What does Chad do when his attempt to get a girl fails?

What does Chad do when his attempt to get a girl fails?

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He moves on onto the next girl not thinking much about it.

>maybe I'm not her type or I just messed something up without noticing

When you have all the money you need you don't worry about a penny you drop in the gutter.

He doesn't take it as an indicator of his value and goes on to attempt to get another girl.

>implying chad's attempts fail

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Rapes her.

It's fine because she always likes it in the end if it's Chad doing it.

Does Chad feel like The Virgin from time to time?
Does he have some days where he doubts about his charisma and sex appeal?

It doesn't fail.

he moves on to the next bitch instead of ruminating over her obsessively for months

He posts on Jow Forums of course!
If his attempts fail, he's not a Chad

Fools. This is the bitter incel's mindset. He accepts failure without curling up into a ball and crying about it for weeks. It's just not a big deal, and within seconds, he moves onto the next girl and has already forgotten about the first.

No, Chad doesn't fail.
Someone with so sporadic and middling a success rate with getting girls isn't a Chad, they're a normalfag. Well adjusted normalfags get over failure quickly, Chad doesn't need to because he never fails.

Idiot. Everyone fails, including Chad.

Virgin kek.

If you look at the most successful men with women, what they all have in common is a lot of rejection. Once you become cool with being rejected you are invincible. The reality is no matter how great a guy is, not every is going to find him attractive.

You're the idiot. You don't even know what a Chad truly is. If they want a woman, they get them. They could walk into any public area, bend a random woman over and they'd accept being fucked right there with the bare minimum resistance.
>successful men
Different concepts, the reason conventionally successful men get women over time is that they get money over time. Positive correlation with earnings.
And yes, every woman finds Chad attractive. The women who say they don't just want to sound less "shallow" online to boost their ego.

you live in a fantasy world if you think there is a formula to attraction, yea most girls will find XYZ attractive but to suggest all girls do is pretty retarded.

You obviously have not left the basement in years. You are describing meme Chad, who doesn't exist outside of your low intellect incel mind.

Once in upon a Time a little INCEL complained. He kicked, he hollered, and clawed like a little brat. What he didn't get was, Chad went through the same rejection. Only he didn't let that control his mindset or attitude. Failure is easy. Success is not.

So don't assume everyone has it better than you. Life is random as fuck and will hurt anyone. ANYONE.

You ugly faggot.

You're making it too formulaic. It's not like there actually is a live action version of the meme dude copy-pasted all over the world. Obviously some chads have lower self esteem than others. Obviously the closer a person is to a meme chad, he probably suffers less from low self esteem (be it he makes use of his not-that-low-but-still-low self esteem, be it moderately high se), but surely every REAL WORLD PERSON can and does feel somewhat bad sometime
Have you ever seen, not read on the internet, seen with your own eyes a situation somewhat close to the one you're describing? Have you ever witnessed an actual person forces another person into a sexual situation in your own eyes, and saw that everyone around you take it as a normal scenario?

Chad never fails only if you take chad to be only the cartoon world logic tier meme. Every live person in this world does fail from time to time.

this kind of Hurts
...a lot

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No, it's a fact. Any woman who says she doesn't love every aspect of Chad is a liar, vying for attention and praise from social media for how much they pretend to diverge from the status-quo.
Chad is fundamentally a meme you fucking retard. So is the "le lives in basement incel virgin" horseshit you're spouting. It remains that any man who displays a majority of the characteristics that makes him a Chad is guaranteed to get women, they don't get rejected.
It's a hypothetical scenario to describe the limits of what they can get away with. They tend not to do it but that doesn't mean they never have nor does it mean they couldn't do it.
Does Chad fail at some things? Yes. However you're diverting from failing at getting women to a vague general concept of "failure". Even then, the world is kind to Chad, society goes out of its way to appeal to him.

>What does Chad do when his attempt to get a girl fails?
he moves on to the next.

imagine unironically believing this, Jow Forums has really gone to shit

True. Have chad friend and girls come to him constantly. Even if he fancies one that hasn't come to him he doesn't care. He knows it probably just the timing. Like, he just banged this one girl he kinda liked but she has a bf and always put him off the last few months. All it took was bumping into her having a drink and her bf wasn't around. He doesn't want her now even though she just broke up with her bf. I think it helps him because he truly doesn't give a shit and he's free.

He doesn't even think about it. At most, he assumes something that boost his ego, like "she must be a lesbian" or "I was probably too hot for her."
The beta mindset comes from obsessing over failure. The rare times they come on to girls, they build themselves up for failure, thus completely turning off the girls by their lack of confidence. Then when they inevitably turn them down they use it as yet more fuel for the fires of their self-pity.
Some girls will never be into you, but they care more about what they hear than what they see. If you're a 10/10 muscular Chad lookalike but you're mousey and beta when you approach her, you won't get the girl. But if you're an average-looking dude who dresses well and grooms yourself, and you approach her with total confidence, your chances go through the roof.

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Seems like you fail to comprehend what social disparity is. Whatever a normal person or an asocial person would be shamed for, a Chad could do the same thing with admiration from onlookers almost universally.
Then again, you think only in what is ironic and what isn't, a child of the modern internet, yet you have the audacity to whine about Jow Forums going to shit, kill yourself.

I'm a virgin and I did this.
I moved on onto the next girl 50 times. Still fail.
Now the whole city is gossiping me of being a loser, I'm known as "the guy who asks every girl and always gets rejected"

You need to learn from each rejection.

Imagine this being your life. I just wanna die but I'm too beta to ever be a hero.

There's nothing to learn, user.
I just inherited the ultra introvert personality from my father instead of the ultra extrovert from my mother.

as soon as an attempt fails, he looses his chad license and becomes a brad.