Fuel can't melt steel beams

>Fuel can't melt steel beams
Yes but a 200,000 pound hunk of metal going 500 mph with oil to light it and an engine to explode the fucking area can sure knock it down

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sounds like liberal propaganda to me

Explain how a building can collapse in on itself the way the Trade Towers did without compromising its foundation(which was severall hundred feet underground).

It can cause damage, but not the kind of fall we witness.

with not alot to stand on in the middle it falls. Which all that weight of half the tower falling on the rest of it goes on and the more it goes down is more weight and impact

You can see small explosions on several different floors of the towers (most of which werent even on fire) moments before it falls.
It was a classic controlled demolition.

This is a genuine question, not a conspiracy. I don't know how building mechanics work, but

>How does damaging the top of a structure weaken the base of the structure enough to cause to to collapse straight down at free fall speed?

I think it's pretty reasonable to say they probably didn't fall at free fall speed and that the numbers are just off and miscalculated because people are fucking dumb, but how would hitting the top of something, cause the bottom to just collapse under it instead of tipping or anything like that

Also, WTC7, 3 buildings collapsed
Where we're the plane parts in the Pentagon wreckage? Passenger planes are fucking big.

Still, it only boils down to unanswered questions for me, regardless something just doesn't add up, and Jow Forums could have long figured this out if they busted out the autism

I dont get conspiracy fags, what the fuck was supposed to happen when a giant metal airpline crashes full speed into a building? Was it supposed to bounce off? Get stuck in place like an arrow?

Pretty sure there's a video of a jet launched against a concrete wall. There was nothing left of the plane. And nothing happened to the wall

In 1995 Netanyahu said "Radical muslims" would take down the WTC. Really makes me think.

Wtf? I have to see that, link?

do you have the link to the video

>source: your ass
You have convinced me

Ignore the fag in the video, but this is the best currently on youtube right now.
All the others trying to show these were removed for bs infringements.

Damaging the top doesn't weaken the base, you brainless idiot. Buildings collapse under their own weight, floor by floor, if you take any part of the resistance structure down.
Since you're definitely not a conspiracy theorists, why not look this up before coming in with stupid questions?

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Skyscrapers are fucking literally designed to withstand the stresses of explosions and fires similar to those of the 9/11 attacks without imploding into their own foundations.

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Which is why the 9/11 towers falling is still talked about nearly 20 yrs later with speculation.

Not to mention this video of Building number 7 literally falling to the ground
This is 100% a controlled demolition explosion. Bombs were placed at its foundation but the media blamed the fires for it falling.
>implying a fire on the top floor of a building would be enough to cause it to literally crumble into dust
Yeah right.

id like to see most skyscrapers stand up to a 767 being flown into them at 590 mph (950 km/h) and then also withstand a fuel fire for the next few hours

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Of course you would, wouldn't you...

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fuel can also heat up steel beams to a temperature where there structural integrity is compromised

it's just a game, trying to surpass one another and whatnot..

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it's so fucking funny that these goddamn retards can't understand that a building hit by a jet airliner collapsed. lots of ironic memers itt but there are actually people out who don't believe this happened. really makes you lose faith in humanity

This. Everyone knows that an airliner is capable of knocking down 1.5 buildings. Put two of them together in 1 attack and it's no wonder 3 towers fell that day.

dunno why its so improbable to you that the wreckage from the north tower fucked up the side of the building wtc 7 and started fires which were not extinguished which weakened the beams just like both of the towers

The fires of building 7 were only on the top floors.
None of which, had any beams that the entire building relied on for structural integrity.

If you actually believe that the buildings collapsed from a simple fire, then you're a sheep.

It wasn't the jet fuel that melted the steel beams, it was the content of the chem trail containers that did it. Get your facts straight people.

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This and the martians from the dark side of the moon trying to hit the atlanteans working in the towers with mirrors pointed from the sun to the world trade centers.
Why the fuck is there always a retarded spook trying to make absurd claims to sweep actual points under the rug?

no idea where you are getting the information about the fires only being on the top floors, north tower scrapes down the side of it, and yet only ignites fires on the top floors, fire cant traverse floors?

simple seven hour fire that is left to burn whatever it pleases

>Absurd claims
Chem trails are a proven fact.

This. Everyone knows how tall buildings are very weak to fires. Use your brains, sheeple.

>Chem trails are a proven fact.
No arguing there, spook. That's not all that you claimed, though.

i dont get it

can a plane really bring DOWN a whole Skyscraper?
and not only bringt down, it was like the whole building colapsed perfectly

also no one saw a plane, all videos with planes were visibly edited (in one video you could see the building clip throu the plane etc)

and whats with that other building no one cares about
tower7 or Something

i really dont want to beleve that it was all staged but this whole attack is wired

>how did building 7 came down when no plane hit it ?
>it was a contrloled demolition!

people that believe this are literally retarded

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>still to this day they have no legitimate answer
Yeah, they sure are.

