Zoomers are now nostalgic for the 2007-2012 era where everything became shit stuck in a rotten toilet...

Zoomers are now nostalgic for the 2007-2012 era where everything became shit stuck in a rotten toilet. How do you feel about this?

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up to 2012 can still be good

everything afterwards is objectively shit

23 year old op never grew out of being a 13 year old boy who raged about how bad the stuff his little sister likes is and regurgitated things he heard from "angry" youtube rants.

I hate the word zoomer so fucking much. You faggots are so fucking nostalgic. This shit came out years ago, not everything is a trip down memory lane.

Kids media has always been shit. It has always been consumerist crap meant to brainwash children into buying toys and nothing more. You can argue that the shit you grew up with is better than the shit current kids are growing up with but you can't objectively defend that.

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No, it wasn't.
Until 2007 or maybe 8 was good.

Shhhh, little zoomer.

What's even the point of the robot if faggots are going to post the same dull thread every single day?


This is why you're miserable.

fuck lil zoomie desu, even worse generation than Millennials

it forces them to type a little bit more than ">tfw no gf"

That's the end of the good years and beginning of the bad, they'll feel nostalgic for some good things as well as shitty retarded shit fucking things.

I was born in 1997 and I am nostalgic for MW2, Halo 3, wotlk, Psych(2006), Toonami, going to the public pool, K-on!, Heelys, not wanting to be dead, Wendy's burgers, capri sun, nick at nite.


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So few pre-2006 things you're nostalgic for. This is proof 1997 is the first zoomer year.

It is not because i recall and rejoice the past, little zoomer, that i still live there.
Do you miss Lil' whatever yet?

Zoomer and proud. I'm a bit nostalgic for some PS2 games though.

The timeline broke off at some point around 2010. Thats when we entered the shit dimension.

As for the zoomers, I unironically pity them. Life truly was better before this decade, before all the sjw shit, political nonsense, social media, hypergamy, etc

>I was born in 1997
I guess I am getting old

2007 when the iphone came out was the shift. All those "everything sucks now bring back the 90s" rants started on Youtube in 2007.

>hrrr these kids have no culture etc etc
Every generation says this, zoomer culture isn't uniquely terrible you're just mad because you're getting old and things are moving too fast for you all of a sudden.

>Wendy's burgers
You wouldn't happen to be fat would you?

No, I'm a bit underweight. I miss being a young carefree child on an orange tinted summer evening enjoying a burger. Don't bully me.

If it's not that, then what's the reason behind why you live in the past?

I don't miss anyone you daft cunt, that was the point of my posts. The past is never better than the future, not to people who know to move forward at least.

>The past is never better than the future, not to people who know to move forward at least.
What if I'm in a car crash and become a quadriplegic?

You liked shit when you were a kid too.
Nothing's changed.

Just because your childhood was objectively crap doesn't mean mine was. If you didn't grow up on Calvin and Hobbs and CS Lewis and killing cats with rocks, you didn't really ever grow up. You're just a stunted fucking child in a zoomer's body.

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If you don't get the joke, you're too young.

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I can assure you that anyone capable of independent thought knows what 9/11 is

Well you can't really move forward then so his point still stands.

Not with your legs, so, dear zoomer, his points doesnt stand.

I know it's Bush, but what's the joke? Born in 1999 btw

Even if you somehow didn't know about 9-11, you would still come up with nine eleven due to the three previous pictures.

But it does tho get rekt

For fucks sake they're not nostalgic for it because it was the downfall/shit era, they're nostalgic for it because literally fucking everyone is nostalgic for their childhoods. These threads have no meaning, fuck off.

I see you are a man of intellectually

Bush did 9/11. That's why it's funny

I legit didn't think there would be an user on this board who doesn't get this pic, but whaddaya know. T. also -99

I don't get it... I was born in September 12 of 2001, am I too young to understand?

You had me tricked until killing cats with rocks. Work on your bait

absolutely based post
also born in 1997 and i'm nostalgic for most of the same shit, most notable exception being to substitute wotlk for mop

Same, 97 is a weird year because I'm not sure if I'm a millennigay or a zoomer

>all these triggered zoomers

I'm -99, and I consider myself a millenial. Mw2, Halo 3, ps2 and original xbox games like Crash Bandicoot, DBZ on tv, music on MTV...theres simply no way I'd consider myself a zoomer

Mw2, and Halo 3 are Zoomer era

>original xbox games like Crash Bandicoot
Is this... is this bait?

Have you heard Lil' Xannax new single?

does posting this everyday on multiple boards make you feel good because it garners guarantied posts?

Ps2 and original xbox games, you twat

Is that an actual rapper or did you come up with that?

gen 6 is the first zoomer console generation, the oldest zoomers grew up on gamecube/ps2/xbox

That's an actual rapper.

That was literally the best era though. Kanye west made some great music too.

I'm 1997 but I agree with you. It really depends on how poor your family was when you were a kid. I remember and have nostalgia for most of the things () said, but I also had a Super Nintendo my dad found and then in 2003 my sister got a ps2. We also had way more VHS tapes than DVDs, so I remember most of my media being on VHS until I was about 10. OP's image is pretty accurate though, based on what my friends and I watched and liked

Year 2000 Millenial here, when I was a boy I had a fuckin cd case full of ps1 games with the classics. Crash Bandicoot, pro skater 2, starwars rebel assult, tekken 2, ffvii, etc. For nostolgic reasons the ps1 is my favorite gaming console. Later on though I was able to get the wii and play super mario galaxy on it. Nothing beat walking down to the corner store and picking up a dvd of whatever for 5 dollsrs, I would go there because they let a 10 year old buy R-rated films. It was a small town so it was only me and the cashier. Some kids brought their super nintendos and ps2s in their backpacks to flex, I brought my forbidden movie collection, keep in mind this would be around the 3rd grade. You guys talk about how its shit now, and I agree. Once 2013 hit it was all downhill from there.

>Born in 1991
>See 2000 babies
>Feel old as hell

And no mobile phone games are not good zoomers.

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December 1990 here. Step the fuck back zoomer.

I'm not a zoomer

>kids today will not know the joys of watching Nightmare on Elm Street 3 on VHS when your parents weren't paying attention to you

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>best era
>lame cartoons
>lame music
Do you want a tidepod?

It's Lil Xan.
He's actually a nice, down to earth guy and is really thankful for his success.

Also, it's Xanax, not Xannax

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Bad rapper/musician.

He does things differently than other people I think. I can't listen to him all day but I like a bunch of his singles. It's imple and repetitive so the focus isn't really on the lyrics.

Still bad.

our time is now, old man

It's hilarious seeing special snowflakes born in the early 90s try to distance themselves from people who are only a few years younger than them. We grew up with all the same stuff you did in the early 2000s and mid 2000s shithead

That track you posted is horrific and i'm a boomer that likes Peep/xxx/yachty/uzi vert etc etc