It's never been easier to explore the world, yet you hole yourself up at home...

It's never been easier to explore the world, yet you hole yourself up at home. Get off your lazy backside and go on an adventure

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>go on an adventure
with who?

Not OP but who said you should go with someone? Just walk 500 miles and go fuck yourself.

How though? A tent, sleeping bag, cleaning and food supplyes cost a lot of cash, not to mention that you cant just work anywhere without your papers.

first id have to work for shlomo

and then i see other place. a vera nais a vera experiance

>Just walk 500 miles
>Nothing but pic related in my state and all states surrounding it
>Broke NEET lacking in funds to travel to exotic, glamorous foreign locales popular among wanderlusting roasties
Thanks for nothing fuckface.

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Because there's hundreds of miles of fenced off private property you retard.

Yeah sorry I already fell for that meme

>Take some of my crypto money and take my weeb self to Japan
>Wander the country for a month alone because I am a robot with no friends or gf
>Most of the trip was spent in a state of either boredom or panic with small bits of "hm thats neat" sprinkled in
>Return home
>Don't feel any different
>Still a robot
>Now have a whole host of new embarrassing moments to look back on

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I'm trying, plan on going hiking in the sierras with my dog after winter. Kind of glad the grizzlies went extinct in CA because I was a little spooped a bear would eat us.

I hope you get kidnapped and flayed alive by Mexicans instead.

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being a lone stalker is the only acceptable robot adventure

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Why don't you fuck off on an adventure, newfag

Did it last summer, will do this summer.
Winter is for comfy home-staying, raclette-eating, tea-drinking and hide yourself in your bed.

I've been here since 05 faggot i'm a 30yr old boomer kys newfag. And you can't stop me, I've been a cross posting fag since something awful, I was even in an SA guild in vanilla wow. FITE ME ZOOMER

Spot the middle class white bitch who thinks she's a boy. It has never been more expensive to fucking LIVE.

what adventure
the age of adventures is over, that's why it's so easy to explore the world

>Tfw you remember that there was a time when, like the internet, every square inch of the world itself was not ruled by domesticated normie herds.

Can confirm that going on a big adventure in a foreign country is a great idea. However, you can't just go over there without preparation. It took me 2 years of fulltime wageslavery and minimal expense to be able to afford to travel.

Travel is a perk of success, it's a luxury, not a way of digging yourself out of a hole. People in shitty financial or mental situations should put their shit in order before pursuing higher goals like this.

>retarded boomers that'll snipe you if you so much as sneeze on their fence
>passports and other legal documents
>camping and travelling gear that costs hundreds of dollars, if not thousands
>enough food and water to last you to your destination/next town
>wild animals
Yeah, no thanks

>It's a scary world outside, I better stay in the basement!

>being a lone stalker is the only acceptable robot adventure

i call it, the ole stalkaroo

>wants to travel to where roasties go
What? Control your desperation, the point of travel is not sex.


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I did, have traveled and backpacked in several countries and it hasn't made me a better person or better at talking to girls. At best it made me slightly more interesting but as I am not Chad it doesn't matter past the first 5 minutes. Anyone who thinks traveling makes them interesting is a hippie fag and should evacuate this reality.

that's actually really interesting. Imagine what cool things you might find in that trash. Or weirdo people.