>Buildings are designed to literally explode without exploding and burn without burning

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no only explosives/thermite can bring down a skyscraper, planes and fuel fires dont do anything

rubble from the other buildings landing on it plus fire ya dingus

Is not enough to compromise the buildings foundation.
We've been over this.
Ask any Civil Engineer or Architect that actually makes skycrapers.


This simulation has been scrutinized for years.

It knocked out the floors of the building and many supports, meaning the outer walls had a lot more weight pulling on them
By the time the building collapsed it was basically a hollow shell, and eventually the walls couldn't support themselves and also collapsed

By who? Retarded truthers that think the planes were holograms?

Ignore the fag in the video, perhaps you should read the comments in that video
>the best currently on youtube right now.
You conspiracy faggets could do better.

Could also be molten aluminum, like some people said in the comments of that video.

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>Comments disabled
Apparently this comment wasn't original LOL.

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>Steel remains diamond fucking solid at any temperature beneath it's melting point.

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Why does it need to melt? Have you never heard of blacksmithing?

>Entire skyscrapers collapse into their footprints because of damage to the upper stories

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>Vertical structures collapse horizontally
The absolute fucking state of brainlets lmao

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You constantly need to beat the metal. It can't just be still... It is always in some state of motion or phase of the process in metal working. Its way different than demo. Especially at the speeds and circumstances that happened back on that day. Not just one, but multiple times. For the first and only times in history.
Commercial construction(with lots of steel)/engineering background fyi.

But first time for everything right...

"damage" posts a picture of a building that was steel with reinforcing concrete and even then portions of the building collapsed versus WTC far more steel without being surrounded by concrete, impacted by an object weighing roughly 142,880 kg (315,000 lb) at a speed of 590 mph (950 km/h) and injecting fuel all over those floors creating quite a bit more fire in one space than a fire spreading throughout.

Okay so here is what i think about this.

The argument against steel memes is thisyoutu.be/FzF1KySHmUA

Why didnt it then bend and fall over sideways like the steel does in the video?

>Vertical structure that was specifically redesigned to not collapse after getting bombed once collapses anyway
Stfu you dunning krugerass lil bitch.

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More importantly, who would set it up and why? I suspect the Jews because they do everything but I'm sure there are other plausible answers.

Did you know Osama Bin Laden denied involvement up to his death? If you successfully pulled off the most destructive terror attack in the history of your enemy's memory and they were hell-bent on killing you for it would you not take credit for it?

because the outer frame was falling around the stronger concrete core

There were also bombs and another plane kamikazing the pentagon. No way terrorshits could coordinate und something like this.

>You constantly need to beat the metal
You need to apply pressure to it. Beating is just the most convenient way to apply sufficient pressure. Several stories of building resting on it is another.

I can tell thats bs right away because the outer steel frame was the structural part holding the weaker core up

Bc it didn't have enough heat and forces pushing it. Like in blacksmithing. When a blacksmith is making something he is constantly hammering the steel and shaping it and reheating it. Over and over. So if the building had enough heat and enough wind or something pushing on it it "could" have fallen over side way. But not straight down at free fall speeds. That's impossible. Expscialy 3 times that day...
But anything can happen.

yeah thats correct, thats why the core was still sitting there after the rest of the tower had collapsed around it

not to mention that the steel frame wasnt very strong after a plane had damaged a significant portion of it and the fire had pulled in the rest from sagging floors

They were build like an insect. Do you construction?

That was also referring to blacksmithing

>Redesign a completed structure that hasn't collapsed to not collapse
So lemmie get this straight...
They bombed a structure to collapse it and then they magically rebuilt it somehow to not collapse in order to achieve their goal of collapsing the uncollapsable structure they failed to collapse by collapsing it.


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working in the basement fixing the damage of the bombing helps when planes fly in near the top floors


Holy shit you zoomers are fucking retarded kek.

the bombing repair and the 2001 attack arent related though, they didnt go up to the 90th floors and add more armor after they got bombed in the basement

>B-25 Mitchell weight
>9,210 kg

>Boeing 767 weight
>150,000 kg

exactly same thing, really

Here's what I don't get, bros

Does it really matter if 9/11 was literally, physically carried out by our own government or not? No, seriously. Hear me out.

Bush was incompetent, and Cheney's puppet. The Bin Ladens were friends and business partners of the Bushes. It's well documented that our government was warned about these impending attacks, and didn't take any real action to stop it. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_intelligence_before_the_attacks). And all this is only what's publicly available to us - imagine what the US intelligence agencies had access to.

And of course, after the attacks, Bush delivered some of the most fondly remembered speeches in US history, rocketing his approval rating to higher numbers than we'd ever seen before, and we almost immediately started plans to go to war, where of course, through lucrative military contracts, the Bush administration's goons profited immensely. The entire sequence of events just went too perfectly for his administration for it NOT to be their fault, regardless of its through incompetence of malice.

They all belong in prison, I don't give a fuck if they actually planned it all out or not.

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>The schizo appeals to authority as he strikes you.

fucking wikipedia. JFC lol. Didn't you know, didn't you read the WTC wikipedia? They covered up DA TRUTH!!!!!!

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>add more armor

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