"Hey man, how come you never tip? You didn't tip last time, either."

"Hey man, how come you never tip? You didn't tip last time, either."

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Why should I? I payed in advance, ask more money from your employer.
is tipping really that big of a subject in NA?

is this a standup?

you son of a bitch, I will never tip you ever! Now give me the goddamn pizza before I beat your face in.

because this is the wrong house, I didn't order a pizza

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>sorry, sir. what do you mean by 'tip'?
>uhhhh, you know, like you give me money for delivering the pizza?
>but I recall a delivery charge specifically being included in the final cost, which I paid in full at the time of order
>yeahhhh, but, ummmm, a tip is just for me. what you paid earlier went to the pizza place
>sir, if you are delivering the very product I ordered, you must surely be in the employ of the pizzeria. please take up pay disputes with them. if there are hidden charges associated with the delivery of the pizza i must leave you so i can negotiate with a senior member of staff. this is not way to do business, i feel very mislead
>ummmm, like, dude, uhhhh

Because m'lady, these pizzas are late.
Good day!

Delivery driver here - if you are a known tipper you will always get priority when delivering (1st on a multiple order drive) and occasionally free shit or upgraded orders. We have this guy, he orders probably every day. Lives really close so it's a 5 min round trip. Always tips $5. Its not a crazy high tip or anything but $5 is on the high average side. We always hook him up with free sodas, free upgrades to larger sizes, extra wings. Etc.

On the other hand if you're a known stiff we wont be outright bad. Instead when you order we wont automatically apply coupons unless you ask for them specifically. Additionally you're put to the end of the delivery queue. We have this one guy, I'm pretty sure hes either autistic or a sociopath who knows. Hes a dick every time he orders. He lives about 20 min from the store. Always uses cash and tries to short the driver frequently. One time he tried to short the driver and he got called out on it, he ended up having to give the driver a $5 tip because neither party had enough change.

Also fyi - the delivery charge is not a tip. the owner pockets that money. A good tip is $3 to $5 but more is always appreciated. We actually do really appreciate tips. I know I've had a few times when I get really big tips I thank the customer and acknowledge it.

I wish it weren't like that with tips and I'd love for tipped employees to just get paid more but that's not the reality we live in, and stiffing your driver doesnt make the world right, it makes you a cheapskate.

Grow the fuck up and get a real job.

its highway robbery!

I'm in uni finishing up an Information Systems degree. Boy I bet you feel silly now

Blame the pizza place for not paying you, the customer paid the delivery fee

said the neety


I'll give you the count of three. One ...

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the fisherman and the buisnessman

You know, if the company adopted a "no-tip" policy and paid their employees a higher wage, the cost of goods and services would go up and that previously $10 pizza is now a $15 pizza, a nice solid 50% increase.

all because the rich bastard that owns the company is never rich enough, and simply refuses to allow people to obtain a living wage

tips my fedora
360 and walk away

>I'm wasting my money on a glorified trade that will be obsolete before I'm ready to support a family

Oh I'm not defending him at all. I'm just trying to relay the reality of what would happen.

>wasting money
>on a trade
Do you hear yourself? I'm content with being a plumber of IT knowing full well there will always be a demand for people to design, implement, and repair technical infrastructure.
Thinking money learning a trade is wasted lmaoooooo

originally sad origin isnt it

when did it become cool to shit on delivery drivers? You sit on your fat ass and we bring you delicious food, all you have to do is walk to the door! Used to be that when the pizza guy came to the door thats when the fun started, now it seems like people just go 'fuck you give me my pizza'

I didn't realise that anyone could be stupid enough to brag about paying money to get a piece of paper telling employers that you can do whatever a trained monkey or Indian can do for three times the price.
Unless you have some business savvy and real programming skills, and lets face it, you're a pizza delivery driver, or you're specialising in something that requires actual intelligence like corporate cyber-security or scientific data management with qualifications in a relevant field like bio or chem then you're wasting your life.

Get a real job
I'm doing first years Applied Informatics and already working in my sector 15hrs a week

Word of advice from someone who spent a few years delivering pizza: we keep written records of you niggers who habitually screw us. We know exactly who you are, and in return you likewise probably know what our balls taste like. Enjoy your pizza, you fucks.

I like and respect you. It just feels like paying twice .its not your fault.

what if im a braincel?

I mean they shooldnt do a delivery charge at least. They aren't doing anything extra to warrant the charge. The driver spends his gas doing the delivery so they should just give the money to the driver

No one would buy that, you retard. I bet you think burger flippers deserve to make $15 an hour too.

>Information Systems

Here in yuropoorland i dont even have time to thank for my food let alone give some change to the delivery guy, they just hand me my shit and skidaddle the fuck out.

>Free shit
How is it free? He pays for it by tipping. Literal commie tier logic.

It's something Americans like to morally grandstand over, when all it really signifies is how fucked their country is for the working class.

I don't ask people that. I just make them wait longer and deliver to them last, and if they keep not tipping, I fuck with their food and walk slowly to them, taking my time counting their money and recounting it because "I messed up count. My bad, I'm tired."
Kind of. I hate the concept and think it needs to end, fuck this bullshit.