Dog attacks

Can I beat a dog in 1v1? Pic related has been hunting down people and attacking them at night for a while now. I managed to outrun him once by luck but I don't think that will happen again.

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Yes, the average adult male should have no problems beating a dog to death in a 1 on 1 fight.

Doesn't mean you won't get injured though, they can bite pretty hard so make sure to not hesitate to kick and stomp it if it's approaching.

M8 dogs are stupid. Just carry literally anything you can cram in its mouth and if it tries to bite do so. Like a rolled up newspaper even. If you got a stick put it in the dog's mouth and force it to the back like a horse bit, get behind it and squat over it and put it in a chokehold using your entire body to pin it down until you have control and then use a zip tie to muzzle it the second it passes out.
If you aren't carrying a few zip ties what are you doing with your life?

just take a knife and slice him fast anywhere

I'm 5'7 and 125 lbs so I'm far below than average adult. Also he usualy have two friends around (a half wolf and a big fucking K9)

Well then you don't really stand a chance unarmed, I could see 6'1 muscle guy scaring them but you need to carry a big knife or a gun.

This is some Steve Irwin level shit so I'm taking this as satire.
Wouldn't that make him even more angrier? Also it's kind of hard to get good knives here.

Get a bigger tougher friend than him.

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Society mocks me for being short, dogs won't be scared from me. I hate my life. Also checked.

Its not that you cant beat his ass, its more that you will feel sorry for it and pity it if you have to beat his ass.

I recommend you try to speak his language. Don't give turn your back on him, Chad stride always, eyes closely watching him, the dog WILL try to shit test you. Don't be weak. If it feels you aren't intimidated it will leave you alone.

I figure it already thinks you are a bitch because you ran away from it once, so you might need to go an extra mile in the posturing next time.

Read more on this elsewhere. This really works.
If you don't care you can always beat its ass anyways, but its difficult if you aren't a psychopath.

why show us the smallest one first then?
anyways if you have a knife I think you can probably fuck them up enough to not die

Unlike a human a dog doesn't hold back so nah he won't get any angrier than he already is, he's already trying to kill you.

buy a pepper spray or carry a club/stick otherwise you probably can kill it (you weight more and so you are stronger than most of the dogs) but you will be injured quite a bit and it will be messy af

I can't even keep a cat as a pet. Really wanted a dog years ago. Don't think a Shiba can fight tho.

Knives are more dangerous than guns at close distance, it's not like in the movies where people get stabbed and manage to run away or not notice until it's too late. The dog will run as soon as you start stabbing unless it can't anymore.

Yea they're worthless for fighting and awful pets. No reason to get a shiba.

I guess I'm too weak for that. I've read that you have to keep your shit together too but I'm not chad. Got any good sources to read?.

just carry a fucken golf club or a bat and smack the cunt it will probably fuck off after that

Exactly, give the little cunt brain damage. Keep fucking smacking until the head is just mush if it drops right away.

I don't have pictures of the other ones. Half wolfs eyes have different colours which looks cool. K9 has a 6'4 "owner" which let's it run wild at night.

very cool dog

i think the difference between people and dogs is that dogs dont care if they kill something. humans try to avoid killing a dog if possible but a dog has a singular mission at heart

thanks for listening

Carrying and buying a knife would be problematic here. I was thinking about that extending baton thingy but no idea where to buy that.

Those are weak as fuck most of the time, they hurt but won't cause any serious brain trauma.
Get metal knuckle dusters if they're legal. You can easily crack human skulls with them even if you don't know how to punch.

I don't really have one, you have to search on your own.
I recommend you try practicing some posture anyway. Its not difficult, it just takes some confidence and courage, and maybe understanding on how their work. You don't need to wait for it to mess with you when you are walking past them, you can start yelling at it before it notices you. Its more of an art. There aren't fixed rules.

I am sure there are some youtube videos on this if you look it up. Look how Cesar Milan treats the dogs. Or that one guy that lives with wolves.
These creatures don't really care about size, its more about the posturing with them.
There are smaller dogs that make bigger dogs their bitch and shake out of fear because of posturing.

