Have you had your first kiss? If you have when was it? This is really getting to me...

Have you had your first kiss? If you have when was it? This is really getting to me, virginity is nothing but being kissless makes me feel terrible.

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u fucked a bitch but she didnt kiss u? did u fuck a whore?

Was drunk both times i had my "first kiss"
Cant remember what/how it felt
4 years ago now

Had my first kiss at 16. I was with this girl for the following 4 years, then left her when I found out she banged one of my friends

>The CDC also reports that virgins make up 12.3 percent of females and 14.3 percent of males aged 20 to 24. That number drops below 5 percent for both male and female virgins aged 25 to 29
What's the odds of kissless virgins

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where did I say that im not a virgin? I mean tgat I dont care that im a virgin as much as I care about being kissless.

>Have you had your first kiss?
>If you have when was it?
summer after the last year of high school. I was 18 she was 19. We were watching a movie at my place. The first time I had been intimate with a girl.
she's a cute 5'0" legal lolli but she ghosted me afterwards.

I'd assume its very low, I think most people get their first kiss somewhere around middle school.

>Have you had your first kiss?
>If you have when was it?
2017 I was 20. I was completely sober and at a strip club in Greece. I was with some other guys and they convinced me to get a dance. While I was sitting there she started making out with me and I just let it happen.

First and only kiss was at 22 with a fat ugly girl people asked me if I regretted it the next day but I thought she was cute and I enjoyed it honestly

Nope. 32yo khv. Don't ama though because I'm old and need to go to bed.

Yeah, 15 y.o.

thats disgusting, I wouldnt do that shit.

I had my first kiss at 19, it was nothing like how I dreamed.
This guy I barely knew tried to take my pants and shirt off and stuck his tongue down my throat and I cried and cried.

Yes but I was waaaaaayyyyyyyy to young for the kind of kiss I got

No no no. You never lower your standards that much and then convince yourself it was a good thing. You have been starved so badly of affection that an ugly fat girl kissing you is considered objectionably a good experience.

You need to seriously reevaluate your life and wonder what happened to lead to that kiss because you need some soul searching.

Yes I was 17 year old it was with a girl from my class.I also got to play with her boobies. But do not envy me I am still a 31 year old incel.

>This guy I barely knew tried to take my pants and shirt off and stuck his tongue down my throat and I cried and cried.
that's gay

16, I was borderline blackout drunk (first time I tried alcohol), she was a 3/10 and just started making out with me

Kissed my parents when I was younger.
Only other person I've kissed is my cousin, but it wasn't romantic at all, we're both male and we kissed because we had just beat a boss in terraria.

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did you kiss him on the mouf?

Yes, I had seen people do that on the TV when they accomplished something, so I thought it was a normal response.

I had mine pretty young.
I had a habit of getting with my friends older sisters... when I was about 12 my best friend's older sister was obsessed with me (she was about 16), and she was this big fat ugly ginger thing... but she let me feel her boobs and taught me how to kiss properly.

>Kissed my cousin when we were 16
>We started to make up and get grope each other's parts
>Had stopped when we heard someone coming towards our room
>Never did it again
>Cousin teased me for the next months asking when we would do it again

That was the time i realized i don't like to kiss others, it's sounded and felt weird, and i feel discussed by it, specially tongue kiss

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I am a 23 year old virgin who has kissed before, but I wish I hadn't.

My first kiss was in a club when I was 19. I had been invited on a night out with some people on my uni course so I went along and got extremely drunk which helped me talk to people a little bit because I don't think I could have otherwise. The girl basically jumped on me/ grabbed me and I wasn't prepared for it at all. She just looked at me afterwards briefly and then walked away. I think you could have argued it was sexual harassment if it were the other way around at least. She wasn't unattractive but she looked like a slut. I don't remember much else from that night after that apart from going to the bathroom to wash out my mouth because I was paranoid about getting mouth herpes or something.

The next time was about a year later and a similar thing happened when a gay friend of mine kissed me when we were drunk. It was gross because he's very masculine but apologised for it about a dozen times so I didn't hold it against him. The last time would have been round about then as well when another girl kissed me but I worked out when it was happening that she was only doing it to get back at her ex who was sitting there watching. This was probably most enjoyable one but the fact I was being watched and the situation in general made it awkward.

I wish I hadn't been kissed though because now my first time will never be will someone I love ;_; So don't worry about it OP, maybe your first time for both will together with someone you really care about.

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Wtf nigga are you autistic

Yeah, I had mine on my 16th birthday if I remember correctly, still a virgin though.

No, why would I care about touching some whores lips?

Yes, when I was 13. I made out with a pretty girl in my friends' basement after class.

