You guys are pathetic, even this guy has managed to get a girlfriend and is confident with himself

You guys are pathetic, even this guy has managed to get a girlfriend and is confident with himself

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Stop insulting people. Tell me what you do wrong.

That's not a loser that's some millionaire trustfund baby you stupid fuck

he's not even ugly tho.

But i have gf

That's the b8 user

just proves that looks don't matter.

Even this incel found a cutie gf, what's your excuse now?

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Maybe not ugly but pretty average looking

girlfriend barely means anything. neither does getting married. the only people you should really envy are old marriages that actually die together.

>slightly below average guy
>doesn't look too short
>no deformities
>not fat
>smiles a lot, showing charisma and approachability
This image proves nothing.

He's just a trustfund fuck who doesn't have work a day in his life. If he didn't have money he would be an incel.

If you want a gf, you need money or looks.

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It hurts
Maybe he has charisma and money

It doesn't matter if you have a shit ton of money.

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you just proved that all someone has to do is smile more and they'll be attractive

so just get a job, neet homie

It isn't. Most incels don't look worse than him.

that guys is actually good looking and had decently wealthy parents.
what a terrible example, next time actually search for an ugly guy

Average is fine, as long as you're not socially crippled.
True incels are either ugly and/or social outcasts.

this. i don't even bother telling myself that some women are "sluts" anymore. i'm just hoping i find that 1/1000 who's not fucking insane.
t. banged, fell in love with, and eventually driven to depression by crazy married chicks

I didn't know illiterate people use this website

>incels are pathetic

In next shocking news : water is wet and sky is blue.

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i already have a job. 50k a year and i still suck

No amount of money and looks will help you if you lack balls and character.

Just like you, faggot.

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I make 30k a month and I'm 24. Money doesn't get you a girlfriend.

Dude is a journalist for a very popular german late night show and he is very famous. Not born rich afaik but he got successful through hard work. Of course he has a gf

This guy is one of the unfunny comedians at the German version of the Today Show. So he basically is like, idk, John Oliver b4 he got his own show. Of course, girls will want to be with him, even if he looks like a dork.

whos that he looks cool

with those raccoon eyes no offence but she's in it for the money.

I am beyond the point of wanting a gf i just want to hatefuck now.

It's because he's a dumbfuck op.

See the difference?

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>that guy who attacks incels because he's more pathetic than them
the thread is a terrible example, you're trying to capitalize on a win but it's just a thread that proves anti incels are stupid. how sad can you be?

Inb4 5/10 thot gets dumped for being a loose cunt, whines no inkel sugar daddy to pay student debt, inkel daddy takes a shower and scores Stacy

You cant be more pathetic than incels.
And since im not an incel, quite the contrary your point is moot.

Get fucked incel.

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Wow cool a human dog who costs shit ton of $$$ and drains you emotionally yikes RGTOW

Spoken like a true virgin incel.

That guy is kinda famous. Doesn't count.

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you literally can gaylord, your gay men's pictures saving ass is more pathetic than incels. i bet you literally think about incels and other men all day

>Doesn't count.
Nice excuse, incel.
Nothing counts for lazy cowards like you.

Keep dreaming incel.

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>nice excuse
says the gay guy

>inb4 i like black women
sure, the most man faced testosterone filled women are the ones you grab to prove to everyone you're not gay

>famous tv personality
Of course it doesn't count. You are delusional. 2/10 bait.

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How does it originally feel to be low iq

t. seething incels

You will turn anything into an excuse why this guy gets ass but you cant.
Someone would have to find a man with literally no good sides and no pros and you would still find some shitty excuse.

Whatever you say incel.
I like hot women, skin colour is irrelevant to me. Except asians because they are fucking ugly as sin.

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>keeps bumping the thread that shows his low iq
this is why incels are smarter than you.

>smarter than anyone

Nigga plz.

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yes that's it, let's keep bumping and showing all of Jow Forums that normies are low iq

Seeth more incel faggot.
Your butthurt is like music to my ears.

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>that nose

you don't know much about jews do you? Jews have it easy when it comes to dating and finding partners.

Their parents help match them and the jewish community pushes for ways to help jewish boys find jewish girlfriends.

Being jewish is an easy mode life because thats how a real homogenous society is supposed to work.

Probably because only a stupid person could not feel ashamed of being stupid.

good for him, I wish them both the best.

>waaah waaah i cant get laid
Whatever you say incel.

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>that guy who posts on Jow Forums to larp that he gets laid
lol should've realized you're an incel

>muh sikret club is so sikret no one but us, incels can post here
Fascinating. Tell me more, incel.

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i'm not that good looking.


>i'm not that good looking.
Its a good thing looks can be improved and are not that important for a guy.

no one said that brainlet, here I'll explain slowly for you. people who post here post here for a reason, and yours is obviously to be proud of yourself for getting laid in the one place people won't call you out as a virgin.

i will never look good enough.