They are very sensitive about territory. Try to figure what the limits of what they feel they territory is. Try to communicate with them that you do not mean to invade their space, and that is not worth messing with you because you are just passing from point A to B.
Fuck, this is more of an art.
I suggest you try to find a stray dog else where and use it as a practice-bad-doggo before you face this little shit and put your skills to the test.

I grew up on farms m8. If you flee and he catches up he will fuck you up.
Just fighting the dog means you'll get fucked up. Take complete control if you don't want to get maimed.

This doggo even knows how to get high ground. Also did some weird tactics while running.
Anyone else ever heard if you duck they don't attack?

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he looks even weaker here. If its as big a problem as you are making it just fucking find him and kill him you'd be helping everyone in your area

Nah they'll attack. I don't really know your limits but I'd just go out one night with a baseball bat and beat the dumb dog to death and leave a note telling the retard not to leave his dogs outside.

>Anyone else ever heard if you duck they don't attack?

Depends. It might work.
Can you bribe it with food? Like dog treats? Try to bond with the little shit.

Same here, on ours we'd just beat any strays to death and dump their corpses in the forest.

I don't like to hurt something unless it's a serious threat or I'm going to eat it.

Won't that make him biting me easier? I'm really small so don't think I can crack skulls.
Thanks user, I'll try.
I guess their terriory is my whole neighborhood. He ran with me for 150~ meters than let me go. Or my boots hit his head while running.

You're expecting to fight a dog and not go down and wrestle with it? Those fuckers jump on you with the power of hercules, he'll bite into your arm and drag you down into the ground so his friends can bite you from behind. They're pack hunters so if you can't beat it to death with your fists you're donezo

The problem is I don't wanna kill him. Unless I really have to.
This is a stray dog. Propably (((government))) tagged. He sleeps in front of a hair salon which I have to pass every day.
I'm too autistic for that. Also scared of his other friends. Now he knows who am I and stares me every day.

That could be helpful or counterproductive because you'd look less threatening but they'd also be less afraid of you. I wouldn't try it to be honest.

So, can you actually do the things you described? Man that's alpha as fuck

I could propably find a rock around. But yeah. I'm fucked aganist multiple dogs. Even the weakest one is faster than me.

Group dynamics makes everything much more complicated. idk

With the average dog it's not much different from wrestling your typical nu-male. Hardly anything to feel accomplished over.
Granted if it's more than one dog you're in for a struggle if they aim to kill.
In that case still remember dogs are too dumb to avoid biting onto things you shove in their throat so sticks and such or even your shoes can help. But in a multi dog situation go for their ears and the back of their skulls.

Thanks fatman. I'll keep things you said in my mind. I remembered there was a lazy, big and old dog somewhere close, I might try to befriend it.

Aye, better not to harm them unless you have to. But a dog can still kill a man.

you cant win against 3 dogs
just buy a gun and off them

If I could buy a gun I would kill some bad faggots and end myself. Not living in usa have it's downsides I guess.

gouge out his eyes, and then stuff your thumbs in his nose and tear as hard you can, if you have a knife this is the part where you slice its belly or neck open while its hurting.

nike it is
or call animal control

Do you have any experience doing these?
I don't think these guys exist here

where do you live? most likely they exist

call the cops
you cant solve this yourself

Middle East
Cops don't give a fuck about these things. They just made k9 use a muzzle for a month because it attacked someone and that's all.

Cesear says the rule in mexico is to never make eye contact, walk with purpose and never touch a dog and it will leave you alone.
Check videos on youtube from cesear milan. He has some great shows and he is the reason my childhood dog wasn't put down. His book and tv show helped us to socialize him properly after he attacked 3 people.

Okay, I'll check him. I don't even get more than 3 meters close to them tho.

Good. He has a video like 10min plus with a black guy who is afraid of big dog. Cesaer goes though the steps on making the black guy more confident. Many other videos from his tv show on youtube.

>middle east
dogs are haram anyway. just turn them into halal meat
rip open their throats

I didn't say I'm a Muslim. Also, even I know Muslims cannot harm animals and dog meat is haram.

>muslims cannot hurt animals
good thing you are not muslim

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