It has been 11 years since I kissed a girl. I have no sexual experience whatsoever. I have had many opportunities for sex or a relationship or even a kiss, but I pocket vetoed them all. I'm not even sure why. I was and am a very nervous and insecure person. I'm not even unattractive, or at least I wasn't when I was younger. I'm tall and reasonably intelligent and white and my face is maybe even a 7/10 on an extremely good day. But despite everything I've been given, there is something fundamentally wrong with me and my personality. Some people simply weren't meant to be happy and socially functional, and I'm one of them.

>get first kiss at 10 with a cute girl
>have had literally no physical interaction with any girl except my mom and sister ever since
>now have constant, crushing thoughts of despair due to being such a loser
Sad to think that I peaked so early

>be me
>first girlfriend (and only to this day)
>after school day she has to go to a tv special class, i was going to the gym
> i walk with her to the classroom
>we just give a quick smack in the lips when we say goodbye

It was really lame, but since it was my first, it fell good.
The other kisses that came after that one, tho, were so much better.

At 18.
Was at a friend's 18th birthday at some pub. She hit on me and she kept telling I look so cool compared to those nerds. She kept shivering while I was kissing her.

I was 18 and it was a girl in my english class who was a slut.

first kiss was when I was 25 and she was 27. It was the 3rd date I think, but I had her come over to my brother's apartment to watch star trek. Later in the night we went outside and laid in the grass stargazing. I don't even really know who made the first move, but we ended up kissing for like 3 hours and I also ended up rubbing her clit. It just felt natural desu, not awkward at all.

I lived the neet life from 18-23ish and she was pretty lonely and a social outcast, so it was a recipe for success I guess.

Been married for nearly 5 years now and have a kid together.


Yes, and it was with a long-distance gf when we first met up, and I was about 18.

>ew, you incels have too high standards just fuck the ugly homeless woman at the bar
>ew, you incels need to think about your life if you drop your standards

>4th of July
She was a total ho and I had no idea what I was doing. Basically licked my face.
>Few years later
Was a lot better and overall the experience I remember

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i was 18

i don't like kissing, honestly. i've kissed 3 different girls

i can say, quite plainly, it is not very enjoyable. it is the anatomical equivalent of them spitting in your mouth

to be fair, i didn't love these girls. maybe it would be different if i did?

i don't know. i just do not like kissing. i don't understand the appeal at all

>people like you actually exist

ITT normalfaggots that have had successful romantic experiences.

>the CDC
ayo hol up, does the united states federal government now consider virginity a disease? are we about to get quarantined or euthanized?

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Yeah, I was 16. It's cool but kinda weird, you're not missing out on a ton as far as simply kissing goes.

easy to say when youve experienced it. you dont know what it feels like to not have enjoyed one of the most basic forms of intimacy.

>you dont know what it feels like to not have enjoyed one of the most basic forms of intimacy.
i do, because i can compare before/after

before, you think it's so amazing, because of the hype. then, when you do it, you're like "wow this isn't as good as i thought it would be"

then you feel actually grossed out, and you go to the bath room and vomit

that's what happened the first time i kissed a girl

the next 2 times were barely any better.

it's like sex [with condom] -- i did it, and after i was like "wow, that's not even as good as fapping"

but i didn't know that until i did it

it's like watching someone basically eating a sandwich orgasmically, "OH MY GOD IT TASTES SO GOOD"
obviously, you'll want it. but then you bite the sandwich and you think "this isn't even very good. wtf?"

it probably feels better to have a bite of that sandwich than to know that you'll never get to taste it even though everyone else has.

only because it's overhyped

what if you hated the taste of mustard. do you feel bad for not trying every sandwich that has mustard in it?

just because you dont fucking enjoy it doesnt mean I wont. Im sure most people love kissing.

I had my first kiss last year. I'm 24 and I wish it didn't happen because I know now what I missed all these years. I did end up cuddling with this girl and it was the best feeling for me to wake up next to someone who likes you. We agreed to stay friends but I still have feelings for her. I know it's dumb but she's my first love but I know that we would end up both unhappy if I confessed to her. Fuck love I wish I didn't experience it.

how about you pay some escort then, faggot?

kissing is for girls, all the scientists proved that girls like it over 9000 times more than guys

fuck off, nigger

KHV at 24,fuck all kissing normies

at least Im not a normalnigger who browses the loser board to boost his ego.

Jesus OP I did not need this shit tonight

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>are we about to get quarantined or euthanized?

I don't think that's outside the realm of possibility

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>What are you going to do about it?

force her to have sex with every single one of them

Jow Forums's getting deleted

I passed out from drinking way too much wine and woke up to my best friend at the time drunkenly making out with me. Kinda feels like my first kiss was stolen from me.