>not that important for a guy.
post proofs?

>that incel projection

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why do you post this cuck from the Heute-Show?

>says the guy who "gets laid"
we all think you're so impressive even if nobody else does

How many ugly celebrities are out there ?
Ffs, look at famous soccer players or actors - Ronaldinho, Ronaldo ( the original one ), Adrien Brody, Frank Ribery etc.
Or even guys like Lemy Kilmister.

So you will have to base your succes and appeal on something else. Which is beneficial for you since you wont lose it with time unlike the looks.

I always enjoy Crying incels, they are the sole reason why i come here.

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M8 I hate to be the one to break it to you, but being a celebrity or a pro athlete isn't a reasonable standard to have to live up to. It honestly should have been obvious, don't feel bad though we're very used to you being stupid.

>asian women are ugly
>posts nigress with fake eyebrows and face paint that still looks like a man

>M8 I hate to be the one to break it to you, but being a celebrity or a pro athlete isn't a reasonable standard to have to live up to

Why not ? What are you, a chick or a men ?

You have to have SOMETHING to present yourself to the opposite gender. Either looks, money, discipline, character, moxy, sense of humor, social skills, really great hobby.
Dont get butthurt just because no one wants to fuck you because you are a loser who has nothing of value going on in his life, no social skills, no looks, no money and cant even stand up for himself let alone to defend his women or child.

t. buttblasted pedo weeb

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>Why not
because not everyone can be celebrities or pro athletes. if you can't prove that there is a repeatable method to getting women incels exist.

>because not everyone can be celebrities or pro athletes

Why not ? What stops your from achieving relative succes in SOMETHING, whether its writing, song making, being an actor, politics, social work etc ?
I mean, something other than your lack of balls and laziness that is.

>if you can't prove that there is a repeatable method to getting women
Its called "being a fucking men and not a whiny bitch".
Works wonders, you should try it.

okay I'm just gonna take this as you admitting you need to be the best to get women and incels exist

So did I -- with the power and magic of girls' clothes, makeup, diet and exercise, and HRT. UwU

>okay I'm just gonna take this as you admitting you need to be the best to get women

What part of "relative success" is unclear to you ?
You dont have to be the World Champion to fuck women, you retard. Contrary to what Jow Forums taught you, world is full of women who are actual human beings.

You just said you need to be the world champion to fuck women, you retard. do you even understand how discussion works? where are you right now?

It's like a bait pic or something. He just aged. His facial aesthetics just changed as he got older.

Are you actually retarded ?

>You just said you need to be the world champion to fuck women
Where the fuck did i said that ?
You think that for example famous local singer doesnt get a shitload of pussy even if he is ugly as fuck ? You must never been to a fucking indie/amateur metal/rap concert then.

There you go again, thinking fame is reasonable. Literally not everyone can be famous, if fame is the necessary fix then incels are a serious issue.

Level of fame is relative to the level of women you want to fuck, you dingus.
Its obvious that a one-country-only famous singer or actor wont fuck Miss World or top tier Hollywood actresses ( but then again its not even that obvious - stranger things have happened like that whole Jessica Alba thing ) but he will still get shitload of pussy.

Its not about fame, its about being a men.

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You can keep making that platitudinal it's about being a man but all your saying with substance is be famous. Lets humor you, can you think of any other reasons than fame in all these fucking posts trying to prove your point?

>can you think of any other reasons than fame

Discipline, skill and vision needed to raise this level of fame.
Aka "being a men".
No one gets famous because he whines a lot or because he asks nicely - its a struggle and uphill battle. And thats partially why women are attracted to famous guys regardless of their looks and sometimes even the actual fame/money/resources.

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so being famous is the only way, and literally not everyone can be famous. you are a huge idiot.

God you are a fucking retard..

>so being famous is the only way
No its not.

>literally not everyone can be famous
Of course everyone can be famous on some level or another.
You are just looking for an excuse to continue bitching about your sad life.

then what's the other way, because the only way you've mentioned is being famous. and literally not everyone can be famous? I'll give you one more post to prove you're not actually braindamaged because I'm starting to feel bad.

>then what's the other way, because the only way you've mentioned is being famous
No its not. I already said that you can also excel in some form of activity, have some skill, sense of humor and social skills, create something etc.

Just because you are pretending not to understand what im saying doesnt change the fact that you are a retarded incel desperately grasping at words and straws to continue to make excuses.

So you're agreeing that you need to better than other men but you don't agree that men can be left out? face it you're not just a retard, you're a mega faggot retard who doesn't deserve brain privileges.

Shit bait, sage in all fields.

>but you don't agree that men can be left out
Of course i agree but they are left out only because they want to.
And thats not involutarily so so called incels are actually volcels and only because they are making excuses which is what this thread is about.