What do people talk about...

What do people talk about? I talk to this girl in class often and we both enjoy talking to each other but quickly go into awkward silence after like 2 minutes.

>handholdless, kissless, and hugless virgin so I need help

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Silence isn't inherently awkward
If you talk to someone frequently, occasional bouts of silence aren't odd, but you should work on ways to extend conversation
What do you talk about/?

Ask her questions and see if there's anything that interests you. If you ask her how her weekend was, and she mentions snowboarding, talk about that (or other hobbies). You could also ask where she went, and use that to talk about places you've been to. It's a skill you can develop with practice

Never put her on a pedestal. This bitch talks to many other people. If you're daydreaming about her stop now. Talk about anything. Music. Where did she get her shirt from. People like talking about themselves. Tease her and challenge her. Even jokes can make people talk. Ask why is she so quiet in a non offensive way. What is class you fucking nigger?

Thank you frens, I've tried the just ask questions meme tho, and half the time it comes off as I'm interrogating. Guess I'll just try to tone it a bit down.

You can only talk about hobbies a limited amount of times. I get so lost talking with people I already know the bisic stuff about. Help me frens

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the same shit worthless people have always talked about. what happened on tv, sports, and weather. talk about the past too

this shit sounds like a fucking project, socializing is too unfun and tiresome and i hate how you have to play this game to earn intimacy. suicide really is the final solution.

He doesn't even look short tho 5'7 isnt that much shorter than 5'10 wtf

I think you might be missing the joke.

>Muh depressed edgy meme
You sound like a crying faggot. I'm not even that social. It's just the truth. Blame bitches. The harsh truth is people will judge you. Around women who crave validation, you can't just be a nice romantic fairy tale nigger. You have to be a little assertive and social. I personally have met sone girls through my hobbies. I don't even go to bars and that shit.

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Is a bar a good place to meet girls to fuck? Should I try going to one this weekend and finding a roastie to pound?

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incel in denial
we got a MGTOW coper here bois

>pessimism haha edgy
shut the fuck up you dumb nigger, i know the name of the game i dont need to be told how it is. i'm not made for it, i'm just barking at the moon for the millionth time until i can find the strength to hang myself with my belt. it's nearly 3am and im so fucking tired.

Yep. I personally go for boi pucci though.
>Muh MGTOW meme meme
MGTOW is cancer. This is from
interacting with normies.

He looks way smaller than 5'7
More like 3'9

Oh is this a fske article?

even if the article jokingly implies 5'7, it makes sence.

if youre not 6'5 and white, its over

>taking too a girl
>keep asking relevant questions so she has a lot to talk about
>after a while she says she talked enough and that is my turn to talk now
>doesn't give me literally anything to work with
This happened with two different girls already. Women are a meme.

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I suspect that the article's been genuine with only the height being changed. After quick google search I am almost possitive that is the case.

Well, you've definitely come to the right place if you want good advice about girl problems

idk i don't talk to anyone, hqve a manlet bump

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its easy to talk about random shit if you think youre the shit, if she really wants you to talk then just spit out shit about how youre the greatest at everything you do, to me it feels like being humble bores most women

That is one very bitter lanklet virgin who made that shoop.

this is how girls look at men who are 5 feet

it could be her fault for not helping carry the convo. sorry, she wants chad
"the right one doesnt have to try"

>it feels like being humble bores most women
this. girls arent going to fact check you, so just overstate things

>What happened on tv
Nobody under 30 cares whats on the tv
With a girl?
It gives max 2 sentences, and usually it's obvious that if you talk about weather, you are desperate to find a topic

You have no idea what people talk about, been out of the game for too long.

stop calling changing text shopping

Even then it's usually over since the requirements regarding face and social skills are just as hard.

That's AlphaDestiny. He's 5'2.

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If you're tall and ugly, you can tell that height is a meme. You're impressively stupid for failing to think such a simple thing.
t. tall and ugly

thats the joke, its a literal midget, its the whole "if ur under 6ft ur a manlet" meme