches long
>nearly a foot in circumference
>balls are literally bigger than oranges
I'd be completely incapable of having any sort of sex but I guess I'd have a lot of fun jerking off. I'd 100% do porn though, if not for the money as a public service.
I kinda wonder if there are any /d/egenerate girls that'd be into that.

>dick and balls have suddenly doubled in size
Wow! My dick is two inches!

People arnt realizing that getting a bigger dick doesn't make you look hotter or give you more confidence

>13 inch dick and orange sized balls

My balls are already like the size of large eggs so that would be pretty uncomfortable

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I have bloods problems so just getting a boner could make me pass out

12" length and 11" girth

Pretty sure there will be others bigger than this but go into porn. For real, just figure out a way to master your boner and just be porn's biggest real dick around.

I don't think any self respecting male would complain about that. Having big milkers though would be a pain in the ass when you're old and they sag.

Even though im a femanon, I'd still rather wake up with a dick. Anyone want to trade bodies?

>13 inch cock
>grapefruit sized balls

That sounds uncomfy for everyday life desu

7 inch flaccid 12 inch erect

I'd be happy

Happy of course. One less thing to feel insecure about.

It doesn't work like that. If you double both dimensions your cock has swollen more than twice it's size (volume). You only have twice the volume, not twice the length AND thickness.

I now have an ideal male penis and testicles. still have to figure out how to get a woman to fuck me though

>40" cock and balls the size of ice cubes
No thanks, I don't think that'd be fun

Assuming geometryanon is correct, I guess a doubling of volume wouldn't be too bad. Could still fuck most women but probably couldn't go balls deep on my gf anymore. Feels not great man.

100% volume increase comparison from thevisualiser. net

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>there is someone out there with a 1 inch dick

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Start making money camwhoring. With a dick that big and people would watch regardless of what I look like. It would be to raise funds to reduce the girth because it would be absurdly thick at double the size making sex near impossible.

I'd rather have that pizza than wake up with a 12 incher.

This just reinforces what I said. It'd be a 12 inch pencil dick.

Shit. I can't read. Double the size would actually give me a desirable penis. But then again, I'd still have to deal with looking like Quasimodo. Rather the pizza and then rope.

11 Inches nice but balls i could life with 2 inches

2 x 0 = 0.
I don't think you'd want to trade either, unless having a 16 inch dick and grapefruit sized balls to lug around sounds enjoyable to you.

I'd be into it, but only if I got to tie you up.

I wouldn't want a 14 inch dick it would break of I got a boner while wearing pants

>15 inch dick
>get boners easily

Do you want a male body or just a dick and be a futa?

>Anyone want to trade bodies?
Gee I wonder.

I would drive directly to the hospital with my legs spread far apart to deal with my incredibly uncomfortable balls

>17 inch cock
kind of a novelty at that point. I don't think there would be any woman in the world who would realistically be able to be fucked by me.

Why are men so fucking dumb? It just says doubled in size, not doubled in length. You can assign some inches to length and a little bit to girth to get to a 100% volume increase.

I don't have much sex so it doesn't really change anything for me

Why are you assuming that volume is the metric we should be using? If you double the size of a cube it's volume is 8 times larger.

>don't even have to strain to succ it.
I would succ it.

>dick'n'balls has doubled in size
>16" and too thick to manage
I'd go straight to the emergency room, user.
I would want all those nurse thots to have to see this.

>straight to the emergency room,
You wouldn't edge for a couple hours first so you can splooge all over the nurse?