One chance at life

>one chance at life
>born in Lithuania

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>one chance at life
>born in Turkey
>country literally praises "toxic" masculinity
>I'm 170

Same here OP. Atleast you're living in a big city and not half dead town.

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It's not so bad here, user. It can be way way worse. Plus we live in the EU, so you can move relatively freely to any other country if you really really hate it here.

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my gf is from latvia, at least you have qt grills

>qt grills
it's a myth just like BBC one

in comparison to english girls, they really are qt

You can find qt girls everywhere on the planet (almost) and it all highly depends on your own personal tastes. This country isnt a magical place where girls are pure and 10/10 left and right. Even if it was the case, it doesn't mean they are easier to approach for the average male than any other girl in another country.

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Easy for western men because your men are useless alcoholics in comparison.

Yea, my latvian gf broke up with her husband of 11 years for me. It was the only guy she kissed before me.
Tbh eastern euro girls are top tier

>useless alcoholics
not this generation but previous one

>one chance at life
>born a tranny in post commie country 20 years too early
I'm so sick of your fucking simulation. Let me out you fuck.

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>Easy for western men
Easy to get the AIDS sluts that nobody here wants and shuns
>your men are useless alcoholics
In some small country side areas, yeah. Absolutely. That counts for everyone above 35-40. Not anymore with the people growing up now and forming families.

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why are Lithuanians all cute anime posters?

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because the reality is too harsh here.

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Because cute images are nice to post and share. There's something nice about 2d placed on the gray commieblock setting. It only becomes a problem when someone goes full mentally ill and identifies themselves as the image or falls in love with someone based on some 2d weebshit.

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Living in Berlin and all your countrymen are manlets. Don't worry you' find a cutie soon.

>>country literally praises "toxic" masculinity
that's a good thing.

Berlinboi again. It's literally not. It looks ridiculous and their size makes it even more so.

I've heard almost all of Turks living outside Turkey have Kurd genes. Almost everyone is 3 inches bigger than me here.
No it's not, I don't even count as a human here.

You're just a broken degenerate.
Don't go on HRT.

>one chance at life
>born in poor corrupt southern italy in a small town in the middle of nowhere where everyone is a mafioso

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Eliza Dushku is 10/10.

Go fuck yourself. You know nothing about me.

Laba diena, fellow bot. As esu studentas is Svejcarijos. Kaip sekasi?

Fucking non-ASCII text, this board is literally hardwired to be an eternal brainlet.

Extremely originalissimo

>everyone is a mafioso
Why don't you join and become a gangSTAR?

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>One chance at life
>Born in Finland
Things could be worse desu

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Oh hi dude, I think my great grandad was born in latvia as well, I can't speak much Russian but I'm probably going to go there this summer, do widzenia!

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Come back when you're born in the third World. I swear, all you guys know is complain.

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You're not unique, you're not special. Stop taking hormones; they won't fix your life but they will ruin your body.

lithuanians don't speak russian...

Who says I am retard. Kill yourself literally.

It seems that you are the one headed for suicide. At least don't waste any medical professional's time before that happens.

This desu senpaitachi
Only problem is that almost all girls here are sluts

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i dont wanna be in a gang where some 33 year old fag is the boss, Diavolo Passione is best Passione

Born in Argentina.
Can't buy any shit and it's filled with normal faggotry.

>given one chance in life
>born in Croatia
god fucking dammit

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Whats so bad about croatia?

You fucking wish. My life may not be the best but I will go on just to stop fucks like you from ruining young trans people lives. You may think your words matter but outside of anonymous shithole for bottle pissers and pedophiles you are no one. This is my purpose. Now go fuck yourself with a toilet brush.

> one chance in life
> born in small poor rust belt city

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Croatia seems comfy to me

Yikes, you sound extremely angry and unstable.

>once chance at life
>born in Italy
>182 cm (6 ft) and blue eyes
Girls here prefer short hairy guys with dark skin/hair/eyes (basically proto-niggers).

Lmao bitching about ur cuntry go tu uk like rest of trash lol

Remember that you need to be 18 to post here

>Girls here prefer short hairy guys with dark skin/hair/eyes (basically proto-niggers).
megacope if you actually believe it. you're just ugly as shit. pic related is you

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3d tytot ei ole tarkeita

It could have been worse, you could have been born d*Nish

it could be worse, you could be born in Serbia

>one shot in life
>born in brazil

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Cunt im 20.

Nah, i actually care about my looks, i lift and diet the whole year to keep a bf between 10% and 14%.

user baseado

why has god abandoned us

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hi A Friend

>>one chance at life
>>born in Lithuania

Its a fucking post commie shithole

Oh you're not the gay Lithuanian. Was before one, he was sad all the time. Wish I could help him but he was scared.

No wonder. Its tough for gays if you're living in capital but even there is hard

>one chance at life
>born in South Africa

I went to lithuania, thought it was very nice

>once chance at life
>born in south america

>thought it was very nice
Because you dont have to live here

Do you want a gf? Why not try your luck with some sluts from other countries?

Immigrate to i

Does she speak english?

>Taking the bait and getting madd on and image board

>tfw no lith twink to save

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Everywhere has shitholes, your in the eu. Why not move?

