Can't believe I just heard about this. Did you guys know?

Can't believe I just heard about this. Did you guys know?

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He probably enjoyed it so who cares lol

It was actually a she user

Still gonna fap to her vids btw

She's officially a lolcow at this point

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>evil people will exploit good moral values for their own gain
Christians and Muslims have been doing the same for over 2 thousand years, don't act surprised.
I'm too tired to be outraged by shit like this user.

>digital penetration

Well in that case it's a horrific act of cruelty, which is only rivaled by massacres and the holocaust in its gruesomeness. She should be castrated and put in jail for the rest of her life

This has happened with pretty much everyone involved in gamergate lul
the SJW were right

Would be hotter if it was a boy baka

>>digital penetration
There any of her porn, nudes still existing? Not the cp. I heard she's a porn star. And all videos are deleted.

>And all videos are deleted.
Lmao really?

I have a vr video of her saved somewhere

wats digital penetration?

I think it's like being fucked by dildo where someone else over the internet controls the thrusting motion

I think

Fingers are "digits".

Along with computery stuff, digital mean relating to digits, which are fingers. And toes.
It could have been toeing.

Oh shit I was way off
That make sense tho

Honestly the only thing annoying is that she's called 'Mercedes', fucking Americans, I'm not going to name my son fucking Volkswagen or anything gay like that, why do they always do gay special snowflake names. Like Ava, Ava is not a name, nor is Hunter, Piper or other shit like thatédès_Jellinek

>Like Ava, Ava is not a name, nor is Hunter, Piper or other shit like that

Hunter Avallone wouldn't appreciate that

There was a girl named Mercedes in my class when I was in middle school. I have no idea what her last name is, I wonder what she's up to.

I don't think he enjoyed, have you see the mugshot? I wouldn't want any of that.

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>why do they always do gay special snowflake names.
.t Muhammed #100024567

You are legit retarded. Mercedes is called that way because Emil Jellinek had a daughter called Mercedes.édès_Jellinek


Yeesh, she legit looks like a dude without the hair

>people become SJWs/apologists because of guilty consciousness
more news at 11

can't wait to find out what soros did to go so hard

She was a pro-gator and anti-SJW

Then it was revealed that she was an SJW herself, yet due to her past retards will claim we're sexual predator supporters

I hope it was a temporary brain freeze for you user, would be a shame if you were actually this stupid.

videos can't be deleted just beat my meat to her scenes a few days ago

I'd you think gamergate is anything other than a bunch of neets chimping out, you need to go back to red.dit

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>digital penetration
The future is now, old man

holy fuck


i always hated that cunt but everyone was DUDE FUCKNIG BASED WE GOT WOMYN ON OUR SIDE

hope some dykes fuck her up real good in prison

If you think Gamergate is anything but gamers unironically rising up, you are a SJW nigger and need to go back to Tumblr

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right because it doesn't matter that the sjws were already child rapists before the whole gamergate whatever?

you fucking goons lol

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Online penetration


It wouldnt have made a difference user. Look at that mugshot, she hit the wall hard

Her my friends hot mom scene is 10/10

she says its a fake accusation by the father of the girl (custody battle)

Your pepe is cooler.

By the sounds of it, the police found a bunch of highly incriminating shit in her house.
Gamergate was/is a good thing, but we have to know when to stand by someone and when to stop defending someone.

I don't give a fuck about the news lately unless its from Fox News.

She's a fucking spic. This is normal in their culture. Stop being so ethnocentric.

Literally, unironically and originally who?

She's actually not, she just larps as one to market the whole latina milf aesthetic to the industry. Her real name is Melinda Smith. I think she said she was Italian somewhere but idk for sure

That shit works miracles.

Its not much of a surprise. Pretty much everyone involved in gamergate was a hypocrite and/or a fraud.

It's when you upload benis.png to

She and her husband are both unironically demon worshipping freemasons. Their insta, husband's especially, is full of occult imagery.
They called the room where they shoot porn at their house "The Temple" and it had an altar to Baphomet.
I was reading up on the case and conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this info

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Hail baphomet

this. someone red pill on who tf this woman actually is

She's a pornstar whose only significance was she jumped on the "le anti sjw" and gamergate bandwagon. Basically the token woman in the whole movement