Go to thispersondoesntexist

>go to thispersondoesntexist
>refresh until you find a qt girl

post her robots

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you didnt provide a link

www.thispersondoesntexist.com user pls

doesnt werk, try it

Yeah what he said


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the correct link is www.thispersondoesnotexist.com

sorry robots am retard

>sorry robots am retard
we all have our bad days, dont worry.

do you have information about where this comes from and how it werks

sorry i should have clarified, people from the pictures do not exist, they are generated automatically by an AI

There's already another thread up for this fag

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i know, silly, that is very clear.
i want to know who built this and how it werks

i regret no saving the redhead milf from earlier, pic related is the qtest so far

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thats all that can be said

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indrestring glitched lady

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i bet she is boring and thinks too highly of herself
like, she thinks she deserves only 6'4 chads

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hello i have chlamydia and i like watermelon juice

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>be me
>go for /nightwalk/
>walk two miles
>get message from mom
>she arrived at home
>remember i forgot my cum rag on my bed

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Refreshing while listening to post-rock ambient music makes this unsettling.

Hello, I work in an executive position, I go to church every weekend and I love my three kids.

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I donate my time to causes I believe, philanthropy is important to me. Pic related is me in Morocco

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Looks like she rested her fingerless-gloved hand on the side of a car, and they melted together.

>I-I hope you don't mind m-my deformed ear, user...

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>tfw your soulmate girl is AI generated

>tfw you know you will never meet her because even more far away from reality than anime girls and you will also never see her again

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ywn protect her
ywn teach her math
ywn show her the ocean
ywn take her for a walk on the beach
ywn buy her ice cream
ywn tuck her in bed and kiss her in the forehead

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>ywn braid her hair
>she will never braid her lil sis hair

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Looks like my bitch manager I wouldn't mind hatefucking

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>ywn take her to advanced math classes
>ywn get angry at her for throwing away all her academic potential and growing up into a little whore


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It's crazy how you can see one of these made-up faces and then your imagination comes up with all sorts of information about these people that don't exist.

i am almost cracking the code

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This is part of the push from the secret AI that lives in the internet to normalise seeing people as interchangeable bundles of components that can be deleted and remade at will.

Have had some good ones

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Look at their teeth to see the fingerprints of the demonic intellect that made them.

It doesn't take a secret AI to do that.

>Hi I am Veronica I am here to make friend and learn English don't be gross

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I have a career in bio-pharmaceuticals and I never had a husband and I secretly think of suicide everyday

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Elizabeth from Norway

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I am done with this website
its making me feel too much

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This is Lynn. She has a successful real estate business and a mild drinking problem. She has three sons, one of whom works at her form, another is studying for his finance degree. The third one is much younger and has autism.

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unironically reddit

There's something real fucky about this website, something sinister.

what are you talking about we're all normal here

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It's a very additive website. Had to force myself away from it

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They're all smiling but there is no warmth behind those smiles, only a machine's lies.

Probably just the uncanny valley. Far on the realistic side, but still in it a bit.

You're a pathetic loser. Get a grip.

Are these AI generated faces or what?

Erika, has been in a few ads and plays minor roles in tv dramas.

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She looks like one of those catalan independence protestors

she is like, very passionate about the feminist cause

the more i refresh the more wonky they get

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I know right? It's really giving me creepy vibes. Didn't help that the snow was falling of the roof just as i got some really creepy psychedelic half human with black holes in her face.

So what brings you to interview for this position?

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>I will never listen to her playing piano while we wait for guests for Christmas eve
>she will never try to impress me with her knowledge of french(she speaks it fluently)
>we never will work on a piece of digital drawing together

Lisa, has a white supremacy fetish and steals money from her senile mother.

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Some of them look like their faces are scarred.

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Jennifer, had to get her jaw reconstructed after an accident and had two more plastic surgeries. Tries to see the bright side of being infertile.

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Anna (real name Chin-Soe-Wok) will do anything for a green card and a white husband

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The funny thing is people are finally going to realize humans ARE JUST REPLACEABLE RANDOMLY GENERATED SETS OF COMPONENTS WITH ZERO ACTUAL VALUE.

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I'm going to be so god damn happy when all the other stupid hunams join me in knowing what I've always known since before I was even born.

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Hildegard, Duchess of Burgundy, has survived six assassination attempts, likes horseriding and stripping flesh off political prisoners.

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Ella has survived 3 different abusive relationships and hopes to be able to find another one

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Sahid is still on the hunt for the perfect drug, and no overdose can seem to stop him from acheiveing his goal of becoming a drug himself

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Does not handle sunglasses well.

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how do you know we're all not just AI talking to each other and you're the only real human here

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>tfw going to work
>notice familar woman reading a book
>She takes her face away from the book and notices me
>"Heyy you are user!! The guy that works on engineering!"

fucking HR sloots man
No I am not interested!!!

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I thought of that, but I don't think an AI could be as retarded as most of us are. Look at this qt Jap

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Mi nombre es Hector Bonillia. Mucho me gusto meeting you.

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Another qt Japaneses

Maybe stick with just one face per image, eh?

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I forgot the image I was going to attach to this post

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fucking nightmare fuel, I hate when it does that. 3rd Jap gal

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And a gook as well

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He plays OSRS on twitch for 300-400 viewers his community is really weird and he got a weird EU accent

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This is the last known image of Callista Blythe, the creator of the first Aritificial General Super Intelligence before the

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she kicked a stray dog for shitting on her porch.
she hates the dirty fuckers
once, was in prison for attempted murder

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i got a grown man with the facial features of a baby

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Hey user, do I still look good without my makeup on?

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mai waifu
I want to marry her

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this thread was worth it just for this image

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What a fucking roastie

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you have your no-makeup-makeup on, you dont fool me

Hey user, we can still be friends even though I contracted the synapticybernated virus, right? Don't worry, it's not contagious to humans.

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WHAT in the FUCK is happening on the side

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i got a cute redhead with freckles but i'm not posting her
she's mine now

it is my 20th or 30th attempt

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I found a mutant baby

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Was gonna post that one, so I guess it's a couple per second, not one per user access?

i guess they aren't individually randomized every time you visit the page, unless we both visited it at the exact same time?

can't post duplicate files but here's a really fucked up chick i got. kinda cute in a deformed meth addict kinda way

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yeah bro lets be friends

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enouhh fotr today

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>Heh, you incels are so pathetic. Pic related, its me and my bitch. (she just blew me, shit was SO cash.)

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I got a little girl with the facial features of a grown woman

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Get away from my girl asshole

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for me it's the name of the site and seeing faces pop up over and over. it's like they're ghosts or something.

>meet cute girl
>get along great
>she's 14

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she is perfectly imperfect bros

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I don't think it can do hands well

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this one does porn

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she looks like she fucks black AIs

I shouldnt have posted thisaklsjd

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>>meet cute girl
>>get along great
>>she's 14

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