Confession user?

I absolve you in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit.

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>imaginary friend
>slave morality indoctrination

institutional christianity can fuck off

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God is real, and you'll die early for saying otherwise. Blaspheme the Father and the Son all you want, and it can be forgiven. Blaspheme the Holy Spirit, and you will never be forgiven.

>God is real
Then why does evil exist? Biblical god cannot logically be right.

Evil exists because mankind chose sin.

God created mankind with complete knowledge of the future. He is responsible for the sin then.

Wrong. God wanted to create something like himself, and gave mankind some of His power. We can create things, and we decided to use that power to create sin.

Ah what the hell. I'll confess something that will likely plague me till I die anyway for shits and giggles. I dated a girl on and off for 7 years, she was very unstable but I loved her dearly. Couple of years ago she hung herself. The last conversation we had was massive argument. In which my sign off was "Good luck with your raging insanity" I still visit her grave I know she was always likely to kill herself but everyday I hate myself deep inside becuase I lost patience with her and should been there for her at the end and I wasn't.

then he is not benevolent and not all powerful if he hates sin yet let it came to be

Whats your favorite Jesus parable?

Kill yourself delusional faggot your cult is dying

thanks for the good luck anyways, I'm kinda anxious, as I don't want to ruin what I have with her, but also don't want to let an opportunity slide.

You make sin,but sure let's just have god child proof reality you weak bitch deal with it and be thankful he doesn't bugs Bunny your sinning ass

I have cheated on every long term relationship I've ever been in. I'm now in a 4 year relationship with the perfect girl and would never do anything to hurt her, but I still have constant dreams about cheating on her so I know I still have these underlying desires to secretly sleep with women. What do I do, father?

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Morality is subjective and you are retarded

are there any Christians lurking please answer me
if i pray to God can he hear me and does he care

He does care and he hears you loud and clear. Even if things seem their darkest and it feels like you're alone just know that God is truly beside you in these troubles. He mourns for your troubles and he suffers when you hurt. You may ask why things turnout the way they do, but just know there truly is a greater plan for you and you're deeply loved. Kind of think of his love as the same Thanos felt for Gamora but less evil, controlling, and "throwy off a cliffy". Some things just have to run their course, and he knows that better than anyone else, but it doesn't make it any easier for him.

thank you user
i am not praying for myself
when great grandmother passed away she was not a christian, although i had prayed for years she would believe, and this caused me to lose faith and blasphemize.
i am praying for a relative now who is terminally ill, and it feels insincere to ask for favors after years of anger. If God truly loves us, He will save him regardless of what i do or say. but i still feel insincere and ungrateful

It's as the old cliche saying goes: God's love is truly unconditional, if you are truly open to his love and accept him then there is always a place for you in his heart no matter the severity of your sin.
God will do what is right for your Grandma and for your friend. Like I said there is definitely a greater plan for them, and because their hurt has affected you then this also includes you in his great plan and by no means are you a small part. Your Grandmother's choice to not believe and set you on this path was a test of faith and the test doesn't end and fail when you stop believing, it just means you have to try a little harder to see his light and sometimes the path can be slippy. I can tell your Grandma had a caring Grandchild and was very loved, God definitely has a place for her by his side. This is also a trial for your friend and the struggles they will face now. It's your mission to care for them and be their support in any way you deem fit, there is no wrong answer as long as you have love for them and God in your heart. idk if this is the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps in a small way at least.

thank you user, it is good to have someone listen and to talk to about this
i hope great grandmother is in heaven, and that my relative will be at peace (he is already christian)
i will try to love God sincerely, and remember Jesus' sacrifice
i guess im just waiting for a sign

Hey, Jesus. I just wanted to thank you and be grateful for being healthy.

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That's all God asks of you. God be with you, user.

There is no God or Satan, there is the Demiurge.

It is that which is!

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I think something has ownership over my soul or something, I don't know what it is.
I'm sorry, I didn't know. Help.

This is the same shit that entitled women post
>you have no obligation to fix broken people

>Evil is objective and not subjective
>But God doesn't exist even though evil is objective and not a subjective view of man
Atheist "logic" everybody
>Free will except you can't do what I don't want you to
Gee guess this is just like what those commies say "all speech should be free except speech I don't like"