I'm not good with women. I'm shy, quiet, and submissive

>I'm not good with women. I'm shy, quiet, and submissive.
Don't worry, they don't want your bitchass anyway.
>Hurr me dominant male. Me own dat bitch!
They don't want your clearly-overcompensating-for-something ass either.

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Wow, it's totally like, females say different things what they subconsciously want. They want to be dominated and treated like garbage. End of story

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Women must be absolutely rarted to not see that dominance, aggression and being demanding overlaps with confidence and assertiveness.
You can't have a dominant, ambitious man who's also sensitive and caring. These traits don't co-exist. Sensitivity overlaps with being shy and quiet which is apparently not desired.
Women and their mental gymnastics.
>They want to be dominated and treated like garbage.
Pretty much spot on. They are submissive and should not be respected, treated as equals or given power. If you do so, they'll use the boost to turn against you.

where are this numbers from?

Something op made up to b8 for replies
Or could be real considering how stupid women are

the WANT a sensitive guy?
what does that mean
i cried one time while she was infront of me, is that good or bad

>confident and assertive, but not dominant, demanding and not aggressive
>sensitive but not submissive, shy or quiet
>not dominant nor submissive
Truly the people responding to the survey knew what they were on about.
Bad, they don't actually want a sensitive guy.

Personality is just a codeword for looks

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There's just nothing else to say.

Sensitive doesn't mean the same thing as blubbering low test faggot. It means you understand respect and how to earn it without being a fucking psychotic bastard.

t. guy who has had any experience whatsoever with a successful relationship with a woman who's not a retard

>t. guy who has had any experience whatsoever with a successful relationship with a woman who's not a retard
T. Unsuccessful. To be honest.
She had absolutely no self worth or direction or friends and a family that despised her, always depressed. I made her feel better about herself, made her hang out with her friends, listened to her problems and cared for her.
Respecting and treating her as a human was my downfall. Used it against me. Decided she could do better and left me.

You got a low tier gf and stayed with her because you yourself are a joke.

I had a girl who shared the same worldview and common interests. Something you incels wouldn't understand because all you want is to fuck anything that has a hole in the crotch and whine about no gf.

this, the "sensitive" part is stated by retarded women who think romance movies are real

easygoing makes sense though, men are meant to remain calm in hostile situations so they can actually do shit without a clouded mind and thus succeed

Yeah you had a retarded girl who left you and now you want to spread anecdotes around as if they're facts, fuck out of here.

Women are such idiots they will just hear words they've been told are associated with good things and project them into some fake reality.

Easygoing yet assertive?
Confident but not dominant?
Assertive but not demanding or aggressive?
Sensitive but not shy quiet or submissive?

This makes so little sense unless one puts themselves in women's shoes and imagines the scenarios they have heard these terms applied to and interpret only colloquially.

Women just want things they think they want based on how their feeling. If you're sensitive when they're not feeling it you're submissive. When you're assertive when they're not feeling you're demanding.

How many women have you asked out? How successful have you been with women, basement dwelling incel?

Why do I have to be incel to be pointing out your dumb faggot shit? Why don't you land a girl who respects herself before dishing out advice?

>girl who respects herself
Normies and generic NPCs aren't my type. Sorry for having a dating preference, bitter incel.

>girl has to be a self loathing train wreck to even be worthy of user's attention
>i-incel! s-shut up!
Yea its women who are the problem alright.

what website/quiz was ops picture taken from

>They want to be dominated and treated like garbage. End of story
Not really girls want a guy who buys them things and treats them good. But if he looks like he's tough that's enough for theirn pee sized brains to think he's a real man.

Assertive is a mix of dominant, demanding and aggressive.
Easygoing and sensitive are both intrinsically linked with submissive.

You realise there are more options other than "dickhead" or "doormat", right? You can be assertive without being an insecure raging asshole.

3/4 of those are contradictory you fucking brainlet.
Pick one.
Not possible.

>Not really girls want a guy who buys them things and treats them good.
Yeah that's why they love every single BDSM stereotype.