I jerk off because I'm bored. I have nothing better to do. It is an easy way to make an hour pass by. I do this 3 times a day on the weekend.
However when I have things to do like work I don't even think about it. Does anyone else do this?

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Same. I masturbate out of boredom.

Does it effect you ?
I am worried it will ruin my sexual experiences. If ever I have one ha.

Dunno but i probably have quite a death grip. Never had sexual experience too.

>he jerks off for an hour
>not under 60 seconds

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I spend half an hour to find a perfect pic or video while jerking

>I am worried it will ruin my sexual experience
too late, it already did. you'll probably have trouble cumming during vaginal because it's just can't compare to hands in tightness. you might have trouble maintaining erection too, at least I did, but it's something that should be fixable with viagra. the girls will enjoy it though, probs even if it's half-erect, because the longer you go the better.

Yes it will. Stop immediately and stop viewing porn. It completely fries your brain and fucks you for life.

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nah it doesn't do a thing unless you keep it under 30 minutes once per day

*if you keep it

I read less doujins.
It takes a while to find good ones then read them.
Or I'll play a lewd game.
How does it compare to a fleshlight? I used one and was able to stay hard and finish. Though I also used porn.
Seems like meme advice/science. I always read how it ruins you but people never have proof.

I'm sure it does rabbi.

>but people never have proof.

Are we browsing the same site?

What will change if ill fap from imagination?

>How does it compare to a fleshlight?
Dunno don't have one. It felt like fucking a jelly compared to masturbation, but over all it was still better than masturbation.

>No fap day 20.
>I am thinking clearly and working out great.
That's not proof.

You wont find yourself continually developing more and more deranged fantasies and as a result wont suffer from ED when it comes to actual sex. Just be sure not to grab your dick with 1000N of force when you do fap, and try to do it as little as possible.

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So you think this sites obsession with things like traps and other depraved fetishes is purely coincidental or natural and not the result of the need for harder drugs to achieve the same high?

Does it count as a porn if girl is wearing lingerie?

>You wont find yourself continually developing more and more deranged fantasies
Watched hentai and 3d for years and I actually ditched some fetishes I aquired in my youth like traps. actually It's when I got sex I picked up BBW, feet, mature and other fetishes, I feel more deprived than ever, I'd literally fetishize anything as long as I get to enact it IRL.
>ur breaking muh evolution if you fap
masturbation is god's gift

I dont know where the line is, just do your best to avoid anything hardcore if you really must use porn. But if you have to use porn to get off, its clearly already done damage

>not wanting women
wait, thats meant to be bad?

I think it is full of young men that lack any connection with others.
They're trying to not be alone anyway they can be.

So you would say that finding fat, infertile women getting cucked by BBCs while you watch from behind a screen is good? JFC this board is a hellhole.

So they should stay in their rooms and feed their isolation by fapping relentlessly instead of going outside and fixing their problems?

Would definitely be better than watching porn, not as good as just not fapping or watching porn tho. If you have to have some sort of stimuli to get off, its a sign that porn has changed something in you.

I stopped watching porn and its been amazing, i dont fap either, without porn i dont really get any urges. Highly recommended, watching porn like we do now is not ok, it fucks up your brain and you dont need scientific research on this shit.

25 years ago i used to fap to magazines with clothed girls and it was not daily, now you can get all kinds of porn within 5 seconds, its fucked up

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>finding fat, infertile women getting cucked by BBCs
wtf kind of shit are you watching mate
i fap 2-3 times a day and rarely stray from solo girl masturbation/JOI/roleplay(no male)

This is true. The longer you continue watching porn and fapping, the more degenerate your fetishes will become

>wont suffer from ED when it comes to actual sex
>>when it comes to actual sex
>>>actual sex
where the fuck do you think you are

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Yup, nothing degenerate with pretending you're fucking family members.

>projecting this hard
there is alot more to role play and porn in general than bbc and incest you cuck

It wont. A flashlight can but it kinda goes away, but also not really. If you have an issue if cumming too fast with sex get a fleshlight and youll easily last for 45 minutes during sex. When a fleshlight is perfectly angled just like a pussy and sex, its insanely difficult to last more then 2 minutes. Doing this like twice in a week and you will struggle to cum from sex, which is bad because then the girl gets shy, embarrassed, asks 50 questions why you havent came, thinks you dont find them attractive, thinks their naked body put you off, its bad and can cycle out of control. Because then theyll be insecure and if they feel you not sure hard theyll quickly stop and hide their body, asking if its them, which is a huge turn off and causes you to lose your boner. Then theyre like, omg it is me.

With your hand, its not coming close to sex. But casual one night stand sex is actually boring. Its more of a meme imo. The, bro I was pounding pussy last night, its not that great. One night stand nothing matters. You can cum or not cum as fast as you want, who cares. A fwb is more fun since you can do all kinky stuff you want to try. My point is your hand doesnt compete with the kinky fun stuff. It might make you realize the routine to get a one night stand isnt worth the effort, but thats it. Relationship love sex is completely different and wont affect it.

Also, often with one night stands it seems the girl is fucking you for mental reassurance to her. She isnt trying to cum. Ive had a few day they cant cum and for me to just enjoy it. If I try to make them cum theyre reiterate it and ask me what they want them to do so I can cum, which is fun because I always say suck on my balls while I jerk my dick and let me finish on your face.

For me it is pic related.
I like her vids and the way she looks.

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What about anal an oral? How does it affect that?

Porn is great but I'd much rather have sex with my wife even if it doesn't happen frequently.

Any reason why I can't last very long in the sack after not having sex for awhile? The 2nd or 3rd time in the week we bang I can go like a porn star but the 1st time I feel like a 60 second chump. It's a shame too because we usually only have sex once or twice a month.

No no go away captain normalfag

I love oral more than sex lol, only when the girl is good. Its like a girl will either bring you to your knees or youll be sitting there bored. There is no inbetween. Oral, if you jerk it very lightly its similar rush I think. Like watch a Shay rivers joi on pornhub, she seems to be the best at it and follow it. Thats like a bj. Its more of an long enjoyable slow rush vs sex where it peaks faster, this probably wont make any sense.

Anal, its not going to change that. I think thats a mental orgasm more. The thought youre in her ass. Same with girls, theyll be like,
>omg user your in my ass. Youre so naughty doing that. I cant believe youve put your dick in my ass! Im a good girl and not used to this. I want you to cum inside my ass baby.

Jerking it I really only think could affect one night stands and all itll do is make you realize theyre a social bragging aspect and kinda boring. Maybe the first few will be fun but so many times Ive been thinking Id rather be at home doing other things, why am I here fucking this girl. Maybe because I can get laid easy I dont care and those that struggle strut around all week bragging about it. I dunno.

You could argue fapping is better because it doesnt make your mind become obsessed with one night stands and lose focus on other things. Instead youll want a fwb while you work on your life, sex with your fwb will be fun, when you want to go to a concert and all your friends are busy your fwb will go, you dont have drama of who you are texting or a fight about why the waitress smiled at you. One night stand meme is cancer to your life and maybe fapping removed or makes you realize theyre boring.

this shit was clearly written by a roastie lmao

>implying I'll ever have actual sex
I've done nofap/noporn more than a handful of times, it does make my mind clearer and I get a boner on the train but that's all