>"toxic" masculinity
Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

>New Game!
i keep seeing you in these threads. Were you also the one in the vegan thread yesterday? How are you?

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You sound like a little fag. Drink bleach, zoomer.

yes when you arent born with chad genetics. Ur on the wrong board buddy

>where everyone is a mafioso
'During the first six months of Allied occupation, party politics in Sicily were banned.[20] Most institutions, with the exception of the police and carabinieri were destroyed, and the American occupiers had to build a new order from scratch.[21] As Fascist mayors were deposed, the Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories (AMGOT) simply appointed replacements. Many turned out to be former Mafia members, such as Calogero Vizzini and Giuseppe Genco Russo.[22][23] '

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>one cnance at life
>born in Bulgaria
>born 4/10
>99% of women are materialistic hypergamous whores
>60% of men are superextroverted aggressive double-digiters with only money, whores and drugs being present in their mind
There isn't a reason. We just have to wait it out and we'll return to the comfy timeless abyss again.

It is if you're a manlet like the 170 cm user. You'll get laughed at by the stacies and beaten up by the chads.

Literally where.

Yeah i'm always in threads that mention Lithuania. And I was the one talking with the castrated eunuch vegan, but eventually it got boring. Was fun at the start.

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>Literally where.
Africa region.

maybe people in your area have greater admixture of genes from western balkan

turks = small, look at other less mixed turkic countries

>One chance at life
>Born with HIV
You do not know true suffering.

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>>Born with HIV
how are you still alive?

You wot. How are you still here

Don't fret it, you always can migrate to Western Europe at any chance.

T. Russian from Latvia soon to study in UK.

I ask myself that question everyday. Greentext time:
>Be me
>Born in 3rd world country.
>Live normally for 18 years although I got a lot of colds and boils along the way.
>Decide to get tested for HIV out of my own curiosity 3 days after my 18th birthday.
>Shit, I've got HIV.
>I had never had a gf but I had had (protected) sex at age 16. (Use condoms you faggots)
>I thought maybe that girl had given me the virus.
>The shit hospital staff doesn't want to respect my confidentiality. They will only give me meds after they tell my mom.
>I don't want that. She would disown me for all I know.
>Don't take meds for over one year.
>Fall sick. The (new) hospital I was taken to discover my status.
>They respect my confidentiality, but meds are fucking expensive there.
>A nurse shows me a clinic where I can get meds for free.
>Take meds for one year.
>Fall sick again.
>It's Cancer.
>Stage 4 Lymphoma.
>Caused by HIV.
>My mom is told because they have no choice but to tell her.
>Turns out she has HIV too.
>I was born with it.
>Still don't understand why she didn't have me tested earlier.
>All healed.
>Cancer comes back.
>Chemo and stem-cell transplant to ensure it doesn't cone back again.
>Stem-cell therapy has induced HIV remission before.
>I probably dont have HIV anymore, but I can't know for sure.
>Still take my meds.
>There might be hope for HIV elimination but it's very unlikely.
Remember robots, pretty much all of your situations can be changed, but the game was permanently rigged against me from the start.

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Holy smokes user, that's some tough shit. How much do you have left at this rate?

The fuck is so bad about it?
>hot, tall baltic women everywhere
>ideal for raising kids
>rare crime
>bordering the comfiest 3 places in the world, sea, russia and whatever the fuck it is, probably latvia, it's basically vacant anyway
Lol imagine being me
>one chance at life
>born in Bosnia
>183cm (this is UNDER AVERAGE here, average is 185)
>mogged by high school girls
I might not be poor but life there was really something

This looks nice as fuck. What the hell are you complaining about?

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What will you do tomorrow for Lithuanian Independence Day?

Money? I'm only a student, so I didn't have any to begin with. Insurance did all the heavy lifting.

Time? I don't know, but I'm pretty healthy and strong for someone who had Cancer a few months ago. But my life expectancy isn't at its optimal state. I've started doing body weight exercises and I'm pretty toned right now.

Piece of mind? I'm gonna neck myself on my 33rd birthday regardless of whether things improve or not. It's a pact I've made for myself. Nobody except my mom's friends and one classmate visited me in hospital during those two years.

>shit wage
>shit people
>shit culture
Its a shithole here

>one chance at life
>born in the best country to ever exist during the peak of an economic boom

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This is actually true. For some reason darker guys are usually the extroverted, tough ones that get all the pussy.

not that user. and i'm against this anti-masculinity agenda
but have you ever seen a turk irl? and how they act?

Have fun dilating your bloody pus filled hole

remember to drink your kefir, 3 times a day with the best milk - will return you to normal immunity and health - will eat any remaining cancerous cells.

Everything regarding nature and so on looks nice. The problem is rampant corruption, indifference and job market that's more like a slave market. This is also what happens when you do not hang exKGB agents and national traitors after getting your independence and allow them to stay in power. There's a reason why they keep blocking the list that names every single traitor.

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this has to be bait. anyhow here's a

I'm from Slovenia, so hi neighbour.

Why is your country shit?

Ithuanian smol town user

im a woman bosnanon