This is the only solution for manlets and you know it

This is the only solution for manlets and you know it

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Fucking lots of girls is also an option you know.

I'm already cute tho. All I need is some concealer and guyliner and I mog most girls.

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>being cute

Chowder was the last cartoon worth watching.

Is 5'8" manlet-tier enough to need to become a cute boy?

Post the other guides please.
Really interested in the athletic one

Yeah I wanna do your idea instead imma just try turn my stick body into a body made for the god of war and then my 5'3 ass would be racking in the pussy

Lifting is never a bad idea.

Yes I shall rise to godhood I just need to start putting on a bit more weight first

>there's no charts like this for actual workout aesthetics and instead just trap and "cute boy" shit
Does anyone have one for Ricardomode

abso-orig-lutely yes

>Be 5.7
>But huge head and fat so I look like a fucking funko pop
also really hairy, is this for me?

Looks like a solution that ends with huffing happy gas

>too short for manmode
>too tall for boymode

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Go for fuccboimode.

If you want sex as a 5'3" man you have far better chances of getting laid by looking cute for gay dudes than lifting for women.

you're never to tall for boymode. you can be too tall for trannymode, but that only attracts chasers instead of legitimate gay guys anyway. you can still be a good bottom if you're tall, it's all about shaving and looking/smelling nice and staying clean. literally all you have to do and guys will love fucking you.

>that only attracts chasers
What is a chaser?

also wouldn't a transwoman want to attract straight or bi guys?

Does the thing with the nipples really work?

what the fuck is this gay ass shit zoomers

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This is unironically what happens when you simultaneously tell people that sex is the goal of life but give women free rights and privileges that men either don't have or have to earn.

i don't understand what it even is suppose to represent
Feminize yourself in the hopes some crazy ass milf will be your "mummi gf"?
the fuck am i reading

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You have the tastes of a gentleman, i see

That's just delusion, most of this is just for prison gay people.

No nigga you become the gf, because men are disgusting creatures that will fuck anything

No. You become the gf because cock is lovely. If you want a lady but can't find one, then that is what porn is for.

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Alright so basically it's to entrap lonely desperate guys into the """cute""" aesthetic so it's easier to convince them to take hrt and crossdress and shit, as I thought

Sick fucks

>People shit on Jordan Peterson
>When he's one of the only people giving men a way out of this kind of dark pit
It's not a coincidence that trannyposting and JBP hate have increased in proportion to each other.

>the only way out of this dark pit is just to cope as hard as possible haha

>reframing your state of mind to prioritize taking responsibility for yourself and setting meaningful goals