How can a hikkikomori make any money

How can a hikkikomori make any money
Must be online and have cash out to Paypal

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your mom is just gonna spend it on bills again user

Drawing if you're good enough, also become a camgirl if you a girl

1. Affiliate marketing
2. Retail to eBay arbitrage
3. Checking/CC sign up bonuses
4. Youtube Infotainment videos
5. Random Fiverr scripting services

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>Drawing if you're good enough
by drawing he means drawing porn. The more degenerate the fetishes you're willing to cater to the more money you can make. You'll have to put up with furries though.

Way too complicated There is a reason I am a hikki

Or do rule 34 of very requested characters and have magnificent artstyle like Tofuubear (that guy draws like 10/10)

I have no talent and gambled away my last monies

Tofuubear is shit, artstyle is basic as fuck and he can't even draw a proper vagina cya

chaturbate ofc
or livejasmin

Get something called Renpy. It's an engine, I think it's free, that allows you to make porn games pretty easily.

You don't have to be a good writer or a good artist or a good animator (or any kind of animator at all). If you can get a halfway decent game going that interests enough people, you can earn thousands a month on Patreon. Ask in the /weg/ threads at /aco/ for the specifics.

I sell nudes and shit and its alright, its nothing to live off unless you have nothing but time and patience. Plus orbiters. Link a PayPal a cash app make up a name for your self, cash app is way better for being discreet about who you are. It pays but you've also gotta be willing to do weird shit for weird guys and learn who's wasting your time.

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I looked at this for like 3 minutes before I realized it was upside down.

i suppose when you ask a question like the op's on Jow Forums you better claim that you are a 60 y.o. obese man otherwise they will suggest you cam whoring or something else porn related

Happens to the best of us man it's ok

Still haven't figured out what's wrong with the dick though.

here's some advice user. I love rare pepes too, but if you love Jow Forums you need to let them go; not forever, just for a bit.

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I have no penis. If you have a peen you make way more money tho

way less you mean
gay pics have more offer and less demand

Probably streaming something you think people will watch.

this sounds way too good to be true, what are you basing that off of?

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Except you might want to avoid paypal if you're involved in something illegal

Just become some robot's obedient boywife and ask him if you need anything.

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Trap futa sissy is all in heavy demand these days. Not to mention the semen demon queen who makes more money than any of us will ever see.

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she doesn't have a dick
wtf how is it not original

i thought carding was ded

Become a video game streamer lmao. I'd do it, but I lack the personality required to have people like you.

Try print on demand, drawing for commission, possibly drop shipping though that's probably a lot more hit and miss.

She does not correct but she dominates the female scene

not op but it's even worse than most of the proposed ideas which main disadvantage it's that all of them need to win a lot of competition for the income i.e. they aren't reliable even if you got skills

Video game streaming has nothing to do with skills. Just stream in your underwear for gay men to admire you.

I'd watch a 24/7 hikikomori stream lol

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Does anyone do that? Why isn't that a thing? There should be a general on Jow Forums dedicated to that type of thing. It'd be like that movie about the guy always being on tv, you know the guy that was in interstellar, except about a loser lmao.

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I've considered doing this before, but I'm not sure if anyone would want to watch.

It'd be kinda difficult. Less so if you never go outside I guess. Like you'd need multiple backup batteries for a phone to stream with if you ever go outside.

I never go outside, I only leave my room to go to the bathroom/shower.

malware development
botmaster for hire

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Then you could stream with a laptop walking around the house. If you decide to do this, I'd watch and I'd wager a lot of Jow Forums would watch as well.

If you play your cards right, you could get a large following and make a living doing it.

Design tons of shirts for red bubble, look at the best selling shirts to get inspiration.

It would just be a boy sitting at his desk 16 hours idly browsing the internet then sleeping 8 hours. Why would anyone watch that?

There are people that watch livestreams of train stations for hours a day. First of all robots would be interested because you're one of them, other people are interested because they want to laugh at or learn about hikkis. Add the potential to interact with you and there are, at least perceived, limitless possibilities.

Hmm, how would I go about setting this up?

>get a youtube account
>get a camera
>turn it on
>don't shill it on Jow Forums of course, you should buy an add :^)
>do whatever you do on camera
I'd advise keeping yourself out of frame while pooping or fapping so your account doesn't get taken down.

Would a youtube stream even attract much attention? Wouldn't I want my own website?

If you setup your own website, that would offer advantages, I guess.
>you can film yourself fapping if you want
>you can say whatever you want
Some down sides could be
>no ad revenue if you gain a substantial viewership
>no superchat function for people to pay you to read what they want to tell you(unless you develop your own)

Both avenues have pros and cons beyond what I mentioned, I'm sure, but I think youtube would be more likely to make you enough to earn a living simply because it'd be easier to get a larger following.

use your ''hiki''time to develop your latent magical powers...
Once in a while do ''money attraction magic'' like i do. made 4500 in 2 hours, so im set for the year.

Alright I might try it then, would need to buy a webcam though.

I think the hardest part would be marketing it and finding an audience, I'm not really good at that sort of stuff and have basically no experience with social media.

>I think the hardest part would be marketing it and finding an audience
Send me a link to your youtube or website, whichever you go with at

[email protected]

and I will advertise you.

If I do it probably won't be for a week or two, how would you advertise it?

>how would you advertise it?
I have my methods. Just put my email in your contact list or write it down if you're interested in my services. I can wait.

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