So... i have phimosis, what should i do?

So... i have phimosis, what should i do?

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live a normal and happy life

once you can get it past the head the easiest way to stretch it on a regular basis is to fuck an onahole.

Should I have an operation?

Yes goy. Go get circumcised today.

Start stretching in the shower. The hot water makes the skin more flexible.

not him. but I always get scared trying to pull it past the head because it starts hurting at that point

blame your mom/parents for never pulling the skin of your dick back when you were an infant and never teaching you how to properly do it by yourself when old enough to bath alone

other than that, just go see a doc, but if they want to circumcise you completely then tell them to fuck off, tell them you just want it fixed so it looks like any other uncut dick

Embrace it as nature's way of telling you that you were meant to be a bottom for men with functioning dicks.

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stretch it. takes some time, but so does being circumcised, it takes a lot of time for it to heal, especially if you are fully grown. Look up stretching techniques and be consistent it will stretch it is skin after all.

This is how i cope, i can pull it back normally to wash when soft but when i get hard it won't get past halfway. Tried stretching but scar tissue makes it worse it seems so beware OP go see a doctor.

Who /skinbridge/ here?

Go to your Dr for some steroid cream for stretching exercises and see if you can get surgery for a phrenulum breve.

No. See a doctor for a cream and get instructed on stretching exercises. Never get circumcised. Phimosis is a very treatable condition.

Depends of the degree of phimosis you have. Only in case of acute phimosis you'll need circumcision. Generally, just try to pull it back regularly so it starts stretching over time. Eventually it will get past the head of your dick and at that point it will all progress way more easily. Because yes, it's going to hurt a bit.
If in doubt, just check with a doctor.
Also, when you manage to pull it back over the head you most likely will find a serious case of "dick cheese", so don't panic and wash it away.

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when I was a doctor, I actually used to tease and humiliate all the men with phimosis during the fixing procedure. most of the time they had tiny dicks, too.
god I miss those days.

The patient was no other than Albert Einstein

Do you know if jerking off feels better after being cured?

Depends on what you mean by cured user. Are you talking about surgery? I don't know how cut anons fap but i think you just need lube since all you need to do to cum is friction on the glans.


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Nah I'm going the natural way.
Funny thing is I was able to do it as a kid, but it weirded me out enough that I never tried it again.

Work on stretching it. I had phimosis, but when I was like 14 or so I started working on stretching it back, and it ended up fixing itself within a few months.

did the little flesh cap that's on the top of your dick when it's not pulled back go away?

Mine is still there even though I cured my phimosis

Wait. How in hell are you jerking off with phimosis?

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I have a slight case of Peyronie's disease to the left

I literally learnt how to fap by pulling that shit back when I was 12



t. an user who fucked up

Holy shit I didn't even realise this wasn't normal, how tf can people pull their flesh sleeves that far back?

What is phimosis? Sounds like a spicy Spanish dish.

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I didn't jerk off at all before fixing it, so I wouldn't know.

Well obviously. That's why you do it regularly, you madman.

It's a pretty flexible piece of skin. You have to slowly train it to be able to pull it back if you have phimosis.

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Had to have surgery to get rid of mine when I was like 11 years old. Shit hurt bad for weeks.

I had one, and just ripped the thing by hand when I was little. It healed up fine, almost no trace of it anymore.

Not op but how do I pull it back if I have a huge vein around my foreskin?Whenever i try to pull it back that shit gets bloated as fuck.

>tfw naturaly dry skin
>tfw comes winter when skin is ever worse
>use creams, wash in cold water, still very dry
>have this grand idea to visit a mommy type pro-domme for a two hours long edging handjob
>exchange few emails with her, she seems to be very much into this idea of pushing huge as fuck load
>eat zinc and general healthy diet, drink plenty of water
>edge for a few days prior
>day comes and so do I
>what was supposed to be two hour session ended up with nearly four of being on constant edge of cumming and astronomic case of blue balls. My fingers on feet actually hurt from twirling them nonstop.
>in the end, the finish came and I nearly blacked out, releasing this insane hentai-tier load
>she even told me she never seen something like this, "you came like a fountain, Jesus"
>dick hurted a bit, but I supposed that is normal after something unholy as this
>ended up with micro-tearing of skin all along the head
>literally came so hard I broke my dick into case of pseudo-phimosis
>doctors have no idea apart from cutting.
This is your life on stupid anons.

