Are you a virgin?

Post age with answer.


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lost it this year so not exactly normie, but not wizard tier


Why are you lying on the internet?

no but I lost it very late and became an incel again

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Same as you Op

I haven't been one for 19 years
I'm 35

leave this board

Fuck off, invaders. Having sex doesn't disqualify one from using Jow Forums as a robot.

I know some of you will pull the "BRO YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOU STILL HAVE TIME" shtick, but if you had any hope at this age you probably don't truly belong on this board

>Are you a virgin?
Yes, I am 22 and don't think I will ever have sex or even a human relationship

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I tell myself every day that's fine and I couldn't live with another human being in the same room but deep down i know that my family is extremely disappointed.

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you can't really stop anyone from posting here.

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Partially experimented with my trap friend in the bathroom once


came within 3 seconds of entering the vagina then the girl left and never talked to me again

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>my family is extremely dissapointed
My parents ask me if I feel lonely. I laugh it off and say no

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Yes. 28.

I guess I never bothered in hs so I'm fine with it

Sex used to make me happy. I first came to r9k because the shootings made me happy. Now it feels homelike. So much anger.

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Everyone in my class is in a relationship. I don't have friends and leave my houes only to go to class or grocery store. I don't think there's any hope for me.

this was not orginal

No, I am not
I am 22.

>no (lost both ass and dick virginity)
>cant say for obvious reasons
im actually starting to think if you haven't had sex maybe its a good thing women are turned off by it even tho that sounds so bad. Maybe its bc its so easy to have sex where i am..

of course not, this board is filled with chads

yes it does retard, have fun being a normie faggot

almost with you non, 23.75 here

but i will definitely a virgin for the few years i have left on this planet

there really are normies who go around on this board thinking they're a robot that has some kind of right to our conversation

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>Double un-virgin
You DEFINITELY don't belong here, fuck off to Discord


Is finding a whore to smash on a friday night at bad way to lose it? I'm not ugly and I trust I could do it, i'm just worried about finding some girl who's okay with fucking someone who doesn't know whats going on

Lost @ 27
29 and only had escorts since

>this many "no" in this thread

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I fucked a 9 year old girl when I was 6, and fucked my cousin when I was 7, she was 9 too.

I'm 24 and still say I'm a virgin though, I've never fucked a girl since then.

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What caused this influx?
It couldn't ALL be from the election, right?

oh god what has nu-r9k become?

No, 30 years old.


time to die


no one says that, old man. If you don't lose it by 15 then it's hopeless.

>haven't in over a year though, so may as well be
Word of advice anons, it's better to have never had sex than to have sex and then not be able to again.

incels took over this board a long time ago. I wasnt here then but some r9k peps have told me. incels are the true dont belong here types. u take this place than complain about changing culture..


not original, of course

l'm gonna need source, thanks.

>twenty one

You have no clue what you are talking about you little faggot
Hope you get AIDs before you are 20

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I think it's this one


about to give up

>being this mad that your subreddit got banned
fucking slit your throat

Sex is repulsive and I dont want it

>I'm underage and haven't been here for more than 6 months, let ME educate YOU on what Jow Forums was like!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(i accidentally tore my fuckin hymen when i was 12 though. i was exploring my body, when it broke, i freaked out. havent touched it since.)

lost it a year ago, and have had sex 4 times since then

I have a feeling these threads are created with the sole purpose of fishing out underagefags...
I approve

jokes on you, incels have an entire website dedicated to themselves now, and theres nothing you cucks can do about it. is the true r9k

Why do I have a feeling this person is committing samefaggotry?

He's not, I'm just consistently taking the bait

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probably because you're a retard nigger faggot licker

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you are 18 cunt come back in a few years fuck head

>Adding an open parenthesis
That's subtle, god damn

No, not since I was 19

It's not as great as everyone says, anons. Honestly, I much prefer jacking it.

believe it or not mate but most people have actually had sex at least once in their life

volcel, fakecel, and gay at the same time.
have a cookie, u deserve it.

Nigga no one believes this shit

have u forgotten that this is r9k? NORMIES do, NOT US


Since 18 i've been working on my appearence and it has worked but my confidence is still at 0, had and on and off relationship with a girl last year that ended when she tried to hook up with a close friend of mine, so yeah, i won't try again until next year.

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26 turning 27 in a couple of months
if i dont lose it by 29, im paying a lot of fucking money for top level prostitute on my 30th birthday

Lmao y'all virgin losers. I have a gf and we have sex all the time stay mad (;

When is hayley williams going to fly into my room and release her warm juices over my dick?

say yes and they might try and set you up.

or youll get bluepilled.
>theres someome out there for everyone user
or something along those lines

>imagine never getting to do this
im 28

I'm 20
Its ok though. I don't mind. I've never been ready anyway.


lost at 18. Thank god, well sort of thank god because sex is fucking overrated unless you yourself is confident and the girl is a fucking dunce.

That webm is fucking LARP. She ain't into anything other than her little instagram brain feeling empowered.

I'm a 32-year-old virgin.

what do I win?

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isn't** a fucking dunce

Had chances of losing it but fucked it up because i'm autistic as shit and now i've gained weight and don't talk to females.

A grand price of one (1) (you). Congratulations. What will you do next?

We got a wizard in our presence!


origin analy

yes and 26

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I'm gonna have a cup of coffee and try to work up the motivation to buy some shit I need on amazon.

ain't all its cracked up to be


I still say yes since it was really unfulfilling fucking some whore when I went to Amsterdam. I mean, it was good, but it never really resonated with me.

Yes khv
I'll be happy one day

Nope. Funny enough I fucked for the first time the day the 360 launched. It was a good day

Im just afraid of letting someone to be close to me

>idk my dad hired me a hooker when i was 18 if that counts then yeah

fucking idiot. You are not a robot.

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It has the value of a shot.

Still have plenty of time but not giving myself much of a chance

Incels are a minority on this board. Seriously. Most people here are normalfwords. Why do I or anyone have to care what you guys think? Most people want to kick out the guy 'reeeing' or calling people 'normalfags' more than the average person here trying to kill boredom. Like seriously fuck off. Noone wants the r9k you want except for you. Have someone human empathy for ffs

I might have been able to not be if I'd had sex with a guy or had sex with this girl in high school who basically worshipped me for no reason, but at the time both of these options made me feel uncomfortable and didn't feel right.

yeah. 20.

Probably gonna stay like this forever, I'm too much in love with my close friend.

I have given up

Then why are you here you faggot? Just to stroke your ego?

No I'm not
Had sex last night

no, lost it a long time ago

> Trendy zoomer kids wanting to be diagnosed with some mental disease or fall into some niche group in order to stand out more and feel more special.

You zoomers are a waste. You're not even authentic.

Does being fucked as a kid count?