Cute or not? My date for tonight, nervous as fuck robots

Cute or not? My date for tonight, nervous as fuck robots

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Yeah, she's cute. Good luck.

She cute
You'll do great, bro

Cute but looks exactly like a male friend of mine.

You sure you're not about to go in on a dude?

Not really, but she might be nice. Hope you two have fun, regardless.

Looks like the type to have really soft creamy thighs.
>tfw you'll never have this

What the fuck are you guys on about this person is not cute at all

looks like a dude but if it isnt just fuck and bounce

Spend a more few years here/single

I hope she has cute tits, and a nice hairy pussy

Is it a trap?

I'll bet from the neck down she looks identical to the pudgy boy I was friends with in middle school for the sole reason that his mom let him have M-rated videogames, except with a vagina, maybe.

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Robust face, you'll make a powerful child

This is me btw
Do I have a chance?
- OP

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if you can make her laugh even you can get sum poon

Shave that pedostache for fucks sake

no you do not.

lo siento.

volcel if u dont.

virgins cant be choosers

Shave whatever the fuck it is that's growing out of your upper lip.

shave your face and fix your hair, then you'd look good.

full pic please, face is 10/10


How do I fix my hair? This is my first ever date and I only hate an hour. Should I even go?

That theres a tranny my dude have fun sucking god boiclit

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lmao she looks like a less fat female version of my friend from highschool

he had long hair so add a beard and boom. Pic related but add 20 lbs

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are you michael from achievement hunter

This is me in my "safari" outfit

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Read the post before posting

Post more pictures of her you slut

Weird how I would bang her in a heartbeat if she had a dick but look for someone better if vagina

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make it not curly or shave it off to about 2cm if that looks good
not a huge deal though, focus on shaving face

you're not standing this beautiful young lady up user

Ohhhhhh I'm a bit autistic

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She's a natural QT with the potential to be even cuter with some effort. Good luck, brother. Don't forget about us when you escape from this shithole.

Either you're a normie or a weeb who hates 3D girls.

also that, even if you dont fix yourself, still go, dont be an ass, anyway its not like curly hair is going to make her instahate you

>Cute or not? My date for tonight, nervous as fuck robots
This post?

post body pictures, also

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>I'll bet from the neck down she looks identical to the pudgy boy I was friends with in middle school for the sole reason that his mom let him have M-rated videogames, except with a vagina, maybe.
That's perfect for us though.

Boys are gross. Sorry, OP.

Do not post pictures of yourself on r9k
No rate threads on r9k

Alright fellow robots I'm gonna go through with it. Perhaps I can even become a normalfag after tonight. Fuck if I'm not nervous as fuck though.

go for her user

as soon as she hits her late 20s and early 30s she will be milf tier

i hope you're not implying sex on the first date

fuck off newfag

Bitch, those are the rules. There's two reasons niggas to r9k instead of the nigga ass /b/
1. original content
2. non of the shit that made /b/ turn to shit, it was other shit that turned r9k to shit

This is all I can really find that's good

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She is cute go for it

Yes, I would say you have a chance. You both look alright, like those chill type of personalities that you could have a nice time with. I bet your date would work just fine, OP.

You aren't gonna fuck on first date. Maybe a kiss, unlikely makeout.
t. on and off normie

do you have the nudes for us

>muh rules
become not live

Dude if you fuck this up you will miss out on your chance of motorboating her in the future.

Not really what I meant, I know that's not a good idea. I mean maybe I'll be a normalfag that can pull off a nice date

>those damned tits

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I have heard that she has double d's so you're pretty much right

On and off normie here, my one bit of advice I have for you is don't spend too much time on one subject, and know when to change the subject.

Bitch I do this for free, so I am not forced to do this. But I will get this thread removed if I have to.

Why must you be such a tightass? OP did nothing wrong

are you literally a 40 year old woman

OP broke our laws, this niggas gonna pay


wtf mate get a better hair cut sort those eyebrows out and sort the stache and youd look great

>that insecure forced smile
stop it

calm your shit barbara, you have no power here, you will not get access to speak to a manager
90% of rules for boards are shit and no one follows them rightfully so

Keep us updated, user. This board needs some more wholesomeness.

Log out of life.

I hope you get horribly rejected and your heart broken OP. If I found out a guy I was going on a date with posted my picture asking if I was cute on r9k of all places I'd be devastated. You are a horrible person and deserve to stay a virgin.

You two are both ugly as fuck. It'll work. :)

Just reported it, this is what you got for messing with the wrong faggatron
I am ROOT bitch!
Show us your idea of attractive and pictures of yourself

This roastie got toastie, bring another one

uh? my man found a keeper if she has the right personality

Damn. I'd let this tight twink explore my caves

Yes this is why none of you have friends or partners, you are a burden and would make a girls life worse by having you in it.

imagine being such a fag and feeling so powerless that you lurk in a mongolian finger painting forum to report threads that dont strictly adhere to the rules so you feel good about yourself

Clear up that acne and lift some weights you'll be alright bro

Like this girl who matched me on Tinder. I'm not going to post my picture on Jow Forums.
She's fat and has a bland face. Along with a very masculine anglo jawline. If you're gonna date white girls, make sure to avoid anglos.

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go to tumblr bitch face

I do have friends tho and one of them is a girl(male)
Your argument is invalid

You both look like fucks and you'll be lucky if you're children end up looking alright. That being said I'm sure you guys will do great with each other. Have fun.

>I'm not going to post my picture on r9k
Why not? Maybe you look better than you think

Yeah, they're perfect for each other. Both are white trash losers who have high opinions of themselves.

Ok, you got me. But OP's dates face likes nice

Trannys are not really women and are extremely damaged people that will except any piece of shit as a friend
You are just not a quality person at all

Why do you assume I have high opinions about myself? That's pretty rude user

white ass dick sucking rude motherfucker

I honestly would prefer to date a dumpy girl with great tits than a chink twig.

>high opinions
he's posting himself on fucking r9k.

This. Be careful, OP. Grap it's croch to confirm before proceeding.

Come on, dude. Have some higher standards for white women. Average Ukrainian-Russian mongrel like this looks better than your Anglo mutt.

And no, she has no substantial Asian admixture.

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You seem to have incredibly high standards for someone posting on r9k.

Posting your picture on Jow Forums is a form of narcissistic attention-whoring.
You can date white girls, but avoid anglos. See:

>implying (she) is my only friend
>implying you are pure
Just fuck off back to plebbit, tumblr or whatever shithole you came from

I don't have high standards. I just hate how people worship average girls as gods. Women are nothing but meat and bones. You shouldn't hold them on a pedestal. They can be just as ugly and cruel as men (see the femcel community).

The problem with people like OP is they view women as a "other". And becomes of that, he has sold himself into an emotional slavery. He needs her validation to survive, but that's because he views her as a *superior* to him. However, women don't want to be with men who view themselves in a slave position so the cycle of inceldom for OP will continue.

Everything seems to be going well robots
She seems pretty interested in Jow Forums

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Why are you people proud of being awful and mean? Why is that what you want to be?

you two look well together

>its real

welp guess you won

Honestly looks matched.

eternal kek
good meme OP, good meme

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I'm sure she'll appreciate her picture on Jow Forums.

OP as much criticism as I've given you, if you're happy with her. Then, just do it. Don't force yourself to be with her if you honestly don't find her attractive. That is all.

She says she doesn't mind and that her friends use Jow Forums. Holy shit this can't be real

OP's going on a cock safari.