Question to all the women haters

To all the incels here that complain constantly about women, did you have a good mother or no?

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My mother was always single and she's had multiple kids from multiple different men. So no.

You know, every day on r9k there used to be a women hate thread without fail. It was basically a general full of great pictures and memes.
Now that roasties and beta cucks like you have taken over the board it's become cancerous.

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No, you incels invaded this place since you got kicked off plebbit.

>mysoginy thread everyday is not cancerous
the self awareness with you people lmao

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i didnt like her, i cant objectively comment on if she was "good"

Same here
3 kids, all different fathers
Mother was/is an alcoholic that made childhood particularly difficult

My mother was both very good and horrible.
She's very kind, loving and would do anything for me, but she's an utterly useless mentally ill wreck that can't parent for shit, and also raised me with no father figure whatsoever.
I honestly feel like she forced me into the world just to give her life meaning and make herself feel like she'd done something, but she should have sorted herself out first because parenting isn't just some thing you can do to magically fix your life and your children are actual individuals who have to live their own lives.

So in my case at least you might argue she was a pretty poor parent, and if you're going the whole developmental issues with women route you could probably look at my first and only girlfriend as someone who inspired issues with women too.

Mine was a single mother. I liked her (still do) because she was nice to me and cared a ton for me and my siblings. But she was very domineering and strict, and she never taught me anything about being a man. This led me being a sensitive basedboy and feminist doormat for women throughout college and for a while after. I've taken the red pill since then, so I'm not so bad anymore, but I do feel like I missed out on so many social opportunities simply because I was too pussy or too awkward to navigate my way through them confidently.

Though I know better now, I still have trouble talking to women. And I think I have bit of a cuckold fetish.

Also, my mother was uneducated, unwilling to improve her intellect, interested in daytime soap operas and reality tv, quite shallow, extroverted and very flirtatious with even the slightest attractive of men. So I don't think 25 yr old me could ever get along with 25 yr old her.

After multiple failed relationships, she's single these days and hating it. I've only had mild successes here and there, but nothing serious. At least I have my own home, a college degree, and a full time job (accounting).

I do resent women for their particular brand of raising children (mainly boys) into submissive, overly emotional, and insecure people.

s-o-y boy is what I wrote. I don't know why this board changed it to "based" boy.


Stupid newfag

My mother is the perfect feminist, hasn't had a dick since she divorced my dad, treats others like shit and shrieks when things don't go in her way.
Oh and she was never home, always had to chase her 'dream' or whatever gimmick she had on her mind at the given time and never behaved like a woman either. Her cook was shit, rarley cleaned and treated my dad like garbage.
Maybe that's why I am afraid and hate women at the same time.

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onions boy

testing oregano

Yes. My mother is the type that I could convince to give me her last dollar. She's very gullible and vulnerable. She's very easy to take advantage of, in fact they do at her work. I always find myself having to stick up for her growing up. Still do.

My mom tells me to get out all the time but I legit can't find a place to live on my own and I have no friends to be a roommate with. I think she just wants me to die on the streets or something.

My mother is pretty damn based. She's also an excellent mother who is dedicated to my father and her children. She stood by my father when he had no money and still married him.

Part of the reason why I hate women is because of how my own mother redpilled me about them. She tells me how they are all lazy whores who don't know the first thing about personal responsibility and lack any form of self awareness. It's their own solipsism and narcissism that makes them incapable of caring for children, because that would require them to elevate someone to be more important than themselves (i.e. their children).

She unironically believes a woman's place should be in the kitchen and to look after the family. She also spits in the face of women who use the excuse of 'career' for not upholding their responsibility to look after their children, because my mother also works assisting my father at his job.

I'm glad she doesn't pressure me into getting a gf or getting married because she doesn't think any modern woman is up to standards anymore, and she's extremely happy with me just earning money to enjoy myself.

I do feel lonely on some occasions, but I realize it's just my dick wanting to get wet, which is easily offset by a quick fap and I'm back to normal.

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My mom divorced my dad when I was 2 and got a bf, he mostly accepts me but didn't take part in raising me. I guess I can say that I grew up with only my mom
She was very controlling and overbearing before I went to college, got depressed and put in a psych ward. After that she became softer and easier to deal with, yet is still pretty demanding of me

>tfw reading these replies, now realizing why so many robots have femdom fetishes and mommy issues

I mean it's always been quite obvious

I don't hate women but i have a bad mother

Knowing you are sad and uncomfortable makes me feel so much better.

Same here, I know she doesn't *want* me to be homeless but also thinks I am able to just procure jobs and simply choose not to. I have no car, I had to give her mine back after I bought it from her because she fell for some scam.