"hey umm... you looked so sad when you were walking by so I couldn't help myself, are you ok? My name is Maria...

>"hey umm... you looked so sad when you were walking by so I couldn't help myself, are you ok? My name is Maria, whats your name?"

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user please stop hurting us all. We know far to well it will never happen

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No girl gives a shit if a guy is sad, they just look at you with disgust.

>implying I haven't mastered hiding my suffering

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You can't make me stop being sad if you become my gf and act like pic related

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Women are cold hearted. When they meet a guy they see these following things:

>Does he meet my ever changing standards?
>Can i manipulate him?
>Does he have money/car/home/fame/influence?
>Can i keep him long enough so i get a free meal ticket?
>Is he busy enough to look for other candidates if it doesnt work out?

this fantasy would be more suitable if it was a mother aged female instead of a neotenous asian girl. youre getting your pedophilic and oedipal impulses mixed up nigger.

That's the main reason i started to want to become a trap

Actually it happened to me. But it was a guy and im not gay.

Actually the first thing they think before even considering any of those things is
>Is he Chad
Ok retard.

Tell her my name's Albert Saxe-Coburg Gotha and I'm here to haunt the streets and lanes of Britain until it finds a good leader

WTF, that bitch looks like me if I grew out long hair.

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>t. asian girl
b-be my gf pls

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yeah right because an asian totally has the name "maria"

Will you be my gf(male)? I don't believe in sodomy, but we could cuddle and stuff.

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>Sorry, but i rather have 2way conversation, I dont see woman as human beings RGTOW

But that's just how my face looks.

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>Global Rule 13: Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.

Ive seen you in other threads fucking stop cunt, read the fucking rules

>Ive seen you in other threads fucking stop cunt, read the fucking rules
K, sorry.

>"Thanks for the concern.. W-well, my name i-"
>"I was just being polite. Creep."

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Also, checkkked originalilili

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rulefag back at it again with nothing better to do

On Jow Forums?

Lol wut?

kek'd my frendo

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Dont patronize me NOODLE SLUT

>asian named maria

well. one time i was sitting at a table being sad when a girl came up to me and asked why i looked so sad. we got to talking. started hanging out and fucked soon after. she was a crazy BPD weirdo though. not even sure if that counts, she probably would have fucked literally anyone.

I'm user and I'm fine, thanks.

shut up dumb rulefag

based trip selfhateposter

i got warned one time for saying nigger.
in a thread about helping some african kids, i wrote i would happily help them become functioning members of our society instead of niggers that live on the edge of poverty and face 500% higher chances of getting murdered.
fuck jannies, i offer to help and they help /r9gay/ stay up.

mods are """""very cool people"""""
too bad you can't criticize them because they can and will ban you for calling them any mean words

You can write "fuck jannies" usually though.

fuck you remined me of that manga, inside mari. shit was so good

Lol all they have to do is look at your face /height and they'll know if you're suffering or not

Reminds me of a girl I was on a project with in college. Asked me if I was okay because I look so sad all the time. Turned out to be fake but it was nice for a time.

oh so you're the infamous Maria that has been sucking random guys cocks for pleasure. I'll have you know that I refuse to partake in these obscene sexual acts with a whore like you.

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The trips of truth right there. You can't win. If you respond she does this. If you don't she calls you rude for not responding.

are you that korean nigger that changed his avatar
cool story bro kys

that is none of your concern. my original thing is original original