If you can clean it while soft at least you can tell cutfags to fuck off about dick cheese
But yeah ask a doctor about safely stretching it circumcision as an adult is a bad idea

just get a fucking circumcision and quit pretending the jews are harvesting foreskins to take over the world. you goddamn faggots cling onto that penis ruining evolutionary fluke like it's the only quality about you, fucks sake

You should try to stretch it first but if that doesn't work you could have surgery.

Is it really necessary to pull it completely back when hard? I mean, as long as you can clean your penis when it's soft I can't see any medical complication.

Keep stretching the skin, do it whenever you can, just keep stretching, the skin can easily stretch over periods of stressing it.

You shouldn't pull back the foreskin of a baby. You probably would use too much force and cause damage.
The rest of the post is correct.

The OP has a pic explaining what it is. Are you by any chance retarded?

i have it too, it hurts like fuck.
went to a doctor once and he said i need to pull back the skin every so often, came home and tried it and it got stuck like the OP shows, scariest and painfullest thing i've been through.
Haven't been so successful since then and that was 2 years ago and i'm scared of what i should do.

Bro I had phimosis too, please don't get circumcised for such a stupidly curable condition, you can do what I did and just stretch your skin every day in the shower until it just starts to hurt, do that for about a year and you'll be set, or you can do something even easier and get a cream for it and the condition will be gone after like the second fucking time you use it

Yeah but i will never be able to have sex without bleeding, not like i was ever going to have sex anyway but i liked to fap and it's pretty hard with this

I wish I could have this problem but the Jews stole my foreskin

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What kind of cream bro?

Well I did it the natural way so I'm not really sure but I think my friend who had the same problem just applied some steroid cream to the tip of his foreskin like twice a day and it went away so damn quick, plus there were no side effects

I fap quite comfortably without pulling my foreskin completely and it feels good. The more friction you get on the head of your penis, the better.
Don't worry about sex, user. It won't happen at least in my case

it's a baby senpai, you have to handle it with care, but it's still not a porcelain doll
my mom did it both for me and my brother as well as her two brothers (she was nearly twenty when her mom got them) and then taught my sister as well as my sister in law how to do it, never had any issues whatsoever

foreskins are natural, that part of the body is literally made to be retractable and thus newborns' foreskins aren't (supposed) to be tight or have any troubles with it
it only becomes too tight to retract/cause phimosis because it never gets retracted until it's too late, tho there are obviously a lot more factors to take into account, the boy's anatomy being first

You are NOT supposed to pull down the foreskin of a baby EVER. They are not developed enough for this, your mom made a huge mistake and should have educated herself.

I don't understand what it is. My foreskin stays over most of the head of my dick when I'm hard but I can still have sex and masturbate without any problems.

Then you have it, phimosis is not necessarily an impediment to jerking off/having sex, it's just kinda unclean and you may get less pleasure from it

I have it probably quite similar. I had no issues with sex whatsoever, only when escort deepthroated me it sometime hurt, probably because it was forcing the skin down too much.

This is probably an unpppular opinion but I had phimosis and got cut and it was probably the best thing to ever happen to me. Although I also look for the quick solutions to things.

Include me in the screencap

Oregano trail

It's still kinda there. Less pronounced. Kinda annoying, but no one's really gonna be seeing it soft so whatever.

One thing I'm afraid of is that post-stretching the head is gonna hurt like seven motherfuckers.

The already accessible tip literally burns when I touch it, I'm afraid to know what it could be like when the entire thing is uncovered. I'm wondering if I should fix it at all if I'm not gonna ever fuck anyone anyway

It will be sensitive at first but it will get better. It's not healthy to have it the way you have it.

>It's not healthy to have it the way you have it.
who cares i'll probably kms

It will desensitize. When I first was stretching it out, touching the tip fucking hurt. After a while it'll start feeling normal. You'll still be more sensitive than circumsized guys, but that's a good thing.

Criminally underrated post in originalino sense.

Get a blowjob mine goes away after some nice saliva lubrication

Reroll and hope you are born with a feminine dicc. UwU

Just don't worry about it. I have it bad and fuck just fine. Means you can last for a really long time, like outlast the girl time.