Finally got a match and went all in

>Finally got a match and went all in.
>no response

Why do women do this?

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>sup partner
Howdy-ho to you to, sir.

Wtf She unmatched me

I've had enough.

Yeeha partner. My second shotgun is still waiting. That theather ain't gonna hit itself.

Lmao, the weeb autist
Nigga this is not fallout NV, just try and act like you don't have piss bottles

she unmatched because youre not chad.

But if you don't give out a smooth piss bottle vibe early on how do you prevent the freak out when she finally sees them?

God dam it. Now I got matched with a black tranny. Jesus fuck...

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For me they either don't respond, give one word responses, or message me first then dont fucking respond after I reply. Fuck this shit everyone is a boring whore now anyways

Wasn't nothin' wrong with yer message hot shot.
Wtf kind of message is she expecting? fuck her

Yee-haww cowboy

Fuck this shit, I need a hole RIGTH NOW RIGTH NOW RIGTH NOW!

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You owe me two sides

prepare to get pozzed

(she) doesn't look too bad, is short and probably has a big cock
I'd smash

Black trans people have some of the highest hiv rates.

>try and act like you don't have piss bottles
actually if you manipulate woman right they will like you have piss bottles.
you novice

Condoms aren't that expensive.
I'll make love to her boi pussy and get it out of my system.


top kek

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Literally 5 feet nothing.
Too short to count as a man.

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holy shit thats hilarious. thanks op.

fuck it dude smash her


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That was pretty good, thanks for the laugh friendo

>not texasted.jpg
c'mon son

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She said she was a Leo so I asked her about star signs. What do I say now?

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Now I got a white roastie.

I'm a bean so it's probably a fake account.

I wanna tell her to fuck off.

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"Hey bby! Anal tonight at 8?"
works every time

you literally have the worst opening messages faggot. "Sup partner." "Hey buddy." No wonder your dumbass is getting unmatched! Holy fuck are you dense. Change up your approach, you're obviously good looking enough to get matches but fuck everything up by being a complete weirdo.

oh shit negro what are you doing?

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Fuck it, let's go.
I'm gona feed her my burrito

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Im from your area, wanna fuck bro?

what fucking app is this lmao

>P-please respond, p-p-partner

Trying to fuck, that's what.

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Seconded, I feel like this could be fun


All the roasties are moving to bumble for no fucking reason.

POF or OK Cupid I think.

I'm having a field day here.
Yeeeeee haaaaaa

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"Did you know the CIA did 9/11"

Shes a fuckig thick ass bitch holy shit. And Danville is a expensive as fuck place to live.

I hope she she replies

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Move out from the east bay, there are no good women there.

It's for the best partner.

Ayoooo I wanted to plow that black boi pussy, fuck it. I'll take care of the kid.

Tranny here what part of the bay you from?

>spending your time and money supporting an insectoid woman


Nah, unmatched means she liked you by accident.

I think you've been pkaying too much Red Dead or watching cowboy movies

I'm in Livermore familiar, I'm a bean doe

Post beanus

>sup partner
>hit a movie theater

maybe its not too surprising

Don't spoil the surprise. I suggest you start stretching you filthy whore.

>I'm in Livermore familiar

Im from berkely, were too far

OP here Thick ass white bitch ain't replying.
What do...

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Are you passable? Like at least a 6/10?

Im pretty skinny and my face passes but I dont have tits because im not on hrt yet

Have cyber foreplay for me to jerk off to pls

yeah i really dont know either parter

How well can you take a dick?
Or has that ass not been broken in yet?

>join Bumble
>get matches
>they don't send any messages


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>has that ass not been broken in yet?
It hasnt been broken in yet sir

Calm down nigga, she already talking to another foo

I only get 24 hrs before the match is gone FOREVER



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I had 4 okc matches last week. NONE replied. Why the fuck do you even bother then.

Play along and get a date, pick later hour and less populated area. Than cripple that degenerate

>try online dating meme
>get 2 likes, one from a tubby and one from lady 7 years older than me
>delete app immediatley
Idk why i did it, i may have been able to get an easy date but i just got really scared when i realized what i was doing

Watch out user tranny rape isnt a meme. If you come before it, it will force fuck you in the ass

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>"went all in"
>sent someone a stupid message

How is this going all in? I send out hundreds of messages a day on dating sites. That's the only way to get replies. You're a retard.

what is that for an app? asking for a fren

This board is astonishing

Dude you waited like 5 minutes at 1 AM youre just coming off as a clingy psychopath

I just sneezed out my glass of milk over this post