Could I be a sociopath?

I dont really know what to do. I'm afraid i might be a sociopath.
After a really bad suicidal episode that lasted from june to december, i haven't felt most any sort of empathy for people around me.

I began to genuinely hate everybody around me. i dont want to hurt anyone like some school shooter shit but i just despise them for no real reason.
i also took up nihilism as an actual ideology.

some examples,
>i dont really feel much pity for people that are crying or upset
>i've started saying awful things i dont like about people that annoy me without thinking of how they'll feel
>today someone talked about two girls getting in a fight about one of their boyfriends cheating with the other girl, and it made me laugh. i know it shouldnt but it did
am i just an asshole or is there something wrong with me?
if so can i be diagnosed to be sure?

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I don't think sociopaths worry about being sociopaths. Sounds like depression with some good ol OCD

explain how the two could create symptoms such as a lack of empathy or disturbing thoughts

i feel like you may be onto something

le sociopaths arent self aware meme

im not sure about either. i know i had a lot of ritualistic tendencies when i was younger, mostly in the form of tapping.

but its ever since that episode that i have felt little to no empathy for anyone. i dont know if unreasonable hatred and nihilism are a part of it, but those are definitely here as well.

>afraid I might be a sociopath
You are not a sociopath

You are just another avatarfag who pretends to be smart. Sociopaths wouldnt act like that and ask such question.

im not pretending to be smart youre just being too much of an edgy cunt to see that its just a question

Because I have both and I get thoughts like you do all the time. You hyper analyze yourself, and sometime you may act weird (I.e. inappropriate laughing), and thus you think it means something deep down about your character. Lack of empathy is very common with depression. As long as you don't derive pleasure from the suffering of others I think you'll be okay.

Does it really matter? Psychology is a meme anyway. You are what you are, without needing some fancy label.

i dont take any specific pleasure in it. i guess i just dont really care. hopefully im just fucking with myself and its getting to my head

im someone who doesnt feel empathy except rarely.
and you may have become one, its best not to talk about it as everyone thinks you are edgy.
I have ASPD

no you're just 13

Have you ever sought counseling? It'd be super important for these sorts of things and a lot more useful than trying to diagnose yourself.

i couldnt really think of how to say it without sounding edgy
i know im probably overthinking but i keep doing and thinking things that upset people but i just have been feeling indifferent to it.

i dont know if its possible to be triggered by something, or an onset thing or im just being a bitch

i have. im underage, and at this point i dont want to reveal everything. i definitely dont want to diagnose myself or anything because i fucking hate when people do that shit

i mean as in revealing everything thats been happening in the past 7 months or so. i was planning to commit suicide for a long time and i ruined a lot of relationships for it, and isolating myself and thinking changed me as a person a lot.

afterwards is kind of when all of this started and i feel like i would end up having to tell the whole story

Every fucked up teenager with an internet connection has thought they are are a sociopath at some point, just forget about it and try and be a good person.

Also enjoy your ban and do not come back this place is poison

thank you. id rather be a just fucking dumb than be right. ill try to take your advice

become a aesthetic satanist. it would suit you well. Research and you'll know what I mean.

>i dont know if its possible to be triggered by something, or an onset thing or im just being a bitch
sociopaths are made.

You're not a sociopath, you're just a tryhard overthinking your actions. The lack of empathy alone doesnt constitute a person with ASPD, assuming you even really lack empathy. You sound like a depressed fag trying to have a personality disorder to be interesting, but truth is, its extremely unlikely that you'd be part of the 1-2 percent of the population that is made up of sociopaths and psychopaths (ASPD).
Grow up. Youre a regular person. You wouldnt want to be a sociopath, so quit trying to become one.

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im not saying i have aspd
im saying how i feel so i can maybe get insight on whether or not it could be possible, cunt

Have you done any of these things throughout your childhood?
a) bed-wetting when you were too old for that
b) abusing animals
c) playing with fire
or neither of the options above?

Sociopaths can't be suicidal
But if it makes it easier for you then what the hell, keep calling yourself one

i used to bed wet sometimes older than i should and used fire sometimes but nothing excessive.

again, not saying im a psycho/sociopath
i just feel very emotionally distant, and i dont really understand why im becoming such an asshole for no regard for anyone else

>edgy cunt
Yeet n dab on you

>Doesnt feel anything for anyone
>Worried he will hurt them

I dont give a shit about others when they cry, i say awful shit, i see two people fight and laugh my ass off with my friends, werr not sociopaths, never will be, whats the matter with you edgy cunts these days

this is autism not sociopathy, sociopaths are overly emotion but lack empathy, unless you're prone to violent outbursts and low IQ you're not a sociopath, it's autism

>not saying im a psycho/sociopath
>I'm afraid i might be a sociopath.
stop being a brainlet, you're describing emotional blunting which is most commonly caused by depression or autism, if you're concerned go to a doctor, anything else is just attention seeking

fuck am i autistic

more likely you have a shit life and are depressed