It's Friday

>it's Friday
>always feel sad on Fridays
>eyes feel sad today just how they felt last Friday
Another college week wasted.
7 more to go.

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>eyes feel sad today

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Lately everyone has been saying I'm weird. Do you think I'm weird? I don't feel very weird. I have been told that im weird, accidentally rude, that I look like a school shooter, that they thought I hated them before talking to me and finding out im a very calm person and 3 times they asked me if I ever had a gf, but the best part is when they say I should just be myself

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I think I'm glad though... maybe I am happy that I'm weird?

No I have decided that I am glad! GLAD G-L-A-D GLAD!!!

Why are you sad? You should be weird with me and then you'll be GLAD!

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a-user are you ok, if you need a bro hug im here

>a-user are you ok, if you need a bro hug im here

Being weird makes me feel good! Very good actually! I want you to be weird with our hug okay?

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My friends keep calling me weird as well.
They keeps asking me if I have a GF and if I'm gay.

I'm sad because I'm lonely. I get used to having someone around me and when that person isn't around me I don't feel like me.

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i can be weird if you want user just dont do anything silly

Thinking is not a dance.

Will it be okay if I grind for our aniki boi hug?

It feels very good! Really good!

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as long as you dont grind near my crotch its ok

>as long as

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calm down its ok user, if it makes you happy do whatever

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stfu I just finished my dr.pepper but fortunately I have 11 more of these badass intelligentista drinks

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that doesnt answer the question user, its either me or dr.pepper pic related uwu

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You can see me in my lab coat in the reflection.

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wow user, i cant believe it, did you ever love me or was it always dr.pepper

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I can't love you unless you also swear to love dr.pepper with me

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i prefer energy drinks senpai, but i could drink dr.pepper for you

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>i could
Could or will? Must. Shall.

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>i prefer energy drinks senpai

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jeez if it makes you happy i will hmph
i drink sliver and black/green monster senpai

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>i drink sliver and black/green monster senpai
Those are some dragon colors but you're missing red and blue so your power remains incomplete.

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if im in the mood ill drink other wacky colours

>other wacky colours

>Fire: Magical fire is used by gold dragons, brass dragons and red dragons.

>Electricity: Lightning is exhaled by blue dragons and bronze dragons.

>Acid: The black and copper dragon exhale a powerful acid.

>Poison: The green dragon's breath weapon is a cloud of chlorine gas.

>Cold: The white and silver dragons both release a cone of sub zero air and ice.

Which color do you drink when in the mood for lewd?

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You're in college you fucking baby hit me up when you're 30 and haven't seen a person in weeks. Fucking normal nigger

thats lewd senpai, but its gotta be acid for me if thats the case

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>its gotta be acid for me if thats the case
So you like it black when you're feeling lewd?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no blackies are gross desu

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That is not what she said!

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