Russian feel

Zdrastvui, where my fellow russian at? Its fucking depressing here in the cold with no way out. I just want to get out of this hellhole and move to somewhere in europe. Anyone feels the same? Other slavs are welcomed as well

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Its awful as always. Shitty work, no future, boring people/girls. My mood changes from either desire to kill myself, or brutally murder someone.

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Hello fellow countryman
What city you in?

Slovak here but living in Germanistan.
You should appreciate your continental climate. Winter here is just snow constantly being in the state of melting. Everything is wet and uncomfortable.Also the people are more degenerate.
I wish I was back home, but I can't afford it financially cause I depend on my parents here.

Hello, bratishka, currently living in Finland.
Doing some boring job right now.
Where in Europe do you want to live?

Op here, currently living in St.fuckersburg i whish to live somewhere in central Europe like austria any suggestions and where are you living moi drugs

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Comfy morning hours

Are you guys Russian (Russian slav) or Russian (finno-ugric) or Russian (tatar) or Russian (chuvash) or Russian (bashkir) or Russian (ukrainian) or Russian (chechen) or Russian (kalmyk) or Russian (samoyed) or Russian (tungusic) or Russian (belorussian) or Russian (kazakh) or Russian (uzbek) or Russian (buryat) or Russian (tuvan) or Russian (nenets) or Russian (yakut) or Russian (chukchi) or Russian (georgian) or Russian (armenian) or Russian (jew)?

lol, assblasted yurotrash whining about their life as usual

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what do you do for work? after work?

Id very much like to visit petersburg

>currently living in St.fuckersburg
you know nothing, pidor burger

On the bright side you have access to cheap and hot prostitutes.

maybe you wouldnt have to ask if Russia werent a fucking entire continent taking up half the earth. Fuckin land hogs.

>your face when you currently live in Europe..
its just eastern europe.

i live in a small russian far eastern city, it's not that good but not that bad to complain extensively too, dunno why russians on Jow Forums whine like all the time

Blyat', privet iz Pitera, Pocani. Yeah, I also constantly dream of getting a better passport, I fucking hate all of the people in the first world. Those fucking niggers have it so good and most of them take it for granted.
>tfw hace to get a visa to go to any half-decent country
>tfw afraid of the poliece as much as I'm afraid of criminals
>tfw army draft
>tfw terrible climate
>tfw severe depression, but ruskies don't take mental illness seriously

That just means you've never left your pathetic shithole to visit an actually decent country. Stay delusional, fren.

was to japan (also china, vietnam and thailand), so. if you visit Jow Forums you see people from countries where people live way worse than in russia and they don't complain. you are just whining bitches i prefer avoid russians on foreign sites and while aboard

Oh, so just because I don't have a 50% chance of public execution like in some African shithole, I'm not allowed to complain? Russia is a piece of shit dictatorship with no freedom of speech. It is corrupted to the core, with no chance of redemption. How do you feel, having the same president for 19 years in a row? Nice coping, faggot. Russia has/had the potential to become a heaven on earth with all these natural resources and land, but instead it is just a stagnating land of depression and boyarishnik. Member when one dollar was 30 roubles? I barely do.

>Russia has/had the potential to become a heaven on earth with all these natural resources and land, but instead it is just a stagnating land of depression and boyarishnik
Not russian but i've always thought about it. Largest country in the world but so stagnant.

i am not very interested in politics

natural resources rarely grant much by themselves unless it's oil in a country with a relatively low population

These aren't politics. These are all reasons why one does not want to live the rest of his life in Russia, not to mention starting a family. Hey, you heard about that internet cutoff test they're going to commence before april 1st?
Soon enough you won't even be able to shitpost here. A little bit later the iron curtain is slowly going to come back and we will become the next China, except, you know, not nearly as economically prosperous.

Shitty slavs were never Europe lmao

I mean, maybe. But it's hard to deny that Russia still could have been so much more with a better government.

bitch pls
for one nobody said anything about wanting something i said i was annoyed with whining because imo russians are the most whiny, then you didn't bother to read the article did you, don't be afraid, they might want to be able to operate in the case of of the external blockade but they aren't going to induce it. it's like with the analogue of swift, to make russia more robust just in case. you better read less those hysterical fits they throw on 2ch all the time

i suppose
it's not about the gov. only tho
maybe navalny will be a better president who knows

I do not go to 2ch (it's got dogshit ui). Do you unironically believe that they are investing billions of roubles into putting this infrastructure in place "just in case"? How obtuse can you be? This is a first step towards the great firewall 2.0. As for being whiny, go fuck yourself. This is a Russian thread and I wanted to discuss Russian problems. Nobody was talking about anything else anyway and I had nothing else to say :^)

Navalny will never be president.

What about Sergei Shoygu?
I've heard he might run for president?